Tigers-Orioles rained out

Rain and winds in Baltimore from the remnants of Tropical
Storm Nicole washed out Thursday’s series opener between the Tigers and Orioles,
setting up a doubleheader Friday at Camden Yards.

Game 1 will begin at 4:35 p.m. ET, with Game 2 beginning about 20 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.

It’ll be the second doubleheader in three days for the
Tigers, who played two against the Indians on Wednesday. They flew from
Cleveland into Baltimore Wednesday night ahead of the storm, which began
overnight and continued with heavy rains into Thursday afternoon.

The Tigers will keep their rotation in order for Friday.
Jeremy Bonderman will pitch Game 1 in what could be his final start as a Tiger,
followed by Rick Porcello in Game 2.


I’m south and west of Baltimore and we’ve gotten two inches of rain since midnight, and we’re not even in the direct path like they are. For some reason, it feels like the Tigers just lost their chance to at least split this series.
There would be no way that JL would take on new coaches, one year contract or not. If fans think that, it is indeed wishful thinking. The funny thing is, and I read this all the time, the answer to the “fire Leyland” comment is “who would you get to replace him?” As if there are no managers out there. None. There are a ton. Heck, even McLendon is a former manager. Buck Showalter was out there. The rattling sound you hear is me shaking my head.
I guess I’ll take the next hour or so and read the discussion among Tom Gage, Lynn Henning, and Tony Paul. This is a long article.
Just for fun, did anyone wonder why Cal Ripken wasn’t on that list of players who appeared in 140+ games for 15 years, the group Damon just joined? I looked it up and Cal had 112 games played in the strike shortened 1994 season. Lost out on a technicality!

Not many comments as the games do not mean anything. I was hoping there would be some discussion about the last thread, coaching staff. Lost another 3 in Cleveland. Did you see Verlander’s reaction when he threw the 2 strike change up for a 2 out rbi? How about Inge with guys on 1st and 3rd and 1 one out. He swung at 3 straight curves that were balls. Is it the players or coaching? Hasn’t the Twins best hitter been out for 2 months? Most of my family are teachers and some coaches. The kids can learn but how do they learn more? How do you teach someone to knock in the run with 1 one out, or two outs? How do you learn to bunt, even if the SOC does not call for one? How to pitch and out smart the batter? 3 more days, sigh. Look forward to the hot stove report. There are some new NL teams so the playoffs will be fun to watch. Happy October everyone! –Dave

For one thing, Dave, it’s just plain sad that the season is ending. We don’t want it to end and there’s nothing we can do about it.
Teaching a player to hit better partly falls on the hitting coach. But, seeing the ball, hand-eye coordination, and quick wrists also are a big factor. Miggy can see the ball and so can Magglio. You can almost bet Casper Wells will swing at the first pitch. Sometimes the team is too aggressive with their at-bats, othertimes do not have enough patience.
There is no excuse for not being able to bunt. I’ve said it for years. When Curtis Granderson first came to the Tigers he had an open night where you could email him questions and suggestions. I was his first question and asked some stupid, ordinary question which he answered but I also told him to always work on his bunting.
There was some place in the Verlander’s game where I think maybe it was Rhymes(?) and we had a man on third, less than 2 outs and thought he would bunt. Nope.
I’m disappointed all the coaches are returning which translates into probably Inge returning. Inge stated the other day how much he wants to play with the Tigers and feels he has yet to fill his potential (not exact words, but close enough). How many times are we going to believe Inge. He’d be a great PR person in the Tiger’s organization, but that’s not his bag evidently. Still wants to play.
I didn’t catch Verlander’s reaction, but I wondered if anyone else caught Leyland’s reaction when Gerald had a passed ball? Jim had a fit and he was mumbling and cursing for several minutes. He seems to get PO’d at the pitchers more than the hitters, for some reason. Said he was going to cut down on his cussing this year, but that certainly didn’t happen.
Cabrera appears so much more comfortable playing in his own skin this year. He’s still unsure of himself in front of the camera a little bit, but I loved his remarks regarding who the jokester was in the clubhouse and he said “G-Money.” He’s settled in to Detroit and it’s fans.
Even MLB Network claimed holding onto first place all season and then losing it down the stretch is a killer and one of the worst feelings. Well, we all know about that kind of feeling from the ’09 season. It’s pathetic, but I still think about it sometimes and get infuriated.
Already, the Playoffs are being advertised and all I can remember is how it felt in ’06. It’s a killer not making it into the playoffs. “”Oh, it’s cryin time again……….you’re gonna leave me……….

On that Verlander/Laird passed ball/wild pitch or whatever it was, it was the preceding play that got everyone cursing. The runner was on secondbase and the ball was hit right back to Verlander. The runner broke from second towards third and Justin whirled to gun him down. Inge, meanwhile, was already playing shaded towards the hole and he first broke towards the batted ball. When JV gloved it, it was too late for Brandon to get over to third to take the throw and JV had to get the out at first. So with that man on third now, I even told my wife that run will now score. Pitch goes to the screen, runners scores. Jim wasn’t the only one cursing. That’s the kind of losing baseball that the 2003 Tigers were so adept at.
But……..there seems to be no consequences to anyone’s mistakes so it will continue.

I think, Dave (dmbrown), you already know why there haven’t been many comments about the coaches all coming back. We already know how next year is going to play out. The only blessing is Mr. Ilitch can possibly pull the trigger to send the SOC packing midseason. That is unless they went out drinking last night with nothing else to do and signed him to a two year extension. I have resigned myself to be apathetic until that guy and his cronies have been run out of town.

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