TigerFest awaits

No release with the full roster for TigerFest this time, but that’s likely because the vast majority of the projected roster is here already.

The players we know will not be here for TigerFest include Ryan Raburn (wife is expecting their first child), Brad Thomas (in Australia) and likely Brad Penny (just signed and on vacation this week). Aside from a few pitching prospects, the rest of the roster is here. Joaquin Benoit is expected to be around as well after traveling from Boston, where he received the Tony Conigliaro Award from the Boston baseball writers Thursday night.
Correction: Carlos Guillen is indeed here.
So if you’re among the lucky with tickets to TigerFest, you should have plenty of options for autographs and photos. Just remember to dress warm, of course.


Gosh, I’d love to be there! The real question is: When are we going to see pictures of Victor and Joaquin donning their new Old English D shirts?

imagine Galarraga isn’t around for this. would be a bit awkward, though I suspect some fans would like to say thanks for the memories…sometimes MLB is just more business than game.

watched some of the webfeed from tiger fest…entertaining to hear Leyland give his take on Moneyball and how he prefers the “guys that knock ’em in” like Peralta over the on base guys…how the entire hitting order is set except for the #2 hole…Leyland thinks Raburn has a great OF throwing arm…musing about “will the real Brennan Boesch please stand up”…some awkward moments with Coke going on about the HRs he gave up in the Series as a Yankee…Caputo asking young Porcello and I believe Verlander about what it means to wear the D…whoever coordinated the feed, kudos for that, much enjoyed

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