GM meetings begin this week

The early start to free agency has allowed plenty of time for that market to percolate. This is the week when we might find out a little more about the trade market, with general managers and other front-office folks gathering in Orlando for the annual GM meetings (general managers, not general motors).

It was at last year’s meetings that the buzz emerged that the Tigers were very much open to trading Curtis Granderson as well as Edwin Jackson. That, of course, sparked the bigger-picture buzz that the Tigers were looking to slash payroll, which led to rumors about everyone from Justin Verlander to Miguel Cabrera getting dealt. Amazing to look back at that now.

The Dan Uggla rumors will no doubt be a part of this week’s buzz, but we’ll see about who else. What makes this year’s meetings interesting is that unlike past offseasons, we’ve had a week for teams to talk to all free agents. That means clubs have had a better chance to get a read on their chances at signing some of these guys. Teams that don’t like their odds at getting a top bat in free agency might start getting serious about trades, starting the groundwork for trades that end up completed around next month’s larger-scale winter meetings. That was the timetable on the Granderson talks.

With plenty of payroll off the books and a lot of spots to fill, the tables are turned this year for the Tigers, and teams are eyeing Detroit’s young pitching when the Tigers come calling. How much of that pitching the Tigers are willing to give up is going to be a question. Is Andy Oliver untouchable at this point, when he’s on the cusp of sticking in the big leagues but not quite ready to be handed a rotation spot? How about Jacob Turner, who’s still a couple years away? After that, I’m not sure how much the Tigers can offer that will appeal for a team to trade an established guy. Opinions are mixed on Charlie Furbush and Brayan Villarreal.

The Tigers’ position prospects tend to get valued more by the Tigers than by other clubs looking at the system. But Brennan Boesch’s first half and Casper Wells’ stretch run earned some respect.


There are several Tigers that would have trade potential.
Ryan Raburn is one of them. Surely his utility value, bat and demeanor are appealing to some teams in need of a RHB.
Boesch would be throw-in in a major trade to make it palatable to the other side. I’d hate to see him go as when he was fearless at the plate he was pretty to watch. MAYBE he will get that back?
I think Sizemore and Rhymes are possible. And certainly Zumaya. I also would not be shocked to see GMan go.
I think they will want to hang on to Wells—but you never, never know do ya?

I’m so disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tigers have few “untouchable” players at the major league level who they won’t dangle in trade: Cabrera, Verlander, Scherzer, Valverde, Porcello, Jackson. the front office showed some remarkable restraint not jumping into a seller’s market near the trade deadline when the wheels fell off in 2010. So the GM has alot of financial and roster flexibility to reshape the team…perhaps more than any recent season in memory. he’s got the necessary fuel to work out a blockbuster trade, and has the track record for it which is enough to keep me tuned in this offseason.

Ugla traded not to the Tigers. For Infante.. Bullet avoided

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