With Werth gone, Boras, Tigers talk Magglio

The Tigers had barely arrived here at baseball’s Winter Meetings on
Sunday when the Jayson Werth signing made waves through the Walt Disney
World Swan & Dolphin Resort. It could have a major effect on what
the Tigers do here once business begins in earnest on Monday.

That includes a potential reunion with Magglio Ordonez, which now looks
more viable than ever. The Tigers’ best shot at an offensive upgrade
might well be a return of their former batting champion.

“I certainly know we’ll be talking,” agent Scott Boras said of the Tigers and Ordonez.

Boras made the comment after the Nationals announced their seven-year
deal with Werth, whom Boras also represents. Washington reportedly
outbid other interested teams by offering a longer contract at an
average of $18 million per season.

The Tigers have been viewed around baseball as among the most interested
teams in Werth. Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski,
however, said they weren’t in the bidding.

“We were not involved,” Dombrowski told MLB.com in an email Sunday.

Boras told MLB.com that he talked with Dombrowski quite a bit this week,
on Ordonez and other topics. He said they agreed that they would
continue their conversations here. It’s worth noting that Boras also
represents reliever Zach Miner, whom the Tigers designated for
assignment last week but whom the Tigers would be interested in bringing


We kinda knew how all of this was going to shakedown.
Nothing against Maggs but this is “Hope & Dream” all over again.
This lineup still needs a big bopper. Not ones that used to be or “maybe can”. Someone who is in the prime of their career (not on either end) AND who has proven himself.
The only alternative to the big bopper is Crawford but we all know he is not coming to Motown. I think the team could win with him even minus the big bat. He is so multi-dimensional he would make up for the missing HR numbers.
Nice to see all the familiar names still around!.

I think the Nats are out of their collective minds. Is it possible to pay big on the front end of a long contract and have the amount diminish over the term? That way you wouldn’t be paying a guy $18 mil a year, two years after he’s been let go. Boras and Werth must be laughing their heads off. I thought the White Sox paid too much for Dunn but this Werth signing is from another planet.
I expect an incentive-laden contract for Maggs and that’s how we’ll go into 2011, position-wise. This is where allowing his last contract to vest in 2009 demonstrates that the Tigers deal in good faith.
There aren’t as many big boppers as there used to be, and it seems most of them play firstbase. We need that DH spot for Martinez, Guillen, and most likely Ordonez.

I think they’re out of their minds too, Rich. The guy is already in his 30’s. I sure hope DD can get something going own there.
Off topic but my computer went offline last night so couldn’t comment and it still isn’t right, but to make a long story short, I watched MLB Network to get the latest and look how much they paid for Gonzalez.

So glad we didn’t get Werth at that price/length. I have no problem trying to get Maggs back on a short-term deal at a cheaper price. Hopefully we can round out the team with some additional signings over the winter, maybe a starter and another reliever. All this money that came off the books and we really have only spent the equivalent of Willis and Bonderman. That leaves Robertson, Seay, Miner, Laird, Everett, Maggs, Damon money out there. Adjusting for salary increases of our own players and the drop in attendance, we should still have the money to grab a few players. Whether we save some for next offseason is a question, but we should have Guillen, possibly Valverde, possibly Galarraga, possibly Zumaya, possibly Maggs so that at least opens the door for one major signing next offseason…it would really help if A-Jax, Sizemore, Boesch, Wells, Rhymes, Avila, Worth, Strieby, Oliver, Turner could continue to develop to balance the big salaries with the small, or to help with a trade.

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