Jackson takes Players Choice honor for top AL rookie

Tigers center fielder and leadoff man Austin Jackson won his second American League rookie honor in just over a week, this time winning the vote of his fellow Major Leaguers for AL Outstanding Rookie in the Players Choice awards.

The AL Rookie of the Year vote from the Baseball Writers Association of America won’t be announced until next month, and it’s expected to be a tough selection between Jackson and Neftali Feliz, who set a rookie record with 40 saves for the AL West champion Texas Rangers. For the time being, though, Tuesday’s selection is the second time MLB players have voted Jackson for the honor. A panel of Major Leaguers polled by The Sporting News voted Jackson for AL top rookie, as announced last week.

Jackson became just the fourth Major League rookie since 1901 to post 180 hits, 100 runs, 30 doubles, 10 triples and 25 stolen bases in the same season. The others formed a pretty distinguished club: Hanley Ramirez in 2006, Juan Samuel in 1984 and Shoeless Joe Jackson in 1911. In the outfield, Jackson’s combination of athleticism and instincts earned him a slew of highlight catches and a potential Gold Glove resume.


Congratultions to Austin Jackson. It’s those catches that he makes look so easy. After watching so many other teams play this year, it’s pretty obvious how good he is in the field. He’s self-assured and has a good head on his shoulders. As much as I miss Grandy, Jackson has more than compensated my expectations. He should win a gold glove. If not this year, certainly in his future.
Looking forward to tomorrow night.

Good to see Jackson getting his due, and let’s hope the BBWA sees it that way too. I think Neftali Feliz had a phenomenal season as closer. As we’ve seen, getting those three outs in the 9th is tougher than it looks. However, I’ll take the guy who was in there everyday, contributing at bat, on the bases, and in the field, and that’s Jackson. And Justin Heyward over in the NL, too.
Let’s hope Lee and Lincecum don’t get squeezed by the homeplate ump like what happened in the first Halladay-Lincecum matchup. That was Daryl Cousins, I think? Call some strikes and get those guys swinging. Another thing to note is how seldom Tim McCarver says anything of real value. After tuning him out for years, I listened to what he said during the NLCS. He gets paid for that pap? I’d rather have Rod Allen as far as game analysis goes. Example: they showed Cole Hamels’ stats and McCarver says “the thing to note there is the ERA.” Gee thanks, Tim. I would have missed that little known stat.
On an unrelated to anything note, I find it irritating when I hear Boesch’s second half struggles being termed “Chris Shelton-like.” Let’s be clear, Big Red never came remotely close in his entire career to the numbers Brennan put up in the second half. Boesch’s second half was practically historic. After Shelton’s fast start in 2006, his average was in the .240 range up until the time he was sent down. That’s way better than .163. The only similarity is that both guys were the type to hit the ball where it was pitched, but fell prey to their notoriety and tried to become long ball pull hitters.
And with that, I’m out. Enjoy the Series!

Congratulations to Austin – he is more than deserving. Has anyone else noticed when they show and feature highlights and web gems, they also applaud the guy who dives and roles around?? What I always say is that AJ wouldn’t have to dive and role he would just get there – and therefore he rarely gets featured. Lets hope the stupid writers see that too instead of just voting for the team that got to the playoffs.

jackson is the best rookie in baseball. He shows so much growth potential. lets hope the writers agree with the players.

I hope the writers agree w/ the players. I do.

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