Let the Werth sweepstakes begin

The Tigers still see a need for a right-handed bat in the middle of their lineup, and right field is the one opening they see where they can add that. They would like to bring back Magglio Ordonez, but agent Scott Boras is expected to wait until after the top free-agent outfielders sign and set the standards before progressing on Ordonez. One of those top-tier outfielders is Jayson Werth, whom Boras also represents.

Put it together, and the Tigers can check in about Werth while still keeping their options open on Magglio. With still around $30 million of payroll space left from the $60 million or so they shed in expiring contracts, they have the financial wiggle room for it. The Tigers have already been keeping in touch with Boras this offseason about Ordonez, and Dombrowski said after the Martinez signing that his team would regroup this week and look at their options.

Get the picture? Thus, let the Jayson Werth sweepstakes begin.

It might not be the same courtship the Tigers enjoyed with Victor Martinez, but Werth is the most logical fit among the top free-agent hitters left on the market. Even if the Tigers have every intention of trying to re-sign Ordonez, they’ve been expected to look into Werth.

ESPN’s Jayson Stark listed Detroit among the half-dozen or so teams with varying levels of interest in Werth. Foxsports.com’s Jon Morosi cited Major League sources who see the Tigers among the Red Sox and Phillies as the most serious suitors for Werth. Both reports list the Red Sox as the favorites.

No deal is expected anytime soon, which Stark confirms. The most logical plan for Werth is to wait until Carl Crawford signs, either with the Angels or elsewhere, and see how that impact other teams’ interest. Because after Crawford and Werth, Magglio is the next-highest rated outfielder on a lot of lists.

If Werth is looking for a six-year deal, as a report suggested, that could test the level of the Tigers’ interest. Detroit already has its DH spot sealed for the next four years with Martinez, so any long-term deal they add would have to be for somebody who can play the field for the vast majority of that contract. Werth has very good defensive tools for right field, including a strong arm, and has been an iron man with 315 games over the last two years for Philadelphia, but they would have to make sure he can stay healthy.


I don’t like Werth for six years. Too long, although the man can certainly play some rightfield. I’d rather pay him more money for a shorter contract, but it’s not my money. It seems that the smart move would be Ordonez for the short term then work from there during subsequent offseasons. And DD could always stir the pot with a trade next week.
Pup, I’m wondering if the White Sox are moving Konerko off firstbase and to another team altogether. I don’t know what they’re doing with Dunn but I do know how to get him out. At any rate, the Sox don’t bother me. It’s the Twins. It’s always about the Twins. We have to beat out the Twins.

I went to Cot’s Contracts to check out their payroll. I think they can still afford him, but where would he go?
I can’t stand the thought of losing Magglio, but I guess Mr. Dombrowski has to do what he sees will help the team most. Who want to just watch the playoffs another year? Not me.

I know one thing. If Adam Dunn ends up being Chicago’s DH, we know he just didn’t want to come to Detroit. And if he doesn’t want us, they can keep him. He can hit pretty good, though.

It’s nice to finally hear Jayson Werth’s name in conjunction with the Tigers. I might go as far as to say that we need him this year to expect to make the playoffs. An old Magglio just isn’t going to cut it.

Tiger Fans want Maggs playing right field next year for our Christmas present!!!

last offseason:

last offseason:

holliday 30 y/o 7 yr 120 million.
bay 32 y/o 4 yr 66 million.

That Holliday deal just hits you as massive, every time you look at it.

All that attention on Jason Bay last year, too. Supply and demand. Everybody overpays for the current top free agents. Reminds me of that run on the Cabbage Patch dolls one Christmas. Or anytime Apple releases a gadget.

Magglio wont play in Venezuela, he will be looking for a contract,his words

Let’s be accurate about something. The amount of money that came off the books due to expiring contracts is SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. Ordonez 18 MM, Bonderman 12.5, Willis 12, Robertson 10, Damon 8, Inge 6.6, Laird 3.9, Seay 2.45 and Everett 1.55. That’s $ 75,000,000.00. Current payroll stands some $ 40 MM below last year’s payroll after signing Inge, Peralta, Benoit, Martinez, and Alburquerque, counting Verlander’s raise, after the projected arbitration increases, letting Miner go, and filling out the roster with players making $ 400- $ 425 K. FORTY MILLION.

As long as Boston is interested in Werth, I don’t see the Tigers getting him. Let Boras play out his game, getting CC and Werth locked up so that Maggs is the primo free agent outfielder. He’ll try to create or feign a bidding war, and Maggs will be back with the Tigers. It’s just a question of how much and how long.

And that elephant is still in the living room. Phil Coke is not the answer to fixing the 11th best rotation in the league.

If Boras was looking out for his clients instead of his ego, we’d probably have a Maggs deal done by now. This is the best fit for both parties, but Boras wants to find another team to drive the price up. I expect Maggs back, as I don’t see another team.
I also don’t agree with moving Coke, but I suspect that this is just a short term fix until Oliver is ready. Have you seen Jayson Stark’s last column on free agent starters? Bonderman made the list of the top five after Lee and Pavano. Anybody prefer Bondo over Coke? We need a fifth starter. I don’t agree with overpaying for mediocrity, but I fear the hole in the bullpen Coke would leave. Schlereth seems to be the key. I don’t see them moving Coke without thinking Schlereth would be able to replace him.

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