Peralta deal reportedly close

The long process of Jhonny Peralta’s contract extension might finally be nearing a conclusion. Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes reports the two sides are close to a two-year deal worth $11.25 million.

Peralta told Friday morning that he did not believe anything was completed yet, but he was optimistic they could get a deal completed in the coming days.
“I don’t think there’s anything yet,” Peralta said by phone. “But in a couple more days my agent will call me and see what I think [about] what they’re offering. More than anything, I think we’ll be getting close to [re-signing with] the Detroit Tigers.”
Rojas cites a source close to the negotiations saying the two sides need to finish up some details to complete the deal, but that it should be completed shortly.


That sounds reasonable. One thing to keep in mind is that Peralta also can be used at third in case Inge goes down. “Inge going down” would mean loss of a limb, of course, and he still might talk JL into putting him in there.

Hoping Jhonny will be signed by the time I come home for lunch at 2:30. Hopefully, it’s a done deal and they are just waiting to announce it. But, strange they haven’t by now. It’s kind of hard to get excited when so many are still grieving for Sparky, but he’d be the first to tell us to get goin.

Given the left side of the infiled has been decided I guess we can set our input elsewhere.
There are a few interesting FAs available. Some have very questionable “fits” to the team others could be fine if willing to adapt to the teams needs. i.e. Dunn
Crawford, in my mind, would indicate that management is actually serious about winning and not trying to buffalo the fans into the tried and tested “Hope & Dream” frustration of past years.
I am completely unimpressed with the instant and overly optimistic conversion of Coke into a SP. I find that one very hard to swallow. They better have a back-up plan going on that one.
As to FAs that could help in the pen, well Balfour, Downs, Benoit, Crain, Uehara and Wood come to mind.
Not sure why the Tigers would not consider Erika Bedard for the rotation (injuries aside). The guy can pitch and I don’t think he’s 30 yet.
LH DH would ideally be Dunn. Big question would be his willingness to come to a big park and ride the pine waiting to fly out to the warning track.
I’d suggest a Carlos Pena here if it were not for the salary he would want and the complication of sitting him on his glove in the dugout.
Matsui could fulfill the role but Father Time is waiting to jump all over him and sometimes he comes pretty fast and furious.
Catching is a very important need. You gotta find someone willing to accept reduced playing time but still be capable of providing offensive pop and good defense should Avila flounder or get injured.
Buck would work here but the $ and the role might not.
Benjie Molina would be good. As would Miguel Olivo. Jason Varitek would provide mentorship and team leadership.
My guess is we’ll end up with Matt Treanor.

I’m cooling to the idea of signing Dunn. The word is that he wanted four years from the Nationals, and I don’t like the thought of signing a DH to a long and expensive contract. We don’t even know if the man is capable of being an effective DH, and it may also be true that he really doesn’t want to do it. I think Dunn’s value was very high at this past July’s trade deadline, but not so much for us now. We need complete ballplayers if we’re going to commit big.
I’m still anticipating a big trade, and in the next two weeks.

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