Wells leaves Dominican with knee injury

The Tigers haven’t had a ton of bright spots in winter ball and the Arizona Fall League, but they’ve generally managed to keep everyone healthy. Now that Casper Wells is headed home from the Dominican Republic, we’re going to have to wait and see about that and see what sort of damage he has in his knee.

Wells confirmed via Twitter and in a message to MLB.com that he’s heading back to the United States after tweaking his knee. He’s expected to be examined next week, but his early indications suggested it wasn’t major.
“I’ll have a much better idea when I get back to the U.S.,” Wells said in a message.
Wells did not specify which knee.
The timing wasn’t exactly good for Wells, whose bat was coming around recently. He finishes his Dominican League season batting 8-for-33 (.242) for Escogido with three doubles, a triple, two RBIs and 10 strikeouts. But all of those hits came in his last five games (8-for-20 in that stretch) after he started out 0-for-13.


Is it proper English, politically correctly, and baseball smart to say that the Tigers seem to have a “glut” of questionable outfielders? Rayburn, Boesch, Wells, Kelly, Thomas, Strieby? Maybe even Guillen and Ordonez? Where is Wilkin Ramirez? Did I forget anyone? Let’s hope at least one of the above-named can come up with a good year in 2011.

I believe Ramirez is a minor-league free agent. Braves took him off their 40-man roster. Strieby is expected back this spring after his wrist/hand problems, but he really needs a healthy season. Thomas is coming off pretty serious surgery.

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