Inge, Santiago happy for St. Pierre

Brandon Inge has been in the Tigers system since Detroit drafted him in 1998. Ramon Santiago signed that summer and made his way to the states the next year. The only player still in the system who predates them is Max St. Pierre, who was a teammate of Santiago in the Tigers farm system and went to Spring Training alongside Inge just about every year.

So when they found out Tuesday night that St. Pierre had been recalled, it was big news for them.
“That’s awesome of the organization right there,” Inge said. “It’s really cool when you reward a guy who has worked his tail off for that many years. Just for his determination, his persistence, just to tough it out, I’m very pleased for him to get up here and get a little piece of the pie and for the organization for sticking with a guy like that and giving him a reward.
“That’s a great story. I’m so happy.”
Inge said he was proud of the organization as well as the player for sticking it out with each other, including a reunion a few years ago after St. Pierre left for a season to try to see if he could make it elsewhere.
“It’s an amazing story. He’s been playing for a long time,” Santiago said. “He played most every day with me when I was down in the minor leagues. I’m really happy for him.”
For what it’s worth, when Tigers president/general manager confirmed the news Tuesday night, he mentioned that they had come close to calling him up a couple different times in recent years. The circumstances, he said, just never worked out.


He has to be able to hit as good as Laird, put him to work.

Congrats for Max! I have not posted much but read all the comments. A few on the game last night. I like Will but 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs and he swings at the first pitch. Wells has 3 hits and gets pulled. Brilliant! Have a Guiness. I would have liked to see Armando come out for the 7th. A walk and 2 hit batters? Another walk? Hey Statman, it took me a while to figure out what SOC meant. Good one. I will use that as I have not mentioned his name in a while.–Dave

I can’t say I blame them for taking out Mondo when they did, he was starting to get roughed up a bit. Our pen though has not provided what it was. I just knew that 3 runs in the early innings were not enough. I love this team, but stick a fork in em, we needed all of this series to get anywhere near contention. Such a shame, I’ll be watching and rooting but getting sadder by the game that we did not live to our potential and couldn’t cover up for injuries like the Twins have done.

If it can’t be us, be the Twins.

I sure hope in 3 weeks I can look back at this post and laugh at myself for not giving us another chance.

Good for Max to be finally rewarded for his persistence and attitude. Boy the bullpen has sure gone downhill quickly following Zoom’s injury and JL’s misuse of Valverde, Coke and Perry. Now that the starters are getting QS’s, it seems that no lead is safe with this relief corp. What a wasted year of early high hopes and then a huge second half letdown! There are so many holes for 2011 and very little trade bait, I’m not sure what the lineup will look like next year. Last night was the end of the season!


I meant to compliment Stat Dave yesterday. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t like stats in general, but Dave, your numbers are always appropiate and revealing of something interesting. The stuff on JL’s career numbers were eye popping.
Now I have some stats of my own. I looked at our second half results and, from my quick assessment, came up with the following: in games decided by 1 or 2 runs, we are 3-15 in the second half. Three wins, fifteen losses. Our other 14 wins have come easily.
You all can come up with your own theories on why this is, i.e. poor managing, players too tight, too many youngsters, whatever, but it does explain why Valverde is rusty and ineffective nearly everytime he makes an appearance.

I agree, Tiger Girl, stick a fork in them.

I hate to admit it, but I am enjoying the Twins success. No team deserves it more. I lost a lot of respect for Inge last night, in his pre- game comments he had the nerve to say that they would have done much better had the team not suffered injuries. Geez Inge, you are in Twins territory, and they can still manage to win although they lost of a couple of their stars………..and you use that as an excuse?
I swear, I could hear the collective groan when SOC threw Boesch in to save the day. Kudos to Gardy for keeping the grin off his face?

Something tells me that this mess will continue into next year, there are just too many broken pieces to this team and with SOC back………….need I say more.

Help me out here, give me some clues. SOC? I’m wrackin my brains.

Hey pup–Clue #1: Think of someone who does the same (stupid) thing over and over.

Pup, I will give you a hint. That is if I am right and I think I am. It is an abbreviation for a description that Dan or Rich (maybe somebody else did, but seem to remember them using is most) came up with a few years back to describe our manager.
The middle letter “O” stands for Old (or Ole depending on your drawl … lol).
I think you can get the other two letters from that hint.
That is, if I am right.
— Bob

When wondering how we got so bad so fast, many mention Polanco being allowed to walk away. He was pretty much replaced with Damon. Fail.
Here’s one that doesn’t get mentioned. “Since Aug. 13, Brandon Lyon has been brilliant as the Astros new closer. He hasn’t given up a run over his last 11 innings (10 appearances) while striking out 11 and walking just four as he’s converted eight straight save opportunities.” I think he’s got ten straight saves now. Lyon was replaced pretty much by Perry. Fail.
This club pretty much hit the skids during the early postseason last year when they went into an economic panic and made knee jerk decisions. Then the Tigers fans came out in droves anyway during 2010, so none of it was necessary. We should be enjoying a hotly contested pennant race right now.
How many players will they let walk away before the fans walk away?

You’re right, Bob, and it’s Dan who deserves the credit for a moniker that has lasted for five years now. And it’s a good one!

I went over all our old posts after the break leading into the Tigs last stand against the Indians and we all had this sense of forboding about the second half.
One thing that I have wondered since that fateful 2009 last series against Chisox. Rich picked up Ozzie doing a choking gesture towards the Tig dugout, no doubt for the SOC’s benefit whilst Miggs was at the plate.
I thought at the time it must have been either he knew Migg’s was likely still under the influence and would not be able to deliver. I doubt now that Ozzie would ever be disrespectful about his fellow countryman and it was just an opportune time for Ozzie to have a dig at the opposing manager.
I think we should get creative and come up with a ten point list of why the SOC should be removed for 2011. Before we know it, he will have a 2 year extension which he seems to be laying the ground work for now.

Good idea

Moron? Sorry ‘ol Coot?

Pup – oh so close!!
It is only right that Dan as creator is the one to put you out of your misery.🙂

Just change the first word to stupid?

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