Fans line up at Comerica Park for tickets

odtickets.jpgTigers fans waited through in the rain in front of the Comerica Park box office Saturday morning to get their chance at buying Opening Day tickets, which went on sale along with the rest of the home schedule at 10 a.m.

Jim Dunn of Center Line (in photo, left) and Frank Gonzalez of Detroit were among the fans who picked up numbered wristbands Friday afternoon and came back Saturday morning. A random drawing turned up Dunn’s number first, giving him the first chance to buy tickets.

The drawing put Dunn in the front of the line, which wrapped around Comerica Park by the time the box office opened for business.

Tickets remain on sale Saturday afternoon at the box office as well as at, in person at select Meijer locations and by phone at 866-66-TIGER


Jason –

I see that Magglio is in the lineup for the Houston game, however Strieby seems to be playing in his place. Is there anything wrong with Magglio or is it just another day off?

The Houston announcers said it was a hamstring problem. Hopefully not too serious!

It was a beautiful afternoon in Dunedin. I got my first look at Jacob Turner and it looked like Porcello all over again. Same compact, controlled windup, same cool approach. Hitters driving the sinker into the ground and some of them looking pretty bad up there. Everything I like in a pitcher. I was as impressed as I was with Porcello three springs ago. I can see why Turner is untouchable. We have the makings of a rotation that can rival the great Atlanta staffs of the 90s. That said, I hope they don’t rush Turner to the bigs. Let him develop. He’s what, 18?
We won the major league portion of the game but our minor leaguers struggled. Nunez had a bad inning at 2ndbase.
We were treated, or should I say subjected, to the longest version of the national anthem I’ve ever had to stand through. The girl was 14, very nice voice, remembered all the words, but sang both anthems, Canadian and American, at a funeral dirge-like pace. The crowd, singing along, tried to speed her up but she was not to be denied. Spring training is a lot of fun, things you never see during the season.
I say this every spring, but if you ever get a chance to visit Dunedin, do so. Lovely little town on the Gulf with quaint shops and lounges, and there’s a rail trail that runs for miles. Staying in a hotel there, you can take a leisurely walk along that trail to the ballpark. The ballpark itself is tucked into this quiet little neighborhood. This morning they were holding an antiques fair. I’m not into antiques, but it made for a pleasant little slice of Americana.
Tomorrow Phillies-Rays at Clearwater, then on to Lakeland.

Spring Training reports from Jason and Rich are great!
I just want to say that Tiger fans are blessed to have a guy like Justin Verlander. He is a student of the game and improves every year. A class act with a sense of history and a desire to be part of it. On top of that he is skilled far more than most players.
Ricky P is much the same in many ways.

Thanks Rich! I bought an iPad this Christmas and have ben listening to a lot of the games. We won all but one inning yesterday – thanks for the reportsand have fun down there! When you see Cabrera, let us know what you think of his size!

Thanks guys. I try to keep a fan’s perspective since I think most of you already have the game details.
I did see Cabrera yesterday. He’s very large but I don’t see any fat. Just an oversized person. If he can maintain flexibility at that weight, I don’t see any problem. He hit his first two hard but I missed his third AB.
We’re going down to Clearwater today for Phillies-Rays and that is only six miles from here. If I had my bike with me I’d ride it there. Brighthouse Field is a very nice ballpark. It’s probably the only ballpark down here with a berm all the way around the outfield. A concourse runs behind it so you can walk around and around all day and never miss a pitch if you had a mind to.
One of the reasons we’re going to this game is because it’s the only place we’ve found outside of Philadelphia itself where you can get an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. There are many imposters but only one real deal. If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know what I mean. Looking forward to that.
I’ve never seen Manny Ramirez in person so I hope he makes the trip with the Rays. We may have rain between now and gametime.

Rich, looks we gave you some good weather this year! We head to Dunedin every few weeks to get some ice cream, look at the pet mural and take a nice walk along the trail. As far as Brighthouse Field goes, it is a tremendous upgrade from the old Jack Russell Stadium – much better area and first class all the way. Hope you enjoy the game there today. I usually try to catch a few Lakeland/Clearwater FSL games each year.

These stores make me very excited for the start of the season! Tiger Fever is approaching…

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