February 17th, 2011

Non-Tiger reactions to Cabrera arrest

Ozzie Guillen has a very keen interest in Miguel Cabrera’s life, since they’re practically family. He also has an interest in his career. So when news came out this morning of Cabrera’s arrest in Fort Pierce, you had to figure Ozzie would say something.

“It was sad,” Guillen said. “It was sad because I’m his friend. I’m surprised what happened. I wish it [hadn’t] happened to anyone. I don’t know why people go through that. There are people out there [who] look at Miguel as an example. I say that in the meeting: Don’t put your family in that position.

“I feel bad for Miggy. Sometimes you are immature and hopefully he can learn from this. I’ll know more later. But it’s kind of sad for me, because I know this guy very well and when you do stuff like that, no matter what you think, I wish he’d do different and think a little more. Hopefully he can learn from this and not t put himself in that situation again and take it like a man and face what he do wrong and think for the best and come up well — not just for him and the Detroit organization, especially for him and his family. Everything else don’t matter.

“It’s an easy thing about this. Miguel Cabrera hit .350, with 130 RBIs and 50 home runs, people forgot what happened in February. I guarantee that. [But] your family ain’t going to forget that.”

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez managed Cabrera for one season in Florida, but goes back further than that with him. He sounded a similar alarm, especially in the second paragraph.

“I’m pulling for him,” Gonzalez said. “We all know about his numbers as
a baseball player.  But as a person and human being, he’s a quality
guy.  If he does have a disease, he needs to take care of that. …

“I hope to see him in Lakeland. I  would tell him he
needs to take care of it, whatever it takes, even if it takes
taking a year off. I’ve never been in that situation personally, but he
needs to take care of that because it’s going to end bad.”