Gibson holding onto Tigers stuff for now

Kirk Gibson cited a combination of estate planning and scholarship fundraising as he discussed his move to put up some of his items from the 1988 World Series for auction online, including his bat, helmet and uniform from his memorable Game 1 home run. For now, though, he’s holding onto the artifacts he has from his Tigers days, including the 1984 World Series.

“Not right now,” Gibson said on a conference call. “This is kind of a first step. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve retained all my Tiger stuff right now. I just have my reasons. We’ll just leave it at that.”

Those items presumably will stay in the Michigan warehouse where he has piled up so many items he has collected over the years. He bought that storage space back in 1978 and collected a slew of items, not just from baseball, but just in life.

“Pretty soon I had a warehouse full of everything — cars, boats, memorabilia, things I saved,” Gibson said. “I never considered myself a collector. Got to the point where I needed to start going through it. I went through all of my memorabilia as part of that. I had all this stuff.”

Pretty soon, the stuff piled up, even though Gibson himself says he’s never considered himself a collector. He worried about what to do with that stuff down the road, what would happen to it in a fire or something. But just as important, he also worried about a legacy, of carrying on the commitment to education his parents established as high school educators.

This auction allows him to do that. Proceeds will go towards his foundation, which has in turn donated money towards a scholarship fund at Michigan State as well as at Clarkston and Waterford Kettering High Schools, where his parents worked.

“These are things that, I don’t want to say I don’t value them, but I just thought I’d donate them to my foundation,” Gibson said. “I just thought it would be better for me, before I go, before my mom goes, I want to make sure they understand my commitment to giving back.  So I put those into my foundation.”


Arizona is so fortunate to have him, but his heart is stilll here in Michigan.
Wish you were here!

Just love that guy. Wish he were here too.

I’ve been impressed with how quickly Yankee Stadium can empty during the 8th and 9th innings. What do they have in there, ejector seats? (visualize that) Must have a very good ramp system, and it gets a lot of use when the home team falls out of a game. Best fans in baseball, right?
That young man who interfered with Cruz’s catch attempt on the Cano homer isn’t going to get many girls with the faces he made after. He gets all that nationwide face time and that’s how he acts? Oookay………….
Did they stick all those Texas fans in that one section together or do they gather there after the Yankee fans have left? Nice little cheering section.
Rangers-Giants in the WS, while not being a huge east coast TV draw, would at least provide nice weather in November. That’s a good thing, right Mr. Selig?

I love Gibby and really wish he could be our skipper. He is exactly what this team needs to be competitive. He won’t put up with crap and will play guys based on production & effort not because he has favorites.
Did he sign a 1 year deal with the D’Backs or is he locked up for a while? Sure would like to see him back in Detroit before it’s all said and done.

Patience is not one the Yankees virtues as they press the ejector buttons on their seats. lol!

Yeah, don’t y’all wish we Tram and Gibby now? I used to make my family buy tickets for double header games when I was a kid. The second game the Tigers were down 4 runs in the 8th inning. We left. We were listening to the radio on the way back to Grand Rapids and the Tigs came back and won in the bottom of the 9th! I have not left a game early since. Even if we are down by 10 runs, I paid good money to get into the ballpark. Fire Giradi, It is his fault not the players (ha ha). Go Tigers, 2011! –Dave

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