Cabrera loses out on AL Outstanding Player

It isn’t the official American League MVP award, and it isn’t a reliable tracker of eventual MVP voting, but the Players Choice award for AL Outstanding Player is a pretty nice award to have. And at least this year, Miguel Cabrera doesn’t have it. The honor goes to Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton, Cabrera and Major League home run leader Jose Bautista were the finalists for the award, which is voted on by Major League players through balloting conducted in September. Hamilton was out at that point with a rib injury that ended up costing him almost the whole month, but his body of work before that was enough to convince players that he earned it.
Since the award is for Most Outstanding Player, not Most Valuable Player, a team’s playoff contention usually doesn’t play into it. In fact, six of the previous nine winners didn’t get to the postseason that year. That would seemingly play to the advantage of Cabrera and Bautista and their individual resumes, but not this year.


Whatever – MC is no doubt the player of the year.

Whatever – MC is no doubt the player of the year.

Whatever – MC is no doubt the player of the year.

wonder if tiger brass is looking into a trade and sign for prince fielder, like they did when cabrera was acquired. indications are brewers won’t re-sign fielder and he’ll be a free agent next season, so they’ll be looking to trade him at some point. young to be a full time dh, but if you’re going to break the bank to get a hitter, he would be right at the top of the list, and a better investment for a multiyear deal than werth and dunn, though at the added cost of prospects.

Saw the Gage article in the DetNews about Thome. Pesonally, I would be OK with Thome “”””I-F-F-F”””” Dombrowski were to get Crawford. But that’s the only way we sign him as the #5 hitter IMO.
Some big money out there and guys like Crawford and Dunna and Werth are pretty unlikely to end up here in Motown. Sounds to me like DD will be more likely to schmooz the fans with regurgitated hope & dream. Sure hope he proves me wrong.
What a nice game of baseball we are watching tonight.

Well, someone is certainly schmoozing us with all these rumors of Victor Martinez and Carl Crawford. Heck, I’d take both of them and a new set up guy for the pen. Throw another starting pitcher in there too, Dave, if you can. Tiger fans gone crazy on all the blogs and message boards with all these rumors and all the money we know is available to get us at least a couple players. Players who want to get paid will come to Motown and learn to love it. We have some stars of our own, now.

Yes, I’m enjoying the game except for Edgar and Aubrey. Oh, my, where were they in Detroit? They left their hearts in San Francisco, maybe?

Yeah, I hope Tom is wrong when he writes “Keep this in mind about Crawford: The Tigers are looking for a middle of the lineup hitter.” He goes on to say that Crawford doesn’t fit that bill and this is true up to a point. He could hit third in anybody’s lineup, unless JL is brainlocked into filling that second spot again.
All that aside, my opinion is that if you can acquire a Carl Crawford type player, you do it, regardless of what this particular offseason’s needs are. It makes far more sense than paying Adam Dunn $40 mil for three years, as I’ve heard the numbers bandied about. That’s insane for a player with limited all around skills. Jayson Werth isn’t all that exciting for the money he will attract, either. Crawford fills a both a lineup and defensive hole. I hope “deeply interested” leads to “make it happen.” There are times when you go for it, and this is one of those times.
Another point to be made is that we should be building a club for the post-Leyland era. Crawford, Jackson, Rhymes running the bases, etc. I’m with you, Dan. Sign Crawford and get Thome for one season, and build from there. Or sign Crawford and make a trade.

I agree with you guys. Cabrera is the AL MVP. I know theyre saying josh hamiltions gonna win it, but cabrera showed more power and clutch this year. The only reasons that there giving it to hammy is because he took the rangers to the world series.

yno, Ive always been a big fan of renteria. He had it it all- speed, contact, flashes of power- im gonna be sad to see him go. Cody Ross was a draft pick for us, but he didnt perform. Either way, detroit had its fingers all over that series.

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