Galarraga officially hits the trading block

The Cubs are on the verge of sending Tom Gorzelanny to Washington for
prospects. Joe Blanton no longer looks like a sure bet to be traded out
of Philadelphia. The quality of the remaining free-agent market drops
precipitously after Carl Pavano.

What’s a team looking for starting pitching left to do?

Could they go for Armando Galarraga?

That’s what Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is counting
on. He’s strong enough about it that he thinks he stands a better
chance of trading Galarraga now than Spring Training. Otherwise, he
probably wouldn’t have designated him for assignment Tuesday to make
room for Brad Penny.

Instead of waiting until March, the Tigers have 10 days to try to deal Galarraga.

“I’m confident,” Dombrowski said Tuesday when asked about his chances of
finding a trade partner for his former fifth starter. “You never know
until you get it done. We’ve had enough  clubs express some interest.
It’s not like I have a for-sure deal, but I do have enough clubs that
have asked me about him.”

By no means is Galarraga an answer for teams looking for a front-line
starter. For teams needing a fifth starter who has been through a few
seasons, though, Galarraga is an option. That list could be longer than
expected, now that waiting for the Tigers to release Galarraga in Spring
Training is no longer an option.

The Tigers’ return for Galarraga might be only marginally better than
what they received last spring for Nate Robertson. Galarraga doesn’t
have an untradeable contract, or a significant injury history, but he’s
coming off an up-and-down season and a stretch.

Considering Galarraga’s issues with attacking the strike zone last
summer, he’s the type of pitcher who might benefit from a pitching coach
who views him as a bit of a project to restore his confidence.

The Tigers could still end up bringing Galarraga to camp if no team
claims him on waiver. He could then be outrighted to Triple-A Toledo and
brought to Spring Training as a non-roster invite. But with the Tigers
rotation clearly set, and prospects Andy Oliver, Charlie Furbush and
Jacob Turner also likely to get stretched out in terms of innings, the
Tigers could have a problem finding the innings to showcase Galarraga
for anybody.


so…several possible outcomes (someone correct me if i’ve got it wrong):

1) galarraga is claimed and tigers let him go to claiming team with no return.
2) he is claimed but tigers pull him back and place him back on the 40 man.
3) claimed, but tigers work out a trade with a different team before the 10 days are up.
4) galarraga is unclaimed and he is either released outright or assigned to the minors…

so it seems like a shrewd, no risk move that alerts the entire league he’s available to the highest bidder.

I am afraid that Phil Coke is going to be terrible as a starter…then when the Tigers realize he can’t make it as a starter…the will need Armando. Although Armando has struggled, he did do better at the end of the 2010 season-but got zero run support. With Maggs and Guillen on the DL and Boesch in a slump, the Tigers offense was very weak. I hope that everything goes well, and I am excited to see what will happen. I think the team is looking good, and can’t wait until I go to Lakeland to watch some Spring Training!!!!

I understand designating GMan forces DD to make a trade in the next 10 days otherwise GMan can elect to walk as a free agent with 30 days pay.
DD is playing a high risk game as the conservative approach of designating say Iorg, Thomas or Kelly would get no return. A trade will have to be for minor league player(s) or include others on the Tig roster, otherwise DD would be back to square one working out how to make room on the roster.
What bothers me the most is we are now stuck with 4 tried ML SP’s and Coke who is DD’s 2010 Sizemore with no Plan B. Hopefully Chris Oxspring is able to surprise and provide backup so we don’t have to keep bringing the youngsters up prematurely and hindering their development which past experience has shown can have a permanent impact.
I accept $$$ forced the hope and dream moves in 2010. There seems no need to make the same type of moves in 2011 with your SP’s far more critical than a rookie 2B.

I think the perfect deal would be: Galarraga,Raburn,and Guillen to the Mets for Beltran and Castillo(with the Mets picking up most of Castillo’s contract). Then the Tigers would trade Castillo to the Marlins for a player to be named later. For the Mets they would get a starter that they need, Raburn would platoon in right with either Lucas Duda or Fernando Martinez who are both left handed, and Guillen would take over at secound base for Castillo(huge upgrade if healthy). The Marlins could use Castillo as a veteran lefty off the bench and to fill in at secound now that they have traded Dan Uggla. The Tigers would of course receive a huge bat in Beltran who had knee issues last year. The deal would of course hinge on Beltrans knee. The salarys would match up as long as the Mets took on most of Castillo’s salary. The Marlins would get him for the league min. So in conclusion: The Tigers would receive an all star outfielder, The Mets would add depth and receive two players who are in there first year of arbitration for two players that are free agents after the year(they seem to be trying to cut costs), and The Marlins would receive a cheap veteran.

Galarraga went 0-4 with a 6.15 era in September/Oct last year. Whether it was frustration from the lack of run support, a tired arm, or what, I am glad to see him go. He has always seemed like a loner to me and didn’t look like he ever really fit in.
What we will do about SP depth is still up in the air. I would expect that Oliver’s development in Spring Training would dictate that somewhat. If his command is better, I would imagine he would get the first crack at replacing anyone who is injured/ineffective. I suppose Oxspring was a starter in Korea or wherever he played…not super-excited about him, but he may also be in line for starts…

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