Penny goes three in camp game

Brad Penny settled down from a rough opening inning to get in his work for three innings in a Thursday morning camp game at Joker Marchant Stadium. It was his second spring outing.

The Tigers set up the game to allow Penny and Max Scherzer to get in their work on the same day. Scherzer started the regular game Thursday afternoon against the Braves at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex.

Penny fell a home run shy of allowing the cycle in his opening inning, including a Jamie Johnson triple into the right-field corner and a Daniel Fields double in the gap. He got out of it when Fields was thrown out at third, then avoided a leadoff double in the next inning when Avisail Garcia threw out Nick Castellanos trying to take second. From there, Penny retired five of his final six batters, and struck out four of them.

Penny threw 42 pitches, 34 of them for strikes, including all 12 pitches in his third and final inning.


I’m enjoying every minute of watchng this game except for the ENDLESS discussion and speculation about our star player. My goodness!

Couldn’t agree more with you Pup. Really good to see a baseball game even if it is a spring training game. And I will add to what you said about the analyst (and I use that term loosely). The only time you knew the Tigers were even playing in this game is if Cabrera was up to bat, and even then the only thing the wanted to talk about was there expert opinions on him and how his treatment should be handled. After he left the game you wouldn’t even know the Tigers were playing. And not only that the few things they did mention ( the errors) when they talked about Rhymes and especially Worth they said they were not known for there defense? Dudes really, get your facts straight. I cannot stand when games are on ESPN’s and Fox, Joe Morgan, John Buck and my very least favorite Tim mcCarver. I don’t need a homer broadcaster, but someone who gave equal attention to both teams would be great.

I re-upped today and watched my first game. Pretty neat to watch the boys play while I’m playing in Baja. (Still scouting!!!).
I’m quite likely wrong about this but MCab looks too big. His upper body is certainly more massive and I would agree it is likely muscle. But we also need the guy to be nimble enough to handle the position he plays.
Sloppy play lost the game for us today. Worth uncharacteristically made an error (actually 2 errors on the play) on a DP ball. Rhymes also erred at a bad time on a possible force-out or DP.
Boesch played well, and had a great AB in the 9th. Long HR in the 1st AB.
Scherzer competed as usual. Wasn’t overly impressed with anybody else really. Perry had a rough outing I thought.
Hope you Spring Trainers are having a good time down there!

I enjoyed watching the game today as well. I thought they were balanced in their analysis. It was a home game for the Braves, and even in national broadcasts I feel like the home team sometimes gets more mentions. But they were very complimentary of AJax, Boesch, even Rhymes before his error. They discussed the Tigers chances to contend and praised Jim Leyland several times. I don’t mind hearing about Cabrera, because it IS a major storyline on the Tigers and this is the first “Sunday Night Baseball” telecast of the season, so these announcers would be expected to get in the habit of discussing these things. Anyway, I do agree that Morgan, McCarver and Buck are terrible though!

It’s like listening to broadcasters talking gossip. They went on and on. It’s not something I expect to hear from Rod and Mario. Sure, they are going to acknowledge it, but not at every at-bat and in-between. Ridiculous!
Felt bad for Worth. You can only guess what Sizemore thinks. This is a big deal….this 2nd base position.
And, what really ticked me off were the announcers saying Jim could slip Boesch in the LF spot and put Raburn somewhere else. You gotta be kidding me. When Boesch shows me he can catch a ball and throw it to the right person, then I might think about him on the bench. Let him show offf at AAA for a while and not put him and us through what I thought was almost punitive on the part of the Skipper last season. Of course, I want him to be successful, but let’s not do it like last years second half.

I stick by my assessment, yes I expected them to talk about, Miguel, my guess the will talk about it for the next few years. What I have a problem with is the talking at nausium, and having their two cents on what should be done with him. And I think they made only brief mentions of Magglio, Austin and Boesch. The may have made a mention while brief of Martinez. They made comments that were incorrect, about players I thought they were aweful. The second half of that game they spent an awful lot of time talking about the Braves, Boston and Philli. You wouldn’t even have known the Tigers were there.

Yea, I worry Miggy is a little heavy in the legs and that’s where he has to be flexible at first base if he has to stretch or pick a ball. Hopefully, they will make sure he’s stretched out real good.

I didn’t see today’s game; on the road, driving down this year. In any possible defense of the announcers, I think they may approach a national game as if the viewer knows very little about the players involved, so they will choose a theme and pound it into submission. Bothers me when they get their facts wrong. Is Joe Morgan still with ESPN?
The Disney ballpark is a great place to see a game, although their ushers are a little tight. So much for the happiest place on earth. Jason is right about seeing Chipper Jones. I’ve had the pleasure for two consecutive years and it’s alway good to see the future HOFers in person.
I’m sticking with Will Rhymes until he proves he can’t handle it. Some guys just get it done, size or talent notwithstanding. I think Will is one of those guys. I think Jim might think the same.

The comments regarding the announcers are the perfect example of why discussion boards are fun, particularly about baseball. We all experience and react to both the game and the commentary in slightly different ways, and that is pretty cool!
Oh, the comment about Boesch being the starting LF over Raburn…yeah that was pretty uninformed. But Boesch may have swayed them with his HR the same way he had us all bamboozled last year in the first half haha.
I wonder what other teams’ fans think if they ever hear Rod and Mario. For my money, Dan and Jim are 100% better, but then I always find baseball on the radio to be more enjoyable than baseball on tv, as far as commentary goes.

I like Mario okay, Rod gets on my nerves even though I find humor in some things he says.
Those ext a outfield players are going to be interesting. I think Raburn has the job, he did get a nice new contract. But the extra guy??? Don Kelly is the most versatile, because he can play the infield as well as the outfield. Clete can play anywhere in the outfield and can hit occasionally. ( not to mention he has a sweet song that is played when he comes up to bat). Boy Raburn has a good song too. Borsch is enamoring with that power, and let’s face it his average for half of the season? Casper Wells is going to be out I think? Glad I don’t have to make the decision?

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