Dombowski quotes on Cabrera

Full story on, and the video should follow soon, but here are some other quotes from Dave Dombrowski:

“He wants to be here. He feels terrible, I guess would be the way to describe it, something happened that he’s not here. But he understands the importance of making sure this is properly evaluated and he’s helped. Everybody’s in agreement with that.”

On rumors whether the Tigers might try to alter Cabrera’s contract, Dombrowski said: “There’s a lot of contract language out there, but what’s out there at this point, there’s no language that [would be altered]. And we’re not trying to do anything.”

On whether Dombrowski is disappointed: “I don’t think that’s the word you use. I don’t use that word. First of all, I know a lot more than anybody else does at this point. I think anytime you deal with alcoholism and an addiction, and I’ve been doing this for a long time in my career, you realize it’s an ongoing battle. It’s not easy. And if it’s a player or it’s personal, it’s hard. What sets somebody off at a certain time to take a drink, I’m not wise enough to know that, but it happens. You need to make sure that the player or the person continues to follow the program. And that’s why people sometimes have been through this many, many times. I don’t set the program. Whatever doctors have ever recommended to me in the past, we always follow. And I bet you I’ve been involved in 20-25 cases throughout my career. But it’s one of those where we will help him take care of his problem, because I know he has a problem.”

On Cabrera’s status for the regular season: “The regular season’s a while away yet. Even if you deal with most programs, most of them are 30-day programs. And I’m not saying that’s what he’s going into.”

On any potential discipline from MLB: “I cannot speak for them, but I would be surprised, because usually Major League Baseball, in talking to them, there are processes that are negotiated through the Association, what steps are involved, and if players are cooperative in what they need to do.”

On the idea of having someone with him, as Josh Hamilton does: “He has had people that have been with him a lot during the season last year. He had a lot of people with him all the time, really. He had somebody with him almost all year long, on the road and in Detroit. He had different people. He didn’t have one individual assigned to him. And his representatives, Diego Bentz and Fernando Cuza, they’re extremely cooperative in working with this. They want to help.”

“One of the things when you deal with these things are routines. How do you deal with them? And sometimes, when you get away from routines, I know myself, I always worry a little bit more. During the season, I don’t worry as much, because we have somebody there all the time. We’ve got almost, between the players, staff members, between people that were with him, family members, his wife is very much involved, there’s almost somebody with him all the time. But I always have more worries in the wintertime, and that’s why you stay on the phone with people and call and kind of find out. I don’t call the player, because the player can tell you anything that they would like to. Not just in this circumstance but in others, I don’t call the player. I call people that are around him at that time.”

On where Cabrera was going: “He was coming here at the time. And his car broke down. … He was on his way here and the radiator blew up. … He was on his way. He had just left his home a couple hours before that. He was driving. I didn’t know that exactly at the time.”


my memory may be short on this, but didn’t tigers work with dmitri young on an in season alcohol problem? believe he took a leave of absence for awhile to address it.

Jason, how does someone as incompetent as Anthony Castrovince get a job as a reporter. He has so many incorrect statements in his article on Miggy it is a disgrace!

Dimitri Young has diabetes. His case was badly managed. It was discovered that the nap that made him fired was caused by the disease months after the incident

Doesn’t Castrovince cover the Cleveland ballclub?
Since these rampant speculations aren’t going away, can I toss out a POSSIBLE take on the scenario that night? Let’s start with Cabrera’s alleged words to the cops:
“Do you know who I am?” Cabrera told the officers, according to the report. “You don’t know anything about my problems.”
Okay now, imagine Miggy saying this in a plaintive, almost whiny voice. It’s not hard to imagine. Then he’s said to be walking back and forth into the road raising his arms. Doesn’t that sound like someone pacing in a “why is this happening” manner? Can you picture that? Maybe he wasn’t playing the celebrity card? Worth considering before calling him all the names he’s been called the past two days?
I also find it odd that people are taking the officer’s words as gospel. I mean, really? You’ve never met a cop who loves to use his control moves on a suspect? A latino one at that? 41 shots, anyone?
I didn’t want to have to go there, but come on. This is a bad enough occurence without blowing it up with no facts to back it up.
The bottom line is he shouldn’t drink but he did. It happens, and he’ll have to just start all over again.
My own opinion is that Miguel will take the necessary steps and then have a fine season on the field.
My biggest worry is what becomes of Miguel when his playing days are over? He won’t have his current support system but he’ll still have his current problem.

What artical are you all talking about?? Everything I have seen written on either MLB or Tigers has been written by Jason?

Hey all… havent posted for awhile but with this situation I have to voice my opinion. Rich, that is EXACTLY what I imagined. We all forget he is just a kid, and the fact is kids screw up! Heck, we all screw up! I am not saying he doesnt need help, but, let him get the help without the media dragging him through the mud. I hope he does well and not just on the field. This is a personal situation so lets just let it be personal. I will root him on as long as I have to, as a player and a person! There is much life after baseball, lets hope he gets it sorted out now. As far as the Tigers go this season, I am very excited its almost spring! I have this feeling in my gut that we will be pleasantly surprised… but, I have had that feeling before. So we will see…. win or lose, I love my Tigers!!! GO TIGERS 2011!!!! -Stacy

I’m glad Mr. Dombrowski explained what happened. The media thrives off stories like this and readers seem to be enthralled with other people’s problems. We all know this.
I sill love Miguel and hope he’s back with the team soon.

I hope he works this out, not just for baseball, but for himself and his family. I wish him all the best in this, and I think most Tiger fans are supporting him.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

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