Reporting day has arrived, and so have Tigers

By most measures, Sunday was a relatively quiet morning for the Tigers, quieter than most days earlier in the week. But it was a milestone day, as the final hours of Detroit’s offseason ticked away.

Officially, pitchers and catchers reported to camp Sunday. Unofficially, the vast majority of them have already been in camp for several days. Victor Martinez made a brief appearance Sunday, as reportedly did Joaquin Benoit. As of Sunday afternoon, only a handful or so of Tigers pitchers and catchers had yet to report. That won’t be a big deal; the real deadline is Monday morning, when the team meets at 9:30.

It’ll be a highly anticipated morning for many players, ready to get moving towards the season and to see what they have in what looks on paper like a stacked pitching staff.

“I feel like I’m more excited to get started now than I ever have,” said Ryan Perry, whose locker this spring will be next to that of Benoit.

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