Lefty relief not a pressing priority right now

The Tigers have been touching base with agents for left-handed relievers and keeping tabs on the market, but the impression among folks at the Winter Meetings is that they’re not going to move on anybody in that category anytime soon. They’ve shown some interest in free agents J.C. Romero and Ron Mahay, according to sources, but nothing has gotten far. Given Dave Dombrowski’s recent remarks that Daniel Schlereth could be their No. 1 lefty reliever, it seems to reinforce that notion.

As I’ve written before, the free-agent market has had no shortage of left-handers available late in the winter as Spring Training approaches. Though Detroit’s deal for Joaquin Benoit brought some question whether the market would speed up, that doesn’t seem to be the case for left-handers.


I am not a big fan of either Romero or Mahay at this point in their careers. I don’t see them as much of an improvement over Brad Thomas, especially considering Thomas’ fairly decent second half and his excellent numbers against our big division rivals (2 runs allowed in 16.1 innings against the White Sox and Twins last year).
I don’t like where this is going re:Maggs. If we lose out on him and Crawford, we better swing a trade for a bat or else all the talk of the millions coming off the books will be for naught. Martinez deal is for less yearly than Maggs’ option, and Benoit’s deal isn’t worth much more than Laird’s and maybe Everett’s combined. We still supposedly have the $36 mil from pitching plus Damon’s $7 mil…while I don’t expect DD to acquire another $43mil worth of payroll this winter, there still should be room for another major acquisition. Royals want pitching and up the middle help for Greinke…would Oliver, Sizemore/Rhymes/Worth and a low minors player get it done?

Not surprising. DD and JL’s take seems to have always been “any lefty will do.”
I think we’re going to find out how much Ordonez desires to remain in Detroit.

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