Friday: Tigers at White Sox

No Konerko, Rios, Quentin, Pierzynski or Beckham for White Sox.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Rhymes, 2B
  3. Damon, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Kelly, LF
  6. Raburn, RF
  7. Peralta, SS
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Avila, C

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Manny Ramirez, DH
  4. Andruw Jones, CF
  5. Mark Teahen, RF
  6. Ramon Castro, C
  7. Mark Kotsay, 1B
  8. Brent Morel, 3B
  9. Brent Lillibridge, 2B

P: Edwin Jackson


I was wondering how Chicago would approach this series. I think I got my answer. This is probably the most meaningless series we’ve played against the Sox since the final weekend of 2007. It’s all about Buck O’Neill’s priiiiiide now.

Going on from your thread Rich about recent team records, I sure hope 2009 doesn’t become another SOC myth and legend that it was the Twins steamrolling home that cost us the Division.
September shows the Tigs went 16-12 (.571) with 1-4 in October evening out the run to 17-16 (.515).
However, after the away sweep of the Rays on September 6, the Tigs were 14 games over 500 (75-61) and finished the season only 9 games over (86-77). The Tigs therefore effectively played the last month 11-16 (.407)
Last year it was the away sweep to the Royals that started the rot. This year it was the Indians sweep as lead in to the 31 game stretch against over 500 teams.

When did he play for the White Sox? I guess I’m missing something here.

As soon as Mario uttered the words “no hitter” I thought uh oh. Sure enough Manny answered the bell.,

Ooooh—Ryan Raburn is one scary base-runner.
With the way we are hitting (or not) Jackson those runs are very important. That ball was hit very hard and he wouldn’t have scored if it dropped in. You have to play that ball half-way or so.
We’re gonna need to hit a few tonight.

The only player on the Tigers’ team who has a regular spot on the everyday lineup is Cabrera, Jackson if he’s not being rested and Inge. The rest of the time, the lineup is musical chairs. What other manager does ths. How can a guy get into any kind of rhythm being used as a bench player every other day or so. There is no ryme or reason to these crazy lineups. This is what we have to look forward to for another year no matter what FA’s or trades we make. He can’t stop fiddling with the lineup or the BP. Drives me insane.

Hey—thanks Jason. Great to have a new thread. You’ve been pretty quiet here this year bud.

While it was a tremendous duel up until the 6th, and a great win for the Tigers, I can’t help but think how important it woud have been with both teams still in contention. MLB Network would have covered it like a rug.

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