Monday: Tigers vs. Royals

Remember when the Tigers loaded up on right-handed hitters to face John Danks last night? How could you not? It was just a few hours ago. Well, they’re going in the opposite direction tonight against Royals ace Zack Greinke. Opponents from the left side bat .271 with a .757 OPS against Greinke this season, compared with .236 and .598 from right-handers. The differences aren’t as great since the All-Star break, but you get the idea.

Thus, Austin Jackson gets a game off, though he has hit right-handed pitchers better. In his place is Don Kelly, 2-for-5 off Greinke, and batting third in front of Cabrera. Brennan Boesch and Ramon Santiago also get starts, while Jhonny Peralta is off.


  1. Rhymes, 2B
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Kelly, CF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Raburn, LF
  7. Avila, C
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Gregor Blanco, CF
  2. Mike Aviles, 2B
  3. Billy Butler, DH
  4. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  5. Kila Ka’aihue, 1B
  6. Brayan Pena, C
  7. Alex Gordon, LF
  8. Yuniesky Betancourt, SS
  9. Mitch Maier, RF

P: Zack Greinke


They should think about sitting MCab—if not tomorrow then Wednesday would be an ideal day.

Usually, they just give them a shot of cortisone. Nothing has been mentioned about that. Hopefully, he doesn’t need some sort of surgery. Maybe we’re all wrong, and he’s going through a slump

What a homerun by Rhymes he just made it by the hair of his chinny chin chin. As I speak what a play by Casper Wells?? Boy have the Royals boy they are dribbling us with their hitting to death. Really other than the homer to Betencourt and that last hit by K’haue (or whatever). As as I type quit a play by Avila.
Well I was supposed to go to the game tonight but have to be at the airport in the morning for work by 5:30 and that is a little bit of a drive for me living in Royal Oak. I have one more game on Friday night then my tickets are done. SAD.
Being out of town the nest few days I wont be able to watch any of the rest of the games but will keep track on my phone from time to time.

Well it’s definitley a slump. But its also out in the field as well.
I think he’s burnt out.

It’s those pop-ups he has problems with. Lord have mercy, I just hold my breath if he has to run over near the dugout to catch a ball, but he’s a pretty good first baseman as far as picking and playing his position. Maybe he feels like I do…..depressed. Depressed because our season is coming to an end. Another year to wait and see if we can contend. Having to watch all the other teams having a ball playing for something. This is the last season my mom will be able to watch the Tigers. I could cry from disappointment at the way the team has performed this year.

Can’t see Miggy turning upside down fo that catch. AA did a nice job with that one.

Avila had a magnificent game. Blocked a WP with a man on 3rd, thre out a base-stealer, made a great play to end the innng with that foul pop and a guy on 3rd, had 3 hits and an opposite field insurance HR.
He’s comin’ on.
Cool to see Will get that dinger and very cool to see the dugout reaction. Is this what they call chemistry?
The other rookies have been inspiring as well. We have a lot to look forward to next year but it is still incumbent upon DD to go out and get a crusher to augment the lineup and make Miggy even a better hitter. Can you imagine Vlad hitting behind him.
But DD can’t sit back and hope and dream the rookies will provide the all the solutions for the lineup. I’m almost afraid he will take their success as an excuse not to go out and spend the money they need to.
We seem as though we’ll be OK in the field. Unless they rethink Raburn at 3rd I don’t know where the guy is gonna play. As hot as he can get I still think he is valuable as trade bait.
We need a 3rd baeman (not Sizemore) and a shortstop. A big time reliever and a LHP starter.
Peralta could be a piece of the puzzle. He says he will lose some weight and perhaps that would increase his range enough to get by—he’s very sure-handed.

Pup, you and I see to be on different wave lengths. I actually feel MCab has not been good enough at 1st this year. He leads the league in errors, he doesn’t handle the pops very well, he has not mastered his territroy as far as ranging to his right and he has flat out dropped too many throws.
I wish he could play 3rd. I really do. It would make it so much easier getting a crusher to play 1st and DH.

And Schlereth—he can be devastating.

It was an entertaining game, and you guys have covered most or all of the main points. There is a slight upside to not contending in that you can enjoy the game for what it is. Example, last night’s game in Chicago. If that had been an important game, it would have taken five years off my life. As it was, I enjoyed it…….for the most part.
Minnesota is up on Cleveland, and I want the Twins to clinch it this week, before they arrive in Detroit. We don’t need to see them celebrate two years in a row. And we’re 3.5 behind Chicago for second. I know I know, second place is just the first loser, but it’s still a worthy goal at this point.
I share the fear that management will overvalue some of our personnel. We’ve got some nice young(er) players, but we need much more.
And JL is inching closer to getting me off his back. 🙂

Oh, my. I think he’d be horrible at 3rd. Also,I don’t think some of those errors were his errors. There were several that were thrown bad or somebody else didn’t do their job.
When Carlos was playing second, he had to cover 2nd base too as Carlos just doesn’t have it anymore. I stated before that he had to compensate for Guillen’s lack of range. I think Miggy has great instincts for playing baseball and is very quick with his hands
There’s lots of thumpers who play 1st, but I wouldn’t consider moving Cabrera to 3rd in my lifetime. Just like I wouldn’t move Inge to catcher.
We’ll just have to wait it out!

As to the maple bats. I have been (as many other have too) cringing and waiting for a tragic outcome. Brandon is dead right when he says he is more worried about the fans. But the majority of broken bats end up in faair territory or just foul down the lines. It will likely be a player that has to feel the wrath of MLB not making a decision on this till it’s too late.
For that reason I find it falls upon the Players’ Association to take a courageious and noble route on this issue and police themselves. Just tell the players they can’t use maple bats. Is that likely to happen. No. But they can do something about this as easily as the Commissioner’s Office which is far too tied up in institutionalizing the game and generating revenue.

I’m also afraid that DD will overvalue some of the young guys. We’ve hardly seen Sizemore and JL is saying he’s not going to platoon at that position. I don’t believe him. He’ll probably platoon or else they need to go and get a Robinson Cano or Placido Polanco kind of guy if you’re not going to platoon.
We have some good outfielders as far as defense. But we still don’t know if they can hit consistently. Don Kelly is not appreciated but he has a great arm and has speed, and so does Wells and then there’s Boesch. Some of them might be used in a trade.
It was a tremendous feeling sweeping the Sox although my stomach was in knots and I could hardly stand it. Finishing strong, especially on the road would give alot of the fans hope for the spring.

Well, Cabrera came over here having played several seasons at thirdbase. I thought a big part of the reason they swapped him and Guillen was that Carlos suddenly forgot how to play firstbase. Not that I’m advocating moving Miggy back to third.
On the serious issue of these bats, I’m one of many who have said for years that MLB wouldn’t do anything about it until a tragedy occurred. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this accident with Colvin will be the event that spurs action. A stab wound to the chest is serious, but it could have been worse. It just missed his heart. I’d consider us fortunate if this was the extent and end of shattered bat-related injuries. I’m not in favor of people being stabbed in the chest, you know? I’m also surprised an exploding bat has never sent a fragment into someone’s eye. That one is on the horizon too if nothing is done.
Now, let’s see if this event causes more or less of a stir than the Jim Joyce-Galarraga game.

One of my guys had a nail head shatter into one eye when he wasn’t wearing safety glasses which the guys were in the habit of using only with power tools. Thankfully he was lucky after surgery to restore most of his vision and no longer gets headaches which plagued him for 18 months.
I took a huge hit on my workers medical insurance for the experience.
Just crazy stuff with the bats.

Rich, you are so right about not having to stress out every night with the games. Mind you, I still get a little nervous in the extra inning games. I was actually wondering earlier this year if I should stop watching Tigers games because the stress of that on top of the stress of law school and some personal and family health issues was almost too much. I used to be the same way about the Lions, but I have been driven to apathy with them…
So happy for Rhymes to get the HR. It is always great to see someone genuinely excited about the game, and his reaction was one of pure joy. Would be nice to see St. Pierre get one too, but I doubt that will happen, unfortunately.
We got a sweep of the Sox in Chicago and actually beat the Royals in September…at least the precedent has been set for the future when we need to do so to saty in the race!

JL will feel compelled to give Laird some time at the end of the season but if ther ever was a time to give st.Pierre a start it might be today against Chen.
Also Leyland could be thinking that GMan has battled with Laird and Avila so why not let Max catch him?
I’m being facetious but I do think tomorrow could be one of those times where he could go with Max.
Given the situation it seems reasonable to expect he should get another kick at the can.

Well done Little Will, well done.

I only heard it on the radio, wish I was watching,I love the silent treatment by teammates, at least they are still having fun.

Seriously, I don’t see Miggy at 3rd even if he is by trade, do you see him diving to the right and throwing from a knee to first on the fly like Inge can? Inge put on a show for ESPN sunday night and good for him for getting all the credit. His bat is suspect but his defense is terrific and I don’t see Miggy having nearly that range or quickness. I think he does well on playing balls out of the dirt, but he is scary to watch on pop ups. Glad AA didn’t fall over that railing, but I love seeing that effort.

Actually, the first time I ever saw Cabrera in person was during spring training of 2008. He was standing about ten feet away and I thought “this guy plays thirdbase?!?!?” He was huge. Judging from the Marlins attempts to play him in the outfield, he obviously was never strong at third. This is all for discussion’s sake anyway, as Tigers management would never move him off first. Rightfully.

Oh I agree—I just WISH he COULD play 3rd. What a benefit for us if he were to have been a good 3rd baseman (as adverrtised by DD by the way). We need an offesnive stalwart to play 3rd.They are hard to find and like gold when you do.

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