Rand: Guillen will indeed be limited

To do away with the biggest question of Spring Training, Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Saturday he would leave Carlos Guillen to the team’s medical staff and trainers as he rehabs from microfracture knee surgery. On Sunday, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand confirmed the obvious, that Guillen will be limited in the early part of camp.

How limited, Rand didn’t want to try to answer until he could see Guillen later this week. Position players aren’t scheduled to report until Thursday, and Guillen has traditionally come in close to reporting day.

From there, expect a good amount of work in the weight room, and a pretty big focus on his agility as he tries to show he’s ready to handle second base. If he can do it in time for Opening Day, it’ll be some of the best news possible for Tigers personnel, who aren’t going to turn down the chance at a switch-hitting middle infielder with a track record of run production.

“The first big thing is to get him healthy,” Leyland said. “The second big thing is to see what he’s got left.”


Carlos has done NOTHING, for this team the last 3 years, but imprede them. He’s a detriment, don’t want, or need him. Release him and eat the money.

its rhymes time, if your eating the money anyway dont look for any more than 70 games from guillen and most of those at dh.. dump him for prospects

I have always liked Carlos. When he was healthy he was a major asset for the Tigers. I believe he can still hit (somewhat a clutch hitter) and he is a switch hitter. I would not give up on him for that reason, however there are obviously better defensive choices at second base. It’s a tough call. There is some truth to the impeding you’re talking about culture v.
I agree with the hot corner about Rhymes. Not sure why he gets very little consideration by management and even us bloggers. Maybe cause he’s 5’8″? It seemed obvious to me that he provided a spark last year when he was finally given some serious playing time. Not everyone has to be a run production player. You need table setters too. And quickness. It’s the little things he brought to the game plan. It just seemed he he was the type of player that knew when he needed to get on base and was able to ramp up his focus when necessary. Did he make errors, sure. So did everybody else as I recall.

Rhymes brings alot of energy with him, but he still has lots of room for improvement at 2nd base. I like him, but I think there are others who are better defensively

Guillen is a good hitter, a smart hitter. He almost always has a good AB. He’s a fine man and has done a lot for the franchise since arriving in 2004. Unfortunately, he’s also nearing the end of his playing days. The timing of his return looms as possibly a big problem. If Sizemore or Rhymes or Worth or Santiago or all four are playing well and the Tigers are off to a good regular season start, they will still be replaced by Carlos upon his return. That’s just the way it works around here. And it will be a big issue.
I’m in Rhymes’ corner because I like undersized ballplayers with heart. His situation is a lot like Santiago’s has been. Not big enough, “will wear down” and not enough power in his bat. It’s too bad, because both Will and Ramon know to stay within themselves and that the primary goal is winning ballgames, not putting up fancy individual numbers. These qualities haven’t been valued in Detroit under current management. They are valued highly in some other organizations like, say the Twins. It’s one reason why Jim “Give me talent everytime” Leyland has won no division titles here.

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