September 11th, 2010

Galarraga vents

Considering Armando Galarraga should have a perfect game on his record, he probably has every right to be frustrated about how things have turned out. But it isn’t the would-be perfect game that flusters him. It’s all the starts after that.

Galarraga badly wanted that June 2 performance to be his springboard to being a frontline pitcher. For a variety of reasons, that hasn’t happened. One big reason has been run support.
In case you missed Galarraga’s comments from last night’s no-decision:
“The season’s almost over, and I have four wins. It’s not like I think I don’t throw the ball good. I’ve been throwing the ball good. You see my numbers. There’s only four wins. What are you going to say? I already have 100-something innings. Four wins the whole year? Sometimes you get frustrated, because you want to see more wins.”