Leyland: My job is on the line next year

Tigers manager Jim Leyland now has his support staff in place for next season after Thursday’s announcement that all six coaches will return. He also clearly has their mandate for 2011.

“We’re all aware that our [tail] is on the line next year,” Leyland said Friday, “and that’s fine. I’ll put my [tail] on the line with those guys.”

Leyland was asked about the coaching staff, but his answer was about the entire group, himself included. All of them are under contract only through next year.

If it sounds familiar, it should. Leyland went into the 2009 season with only one year left on his contract. He was not offered an extension before that season in the aftermath of Detroit’s last-place finish in 2008. Once the Tigers got off to a good start in 2009, Leyland eventually received a two-year extension that June, which carried him through 2011.

The situation is slightly different this time around, in that 2010 hasn’t been quite the same disappointment. The Tigers need to win two games in Baltimore this weekend to finish with their fourth winning record in five seasons under Leyland, but injuries took a giant chunk out of their chances to contend.

Still, the message from Leyland indicated the pressure is on to win next year.

“I would think so,” Leyland said. “Otherwise, we’d be extended already.”

Part of that could also coincide with team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski’s contract. When the Tigers went to the World Series in 2006, Dombrowski signed an extension that carried him through the 2011 season.

Leyland said his contract situation won’t change the way he and his coaches operate.

“Obviously, we’re going into the last year of our contract next year,” Leyland said. “We’ve got a one-year contract, all of us. We know what that means, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. That’s the way it is. I’ve said that all along. I’ll believe that until the day I die: If you’ve got somebody better, get him. That’s what you should do.

“That’s not going to affect how I do anything, because I’m not going to work any harder next year than I did this year, or work any less hard. I work the same every year. I give them whatever I’ve got, and that’s the way it is.”


Oh, just Jim’s usual “pay attention to me” drivel. He’s got a contract through ’11 but his job is on the line if they don’t do well next year. I begged DD not to extend him last year until the end of the season, but he sure didn’t listen to me. While Leland boo-hoo’d about not getting an extension, DD crumbled under the pressure and signed him to a 2 year contract.
Down and down we go, round and round we go, in a spin……..

In a nutshell, JL just blew us all off, concerning his responsibility to create a cohesive winning team. Summary:Blah, Blah , Blah… He gives the most boring interviews, with no useful insights of the game from his view out of the dugout. I think he has ruined the careers of many up and coming players, and he should’ve been asked to step down. He and his staff did not live up to many of our expectations. The second half the year showed. Spelled: Collapse.

If anything is evident on Tigers organization, is that they create too long of contracts. Players AND managers!

This was a disapointing year. Why anyone would want to return and play in Detroit is puzzling to me. We fit right into the group, like Cleveland, KC, and Seatle. 2006 was a great year. Now it lives on in our memories. Nothing but G-mans umpire bungled-perfect game highlights this year…

Good luck to the players leaving, Good luck to the ones that are remaining. I can only hope that some majic appears next year from unknown talents and the support of Cabrera, Verlander, and Scherzer.
I welcome the return of Minor, and Seay, and wonder if there will be any blockbuster trades involving Maggs, Zumaya, and Bonderman, G-man…

Mr. Ilitch never speaks out, but I have to wonder, how it feels to see payrolls that we ate the salaries of Willis, Renteria, Zumaya, Sheffield, Gullien, Robertson, Bonderman etc. Talk about an expensive price to pay, and not have anything to show for it!
See you Tigers in the spring.. I have given up on the rest of this years games.They don’t mean anything.

Wow this team is a mess without Cabrera in there. I would bet that they would have had the worst offense in the AL without him.

A whole lot of decisions to be made for next year. You would have to think that Boesch, Wells, Raburn, Kelly and Sizemore won’t all be back. Am I the only one who just lumps all these guys together? Not bad players but not stars either. I think Boesch will be trade bait to get somebody. Raburn as well.
I’d like to see Magglio make it back at a reasonable price of course. You’ve got to like Inge personally but if they can upgrade you have to do it. Bondo, Galaragga will both be gone. Laird and Damon as well. DD will be busy the next 6 months or so.


Tigers lineup for the playoff:

Treanor Matt C
Huff Aubrey 1B
Infante, Omar 2B
Polanco, placido 3B
Renteria, Edgar SS
Joyce Matt, LF
Granderson, Curtis, CF
Ross, Cody RF
Stairs, Matt DH
Bench: Marcus Thames
Starter : Jurrjens, Jair
Well at least they dont have a rotation

I thought Leyland’s job was on the line when the Tigs had their annual 2nd half collapse. What a sad sack bunch of managers!
If you won’t be fired by Mr. I, walk away with pride as the game has passed you by! Your teams are boring to watch.


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