Schlereth hopes to pitch within a week

Talked during the game today with Daniel Schlereth, who said he hopes to be pitching within a week after straining his left hamstring last Sunday against the Yankees.

“I’ve been throwing every day,” he said, “so as long as my hamstring is OK, it’s not like I’m running sprints or anything. All I want to do is pitch.”

He’s been playing long toss from about 120 feet out, so that he can maintain his arm strength. He isn’t doing much runningwise, but he’s walking comfortably now.

He wants to give himself enough innings to be ready for the season, especially since it’s not an arm injury. The Tigers trotted out three potential lefty relievers — Charlie Furbush, Brad Thomas and Fu-Te Ni — in Friday’s loss to the O’s, but Schlereth would seem to be the primary lefty specialist as long as he’s healthy.

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I had heard lot about this Furbush as being a real possibility, his two outings so far have been less than promising. Listening to the radio broadcast, he was lacking any control. Trying to figure out who’s going to be in pen, besides the obvious?
Just as a side note, last year when Armando had his PERFECT game, I was on my way back from the airport, so I only saw the last few innings. I had it taped, but had never watched the whole thing. What amazed me about that performance is how easy it was, it never even looked like their was a whole lot of effort by him, quite spectacular really. It also made me made again seeing Jim freaking Joyce!

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