Valverde day-to-day with tender elbow

Jose Valverde was unavailable for Thursday’s save situation against the White Sox, and could miss the next couple days with tenderness around his right elbow.
“The last couple days, my arm’s been bothering me a little bit,” Valverde said after Ryan Perry finished off Thursday’s 6-3 win over the White Sox. “That’s what happens sometimes. I hope two more days and I’ll be ready.”
Valverde said he played catch Thursday morning and felt better.
There’s no indication so far that the tenderness has had anything to do with Valverde’s struggles since the All-Star break. It’s believed to be something that popped up fairly recently. Valverde has had his share of rest during the Tigers’ second-half struggles, but has had a decent workload lately, including a 38-pitch outing last Thursday to finish off the Twins.
Valverde leads the American League with 52 games finished. His 25 saves placed him ninth among AL closers entering Thursday. As long as he’s out, the Tigers are likely to close out games situationally with Perry and Phil Coke.


Welcome Ken. I drew this analogy many seasons ago, but think of us as the collective spirit of those two old muppet heckler/curmudgeon types who could zero in on the slightest misplay or imperfection and be quite amused with their comedic insights. Of course, as they laughed heartily at their own teasing critique, it was implied that no one else was really listening. They were just amusing themselves. That’s what made it so funny. Kind of like it is here.
I didn’t realize Jose Valverde had so many appearances. Too bad for that awful stretch where he had just about zero save opportunities. To me he’s much better than 9th best on the save list. He was lights out in the first half. I hope his arm heals given some rest. I wouldn’t mind seeing him remain a Tiger next year.
I missed the game today. I miss most of the afternoon games because of work, but I did sneak a look via gameday. I envy those of you who get to watch the day games. Rhymes with 3 hits and Damon with 4. Nice.
The Tigers need to be careful with Baltimore in this next series. Another young team playing much better baseball and with something to prove. Still, I give us the nod. We ‘re not mathematically eliminated yet😉 Yes I can hear those old hecklers now………..

Did I mention they were harmless? I mean really, they were muppets.

Okay Marty, I’ve got a continuation of that story. Sometimes my wife gets me baseball/Tigers related items as gifts, and once she presented me with two glass enclosed stadium replicas, one of Tiger Stadium and one of Comerica Park. At a later time, she gave me one of those holiday ornaments with sound, and it’s the two muppet hecklers sitting in their theater box. You know, push the button and they deliver one of their lines. So now, sitting on the bookshelves in my home office is Comerica Park and high above on the glass, looking down at the field, are the two muppets in their box. The entire thing comes directly from your analogy from years ago.

You’re kidding. Could it be…………nah. OK I’m biting. So if this is real, give us one of the lines. Something like, Hey (fill in name) that looks like a batting average only smaller.

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