Guillen still on same timetable

If there was any question whether Carlos Guillen had suffered a setback in his recovery from microfracture surgery, Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski seemed to knock it down Saturday. Dombrowski was asked about Guillen’s recovery today at TigerFest, and the timetable Dombrowski gave about the same as before, with a little more encouragement.

“The doctor said he’s further ahead than what he even anticipated,” Dombrowski said. “He’s in a position where the doctor projects that Carlos should be able to play in games around the middle of March. But still, until you go out there and you start pounding day in and day out in Spring Training, I think you won’t get a total feel until that takes place. But right now, [the news is] very encouraging on how he feels.”
The timetable itself creates the uncertainty that creates the doubt. He’s expected to be able to play in games with about two weeks left in Spring Training. Will that be enough time for Guillen to be ready to play second base on Opening Day? The Tigers have reason for optimism that he will, but they also have to be prepared that he won’t.
Guillen was not available for comment.


We definitely have an interesting problem developing at the position don’t we?
I commented on a previous thread about the recent honour bestowed upon Sparky by the club. That it was about time but a little late. Michael Rosenberg did an article in the FP this moringing that explains the situation and how Sparky was mistreated by Illitch.

With all of Guillen’s physical problems over the last few years, I think it would be bad to lose either or both of Sizemore and Rhymes who still are young enough to prove they belong. I doubt Guillen will be with the team in 2012.

That is too bad about the feud between Illitch and Sparky. Being out of state I must have missed the chatter about all of that back in the 90’s.

Just looking at Victor Martinez makes me feel calm. I’m feeling so optimistic about this team.

Here we go with the Leyland stubborn self righteous managing already. From the DetNews:

Scherzer to start home opener
They’re 1-2 — but they won’t be 1-2 right away.

After Justin Verlander pitches the first game of the season on March 31 at Yankee Stadium, as manager Jim Leyland said on Saturday that he will, Max Scherzer will pitch the second game, right?


“I’ve just been told,” Scherzer said.
“We’re not pitching him until the third game,” Leyland said.
“So he can pitch the home opener,” Leyland said.
The Tigers open with three games in New York, then three in Baltimore. On both stops, however, there’s an off day.
That means Scherzer will start just once in the first six games. Verlander, meanwhile, will start the opener in New York, as well as Baltimore’s home opener.
Who’ll pitch the second game?
“We haven’t decided that yet,” Leyland said.
Could it be Phil Coke, so that the Tigers can go right-left-right?
“That’s being discussed,” Leyland said.”
The guy has some abnormal idea about home openers and such. Remember the World Series when he held out the best pitcher at the time in baseball inorder to pitch him at Comerica? We all know how that went.
The SOC strikes again. C’mon, pick your rotation and stick with it. Scherzer would not have had his 2nd start until the home opener anyway–no need to monkey with the rotation. It’s all double talk from him. In my mind, Verlander and Scherzer pitching back to back in NY is a great way to start the season and the best chance you have to win the first 2 games.

Thanks for sharing that article, I had not really heard about all of that, but makes sense why it took so long, which is a true shame. That guy was a heck of a manager for all of baseball and a great representative of our team and he shouldn’t have received this after his death. That said I am glad it is happening. I look forward to them honoring him this season.
My lasting memory of Sparky is with blood running down his head while celebrating with his team after getting cracked with a bottle I think? Anyways, true love happening at that moment.

Verlander is not going to start Baltimore’s home opener on three days rest. If Scherzer pitches Sunday and then the Tigers home opener on four days rest, he and JV would end up 1-2 anyway unless someone gets skipped the first time around. I don’t see what the home opener has to do with any of this and first we have to see who is in the rotation barring injury. I will say I have no problem with Coke between JV and Scherzer.
The Eichhorn kid doesn’t sound like the type of pitcher Detroit management likes. Looks like we’re giving Galarraga away and, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep Miner on the roster? Zach is as good a starter as Armando and also has no problem with bullpen work. He would have provided the depth that we’ve just lost.
My spring training tickets are sitting here burning a hole in my desk.

didn’t guillen have the same type of microfracture knee surgery that ordonez had before he initially signed with the tigers? same surgery for clete thomas…will clete be limited also at the start of spring training?

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