Market for Martinez starts to emerge

Two days into free agents and their agents talking with other teams, the competition is stacking up for Victor Martinez. The Boston Globe cites a major league source saying that six teams have inquired on Martinez, including the Red Sox.

The Tigers, of course, aren’t commenting on their talks with agents on specific players. But Dave Dombrowski said Monday they’re moving forward in discussions and talking where they see a fit.

“We know what our thought process is,” Dombrowski said in general. “We know where we want to go. We’re moving in that direction. … For us, we’ve started the process, and that means that at times you’re already talking to people at this time.”


Should be interesting to see how the management pursues their needs. What I am hoping against is a revisionist strategy where management justifies their signings through hyperbole and verbal twists.
i.e. Martinez is nice hitter. Maggs is a very nice hitter. neither one of them is the pop that is needed to bat behind Cab. They are 15-20 HR guys–especially at Comerica.
So I don’t want to hear how they have fulfilled their desire to get extra pop in the lineup if they sign either of these guys.
You want a #5 hitter to protect Cab–you need a Dunn or a Thome.
I would much rather see an all around sweet baseball player like Crawford augmented with a Jim Thome than a buffalo job of Guillen, Martinez or Ordonez.
That being said, Martinez would be better than most other alternatives. Werth would be good but you have the disadvantage of him batting RH behind Cab as well as the remoteness of the left centre homer porch.
The prospect of a permanent DH is always an enigma. Except for a few like Vlad and Ortiz, Thome. Not many like it. I think a guy like Luke Scott could possibly fill the bill.
The left side of the infield is set. That fact is at least good. If not the personnel themselves.
We still have the problem of 2B. It looks like we will have a virtual rookie solution with the possibility of an aging Guillen. I am not thrilled at the prospect. Could be a real sticking point. On the other hand a guy like Sizemore could “find” himself as a bonafide big leaguer and solve a big problem for us. Chances on that are less than 50-50 IMO.
Rhymes is an interesting cat. But in the end he will likely be a quickly forgotten ex Tiger. I’d like to be very wrong about that.
We can’t lose sight of the fact that this team will be hoping and dreaming that Avila can hit. On top of Inge and mediocre to good production from Peralta how much can this team afford experiment at 2B and still compete?
I am confident the club will make a couple of significant signings and or trades.
They absolutely need to.

I love all of these guys talking about “pop” and how much we need it. These are the same people that are complaining on a daily basis throughout the season that all so-and-so does is strike out with RISP and what we need is a contact hitter. So Thome & Dunn will hit 30 dingers. So what. What are they doing their other 570 times at bat? Get someone with decent pop but that consistently puts the ball in play and bats in the .280 – .300 range and you’ll see much more production.

Case in point. I’d rather pitch to Thome with RISP than Ichiro. I’d still walk Cabby to get to Thome knowing that there is 75% chance he will make an out and a 20% chance he will K but only a 5% chance he will go yard. At least Dunn hits for average. Thome would be an option only if there is nobody else left.

“The Yankees are flying into Arkansas personally today to meet with Cliff Lee, MLBTR has learned.”
The entire team? Wow, that’s impressive. 🙂 Hey Cliff, make Cashman go huntin’ with ya.
The question is who is hitting behind Cabrera. Okay, if it’s Thome, I walk Miggy. If it’s Dunn, I most likely walk Miggy. If it’s late in the game, I bring in a lefty to pitch to either of those guys. If it’s Martinez or Ordonez, I probably take my chances with Cabrera because I’d be afraid of a big inning, and I can’t neutralize either of them with a lefty.
Whoever it is, if he produces enough times the intentional walk business will come to an end.
I have a feeling the only guy the Tigers are willing to overpay for is Martinez. He fills three needs. I’d be surprised if Crawford doesn’t end up in LA.
And I’m still looking for a trade.

I think the most important part of this article is the number of team interested in VMart, which of course drives up the contract and the # of years. I do not think he is the answer.
I like Magglio instead IF (IF!) his salary is about 6-7 mill a year for 2 years.
Who hit behind Posey for SF? We are taking our eyes off the prize. We need another starter, and a quality one. Armando in the 5 spot again would doom us. A year ago at this time no one wanted Thome and Aubrey Huff was begging for a job (after his time in DET). There are hitter available. Do not overspend on hitters, overspend on the development of your pitching, especially young ones.

Thanks for the link. This is a line a lot of players use when asked by reporters back home about playing winter ball. They can say they’re open to it and let the Major League club be the bad guy and say no.

I agree on the pitching. We need more. As for hitting, I would take someone with bat control, high average, low strike outs to bat 5th. Like Polanco! Home runs are over rated. Our manager is still waiting for some one to win the game with a home run. How about a bases loaded single with 2 outs? –Dave
Cabrera said to venezuelan media that he wants to play in Venezuela. Of course, he wont but it gives a clue about Magglio

I agree with portwinelad. Get the best starting pitcher you can find. At least 1, maybe 2 RP’s. Get a hitter who hits for average and some power. Why not sign Magglio? I’m not saying just Maggli,o but sign him first.

Tigers do need to sign V-Mart!!!Would be a good 3 hitter in any line-up. Few strikeouts and runs pitch count high.Protection for Cabrera(and Dunn in my dreams!). JL would get him his 3 hacks and bring in Avila for late inning defense anyways. How about a lineup of :Jackson,Raburn at 2b,V-Mart,Cabby,Dunn, Wells,Peralta,Guillen,Inge. JL would then bring in, in the 7th Sizemore at 2b and Boesch in left for Dunn along with Avila. Pick up Garland as an inning eater and Balfour and/or K Wood and I will buy my Series tickets now!!!!

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