Schlereth leaves with left hamstring strain

The Tigers have had their fair share of news this spring, but at least they had their health. That changed on Monday when Daniel Schlereth strained his left hamstring trying to cover first base.

Schlereth believes the injury is “very minor” and expects to be throwing again by next week. But initially, it didn’t look so minor as he limped down the right-field line towards the Tigers clubhouse with help from head athletic trainer Kevin Rand.

“I’ve never had any injuries like this,” Schlereth said afterwards. “I hurt my arm before, but that’s really the only thing I know about something injured. I just was going to cover first base and [Ryan] Strieby peeled off. I was going towards the bag and I think he was going to take it at the last second. I was sprinting and I pulled up, and my left hamstring popped a little bit.”

Schlereth will be re-evaluated Tuesday morning. Because it’s the leg with which Schlereth pushes off in his delivery, and not his landing leg, he doesn’t believe it’ll be a nagging injury for him. And missing a week or so shouldn’t cost him terribly much this early in camp, with four weeks left before camp breaks.

“At least it’s in the beginning of spring,” he said. “We’re not going to the Bronx next week.”


MLB network keeps talking about how heavy Miggy is.
Loved listening to the game today and can hardly wait to watch. Go Tigers!

heard a pro trainer say once that you really don’t know how serious these soft tissue injuries are until the next day. some guys who can barely move initially, rebound well, while others who appear to have a minor injury look much worse in 24 hours.

Ya I heard them taking about Miggys weight as well? ( on my nerves). It is really hard for me to tell ya know the old camera adds ten pounds? But didn’t they say that a lot of it is muscle weight and not fat?
Now regarding the game the pitchers were ok. The hitters really aren’t getting good swings yet. Most of the hits were at the end of the game with the crappy NY pitchers. Looking for better swings.

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