Granderson, Thames remember tiebreaker

One year ago Wednesday, The Tigers and Twins were down to a one-game battle to try to get into the postseason, and needed extra innings to do it. The ramifications of that AL Central tiebreaker still linger with the two clubs today. The Twins are building on a potential division dynasty, now coming into the AL Division Series against the Yankees. The Tigers are still building to try to get back.
Two guys in Minneapolis right now to try to beat the Twins in the postseason Wednesday night know that pretty well. That tiebreaker loss on the other side of downtown at the Metrodome was the final game in a Tigers uniform for Curtis Granderson and Marcus Thames. 
“I think it’s arguably one of the best games I’ve ever been a part of,” Granderson said Tuesday, “even though we came up on the losing side of things. But the ups and downs, the back and forths, the long innings in that game, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. 
“I certainly hope we don’t have that for all five games here. It’s going to be a real long series [if we do]. But to be in a situation and have a chance, that’s exactly where you want to be, and I think that’s where both teams are right at this point right now.”
By both teams, he meant the Twins and Yankees, of course. While Granderson went to New York in the Austin Jackson trade last December, Marcus Thames signed as a free agent after Detroit released him.
Thames did not play in the tiebreaker loss, or in any of the final three scheduled regular season games that led into it. The fact that he didn’t start in the tiebreaker despite his success off starter Scott Baker (8-for-26 at the time wth four home runs and six RBIs) lingered with him. He’s moved on, but he still hasn’t forgotten it. Thames did face Baker in his final game as a Tiger, but it was five days earlier at Comerica Park, where he went 1-for-2 with a single and a hit-by-pitch.
“I was a little upset I didn’t get to play in that last game,” Thames said. “With my career numbers off Baker, it didn’t sit too well in my stomach. But I was a team guy. I sat up there and rooted for the team. But it’s a whole different story. I turned that page when it was over, and I’m ready to chip in and contribute with the Yankees. Being able to face these guys pretty much through my career, I pretty much know how they’re going to try to pitch me and stuff. So I get a chance to go out and compete.”


You just had to know that stuff was eating at Marcus. We’ve got good guys on our team, too good to make noise about management decisions, although they should. JL gets away with murder in this town.
If we hadn’t already blown our chance to seal the division, perhaps that game could have been looked back on with pride. As it is, it was just the culmination of the biggest collapse in Tigers history. It was definitely a great game in a baseball sense, but it’s one I’ll never be able to get over. Those kind stick with you. Forever.
Well, how about Halladay? What a performance. His first postseason game didn’t make him nervous, it just captured his full attention! This has got to be the best pitcher in the game. Of the decade.

We asked the same question, Marcus. Over and over again. Not only in that game, but many others. Marcus Thames, what a guy!

Just thinking about that game makes me feel crazy. It was probably one of the best games I’ve ever watched as far as drama. Curtis had tears in his eyes after that game and so did some of the other players. Heartbreaking!!!
I still want the Twins to beat the Yankees. I hope they win the WS for that matter. Did you hear the announcer talk about how many 3rd baseman the Twins have had because of production issues. The Twins have a good lineup, but I don’t know if the pitching is strong enough to get them far into the playoffs. Look at 40 year old Jim Thome. Wish we had got him.
OK, I’m done complaining. Go Twins!

Halladay is in a class of his own.
I find it funny that the yankees hitting coach was able to do in 1 year what clueless Lloyd couldn’t do in 3 for Curtis. No wonder Boesch never could get it right.
Until Jim and his goons are run out of town I feel more of the same awaits us next year. Hope I am wrong but at this point I have years of proof.

Patino: with all due respect, what exactly has the Yankees hitting coach done for Curtis this year? He hit .247 with 116 strikeouts and 53 walks. He hit 24 homers, but had that power when he was with Detroit as well. It’s nothing against Curtis as I think he’s a good ballplayer and a better person, but I don’t see much improvement in his numbers with the Yankees this year. I’m also not defending Leyland and the coaching staff as I think a change needs to be made there, just thought that was an interesting comment to make.

It’s true that the Yankees convinced Curtis to alter his stance, and one of the commentators last night mentioned that it had worked wonders, or something like that. Curious, I checked out Grandy’s gamelog for this season and discovered that he’d had the same up and down, hot and cold, streaky season that he always had with us. Sometimes a tweak helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Usually it works only on a temporary basis. In Grandy’s case, it didn’t make a bit of difference.
I agree on the “Jim and his goons” part.
The Twins have already put themselves into a must win situation today.

Wow, the umpires are taking the Rays right out of the postseason. The crowd down there is chanting “replay.” Here we go again.

If Thome homered last night, we would have woken up to replays already.
How many decisions involving NY being stung badly will it take? Definitely not what the Tigs or Rays have endured.

I am not saying Curtis is on fire just saying that a tweek made on August 12th made a big difference. His overall numbers do not show it but check his numbers before and after mid August when the adjustment was made. I too am pulling for the Twins and watching playoff baseball shows just how far behind the times Leyland has fallen.

Okay, I got it, Patino. Since August 12, Granderson has hit 14 homers. That’s a bunch, like a 48-homer pace stretched over a season. With a .261 BA in the same time frame, that’s plenty of production. That is an improvement over what he’d been doing up until then. Yes sir.
I think the Twins, by scoring only one run with the bases loaded and one out in the 2nd, have already lost the game. This is the stuff the Tigers do all the time.

Yeah, the Rays and Twins look overwhelmed. Twins fans are probably trashing Gardy because he can get them the Division and then they falter year after year.
200 million dollar team. What else can you say.
It will look like a made for TV movie when Washington and Hamilton win their awards, I’m afraid.

Believe me I’m not complaining as I think gettinng Austin and Coke was a great trade. I’m more concerned with the inability of this Tigers coaching staff to make adjustments. I have been a lifelong Tiger fan and have seen 45 games in person the past 3 years. At times it has been hard to watch and Rich along with many others seem to agree.
Looking like the Twins and Rays are in big trouble and boy do the Rangers look good.

Real time 9:23pm. I have a question. Before I purchase companion coverage of the post season, what do you get? I mean I read the list of offerings. There seem to be two prices $9.95 and $19.95. I just want to watch the games. Don’t care about any of the other stuff. It says ALL games available and no blackouts. Is it basically the same as regular season game format and camera work?……….oh and GO MARCUS! Sorry, I root for Curtis and Marcus before I root for the Twins who I’ve never rooted for.

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