Victor Martinez t-shirt goes on sale Saturday at CoPa

Victor Martinez T-Shirt.jpgNormally, I don’t get into the merchandise end of things, but I know the jersey t-shirts are pretty popular, and it’s the holiday shopping season. And the Tigers did a pretty quick turnaround producing some shirseys for Victor Martinez.

They’ll go on sale Saturday morning as part of the Tigers’ one-day holiday sale from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Comerica Park main pro shop.

The sale was already scheduled for other items, including leather chairs from the clubhouse, catching gear, game-used bats and jerseys, helmets and more. Hall of Famer Al Kaline is also scheduled to sign copies of his book, Six: A Salute to Al Kaline, for an hour starting at 10:30 a.m.

Last week’s signing of Victor Martinez obviously adds something to the mix, including a new gift idea for the Tigers fan who has most everything. It’s new enough that it’s the first confirmation we’ve had that Martinez will get to keep number 41.

Part of the proceeds from the one-day sale will benefit the Detroit Tigers Foundation. The first 100 shoppers will be treated to a free gift. Free parking is available across the street at Lot 1.


It would have been nice to see Victor put the uni on in a special news conference. Normally, when they sign a big star, we get to see a video clip and picture annointing the new player. Maybe, there are just so many new players we’ll have to wait until all the signing is done,….I hope.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing Victor Martinez make a public appearance in Detroit until January with the winter caravan and TigerFest. If there was going to be a big press conference, it would’ve taken place this week or last. That’s just the way it’s worked out in recent years, like with Gary Sheffield and Miguel Cabrera.

Thank you, Jason. Sure would love to be at Tigerfest this January.

was looking at Martinez’ stat line and he really hasn’t dh’d much in his career. catcher is such a central figure in the game…wonder how difficult it will be for him to make that transition to making a cameo appearance every 2-3 innings. i’m trying to remember the last offensive C who made such a switch at age 31-32. for instance, Mike Piazza (not known for his D) didn’t become a full time DH until age 38, his last season. having some offensive pop behind the plate and at the middle infield is such a great advantage over many teams. i think the tigers will eventually realize that their best alignment is with Martinez as the primary C and someone else at DH, with Avila on the bench, starting a couple of days a week. if they have both Guillen and Ordonez around, those guys will need some DH time.

The total lack of talk about the need for another SP is just mind numbing dumb making last years hopes and dreams nomination of Sizemore at 2B small change in comparison.
The SOC summed it up perfectly when he said:
“I think Porcello’s a big key for our ballclub next year, to be honest with you,”
“Will the real Rick Porcello please stand up?”
When the manager states a key to the season is in the hands of a 22yo with a 4.43 ERA, DD needs to make a move. Rick will no doubt become an excellent pitcher provided he is given time to develop with 2010 clearly showing he isn’t there yet with the quality of his pitching range falling off.
The team will be totally different with an experienced starter at #3 taking pressure away from Rick’s ongoing development at #4 leaving Coke and GMan to decide #5. It would be nice to have a reasonable pitcher in reserve for a change for the injuries that will happen through the season.

It seems that nearly all of the talk around baseball is centered on position players and Detroit is no exception. That’s very odd considering that pitching is the name of the game. Many of our fans have gone Carl Crawford Crazy (CCC syndrome?) and I don’t think we’re even in the bidding on him. The obvious move for the Tigers is to sign Ordonez short term and shore up the pitching staff.
Personally, I think DD and crew see this. How could they not? I haven’t said much about pitching because I think that will be taken care of before March. Hopefully I’m not being foolishly optimistic. Meanwhile, Leyland’s statement about the real Porcello standing up is downright strange for exactly the reasons that Dave pointed out above. One can make a case for 2011 being Rick’s rookie season if he hadn’t been rushed to the big leagues. Now he’s the key???? If that’s our plan, we’re not going to win anything, and no offense to Porcello himself. I try to lay off Leyland than he says things like the above.
It would also help immensely if both Verlander and Scherzer are effective for the entire season, not just 80% of it. That’s also a key.
I would hope that this week at Disney is devoted to working up some transactions for pitching help.

Washington signed Werth for 7 years at $126 mil. That’s insane. Why didn’t they just go ahead and outbid everyone for Cliff Lee? They don’t know what they’re doing there down the road from here.
Anyway, Maggs will cost more now. The ripple effect of these signings has an enormous impact on the market. We’re running low on big name FAs and now the trade market will have to heat up.
Could be a heck of a week coming up. Maybe we should just let these other clubs bankrupt themselves on these position players and acquire some pitchers instead.

Unreal. Come home from work and am just shocked he got that kind of deal. There was alot of criticism that the Nats let Adam Dunn go, so I guess they felt hey had to go all out for a “name” free agent. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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