Cabrera leaves again with bad left shoulder

For the second time in a week, Miguel
Cabrera’s ailing left shoulder knocked the Tigers slugger out of a game. He
left Tuesday’s contest against the White Sox after six innings with a
recurrence of the bicep tendinitis in his left shoulder.

Cabrera admitted before the game that his left shoulder
was still bothering him and that he was playing through it. He feels it when he
swings, but had been dealing with it the last few days. The Tigers had a 6-1 lead
when Cabrera left, but that’s rarely a big enough lead for manager Jim Leyland
to take out his leading hitter, even as a precaution.

Cabrera left last Wednesday’s game at Minnesota with the
same issue. He missed last Friday’s series opener at Kansas City before
returning to action Saturday. Though the Tigers had an impressive late-inning
comeback against the Royals without him, any extended loss for Cabrera would
understandably be devastating for Detroit.

Cabrera, who went 0-for-2 with an intentional walk
Tuesday, is listed as day-to-day.



After Ordoez , the Tigers still hesitate to shut down him?. According to Leyland they are going nowhere

I’ve written 2 comments and neither one showed up. Tigers win! Happy birthday to myself.

Happy birthday, Pup. Old enough to drink now? 😉
We should have both of these games. Seems we only win the easy ones lately.
I don’t see any way that the Sox can beat out Minnesota. The Twins have been the top team in this division since opening day. Why they don’t receive more credit is beyond me.

Thanks, Rich.
Did anyone else notice that one of the umpires looked an awful lot like Jim Joyce or was it my imagination. Remember when the homeplate umpire got hit by a pitch and keeled over? One of the umpires who walked towards the plate looked just like him.
I can’t stand the guy.

Minnesota is a mid-west team for one thing and they never get past winning the division with Gardy. That’s my take on the why.
They are so hot right now.

I would not be surprised to see Peralta get another game at 1st tomorrow. Sizemore just might get in against Danks and if I were JL I would not expose Boesch to Danks at all.
I would suppose if Laird is still unsure, Max may get another start.
Whatever lineup they throw tomorrow sans Cab will be an inferior one to be sure.
Santiago is playing like he has worn down. Perhaps the sceptics on him being an everyday ballplayer are right.
Nice win for Tiger fans today. Weinhardt has been good since he was recalled.
We’re gonna need some good relief pitching tomorrow.

Wonder if JV gets real hot if the club will let him get 5 starts?
With the off days they could do it.
He will eventually be a 20 game winner but it is not very likely gonna be this year

Nice to see JV get an outing where he doesn’t give up a few early and we don’t score and it is a nail biter. I didn’t see much of the game, here I thought we got to Freddie.

I agree that Santiago is looking pretty rough right now at the plate, seems every time I see him he is striking out which is too bad, I like him but we need more.

Too bad about MCab, everyone wants him to get his numbers to get MVP, can’t do that if he is sitting out.

Casper and Will are just plain fun to watch right now at the plate.

It looked to me like Santiago lost his mojo when Peralta replaced him. Now Ramon plays only on a spotty basis and he’s not going to do much that way. I don’t think he wore down, I just don’t buy that line of management thinking. The thing with Santiago is, he’s a perfectly good starting shortstop on a team that has some REAL hitters on it, something we don’t have. Ramon shouldn’t be expected to be an offensive force. He didn’t let us down. He’s one of the few who didn’t let us down. Now he’ll go the way of Omar Infante, who is hitting .339 this season. No, I don’t buy into the company line. Anything that starts with “we just feel that” out of DD’s mouth is highly suspect.

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