Miner non-tendered; Zumaya, Galarraga stay

The only nontender from the Tigers today is reliever Zach Miner, whose fate was set in that regard when he was designated for assignment on Monday. Detroit will indeed tender contracts to Joel Zumaya and Armando Galarraga.


About as expected. Raburn gets a contract as well, no doubt.
Raburn, Galarraga, and Zoomer should all settle somewhere just north of $ 1 million before they get near arbitration. Brad Thomas escapes being non tendered as well

Armando is indispensable at this point. He may yet be traded for an upgrade in the rotation, but things are far too iffy with Coke, no matter how they spin it, and there’s no legit plan B should he not make the transition from the bullpen. I like our top three, but I’d be scrounging for a no. 3 type starter on the trade market, such as Garza, Guthrie, or Wandy Rod, or maybe a low risk/ high reward type of guy like Bedard. No reason not to upgrade the rotation if it can be done.

And let’s not get burned five years in a row by counting on Zoomer to be healthy and play set up man all season. Replace Coke in the pen. Uehara, Guerrier, loads of good late inning guys available relatively cheap. Let Perry and Schlereth earn their stripes when the time comes.

Raburn is arbitration eligible, but Thomas is not. He doesn’t have the service time quite yet.

If DD is saying the rotation is set, it probably is. He’s not much of a sandbagger. From what I’ve seen of Coke, he can be a starter. That leaves replacing him in the pen. The one I’m not sold on is Galarraga….still. He appears to have all this potential but it only materializes on occasion. This will be a blast from the past, but Zach Miner can step into the rotation if he’s signed. Tommy John surgery is usually successful and he may come back better than before. That would be one backup plan, IF we can get JL to buy into it. He’s hung up on that “reliever gets the DP” thing. Starters can get DPs too. However……….I’m not sure how effective a groundball pitcher can be with our infield.
Are the White Sox planning to use Dunn at firstbase?
Advice to Zack Greinke: do NOT go to New York or Boston. Too bad your club won’t trade you to Minnesota or Detroit. Both nice places to play.

All I can say is “the Central Division is starting to get stronger”. Sox got Dunn. Must be theiy’re gonna play him at 1st and play Konerko somewhere else.

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