Guillen: I feel good, not sure about Opening Day yet

Most years, Carlos Guillen has come to Spring Training around the reporting date for pitchers and catchers. He hasn’t been lazy about his workouts at all. He just hasn’t been an early arrival. He was one on Monday.

It was the day pitchers and catchers held their first formal workout, officially starting off the Tigers’ 75th Spring Training in Lakeland, Fla. But it was also the day for Guillen to check in and meet with head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, who will work with the rest of the team medical staff to give Guillen a game plan for his return from microfracture surgery on his left knee.

Nobody — not Guillen, nor Rand, nor manager Jim Leyland — wants to project anymore about his chances of being active for Opening Day. But so far, Guillen says, he’s feeling all right.

“I feel good,” he said Monday morning. “I’ve been swinging the bat with no problem, both sides.”

The big thing is that he’s in good spirits. He isn’t yet running, but he said he hopes to be cleared for that later this week or next. The confidence he seems to be getting from organizational people should give him some job security for when he gets back.


I don’t understand what the big “hype” is about Guillen. To me Rhymes can run circles around him anyday-he’s the one we should be considering for the second base start!

I think Guillen was a big part of the success of 2006. That is what people remember. Also, he is a clutch hitter. I saw Rhymes at the Whitecaps winter banquet and he says he is ready. Boesch and Zumaya and DD were also there. It’s funny how evryone looks the same in a suit. Hey Rich, Will does not look and inch over 5’7″. I am pulling for him but Guillen has one year left on his contract and I would like to see him go out in style, world series style. Go Tigers, 2011! –Dave

Carlos Guillen was 2006 Tiger of the Year voted by the Detroit media. He was considered the heart and soul of that team. How can anyone forget that?
It is unfortunate his body just isn’t as flexible and is more injury prone than in the past, because when healthy he’s still one of the best hitters. In his prme, he was an outstanding SS.
We’ll just have to see how ST plays out with Carlos, Sizemore, Rhymes and one of my personal favorites: Danny Worth.

Carlos Guillen, when healthy, is a very good professional baseball hitter. He’s exceptionally smart situationally, hits for average and modest power from both sides of the plate, and is reliable about putting the ball in play in critical situations. He’s simply far, far more reliable with the stick than any of the prospects working their way up.

He isn’t capable of what he used to do defensively, but he’s also got great hands and sufficient range to play a good second base. The younger guys can do acrobatics sometimes, but sometimes the vets don’t need to — they’re already in the right spot.

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