Tigers to recall Weinhardt Wednesday

The original plan for the Tigers’ September callups was that nobody was probably coming up until Triple-A Toledo’s season ended on Labor Day. There just isn’t much depth left in the farm system. However, Jeremy Bonderman’s rib cage muscle issues might have put a little more urgency in the works. The team announced Tuesday that right-handed reliever Robbie Weinhardt will be recalled Wednesday, the first day rosters can be expanded.

The Tigers sent down Weinhardt a couple weeks ago to work on his slider to go with his sinker. In general, manager Jim Leyland said at the time, his stuff was “up, up, up, up, up.” He has six innings with the Mud Hens since then, allowing an unearned runs on three hits with three walks and seven strikeouts.

Detroit had to go short in the bullpen when Alfredo Figaro made a spot start for Bonderman over the weekend. The Tigers haven’t announced their rotation for next weekend at Kansas City, so we don’t know yet whether Figaro will have to start for Bonderman again on Friday.


I’d rather see Andy go to the AFL and start a few games there against better competition than he’s been seeing.

Sizemore should also get a call up and see if he can play SS, 3B, or 2B, all positions of need next year.

NONE of the AAA players, nor Peralta, solve anything with respect to the 2, 3, and 5 spots in the lineup.

We need to see Oliver up here too. If even for 2 or 3 starts.
It’s a shame St.Pierre will probably not get a call up. Shame on Leyland for forsaking one in his own “fraternity” of career minor league catchers. He is not on the 40 Man, so I presume it would take an injury to Laird or Avila that would require a 60 day DL. Not quite sure how that works.
I would like to see Scotty Sizemore called back up, and not at 3rd base. If the Tigers do not go after a game-changing 3rd sacker then give the opportunity to Raburn.
Not sure what happens at short. Peralta is not the ideal solution there. IMO he has been very good at short for us but it is clear his limited range is a factor. I’d like to get an established player there next year. Even a 1 year impact guy like Jeter would be sufficient IMO. I know, too pricy and too old. Worth, Dlugach, Iorg, Sizemore or Santiago do not fill the bill for this most important position. They have to go outside the system.
We could get by with our outfield if Boesch finds himself again. Wells shows promise and Strieby is supposed to be pretty gifted offensively. The wrsit bone is a concern though, as his his inexperience and defense. Raburn could do the job there if we come up with a 3rd sacker. He has been much improved defensivley since he has been playing more. he HAS to be given a REAL opportunity to play regularly.
I think Bonderman has to be cut loose. Inge too. Ditto Guillen. Guillen has done nothing much except provide an avenue for rookies to be called up. What’s the point?

Raburn at 3rd? Seriously? That would be a huge bonehead move, so DD will probably go ahead and do it. I think Raburn’s best position is 2B, but there’s no way he plays there over Rhymes. With enough playing time, he’s a decent utility player. Not much else.
Guillen must go, even with another year on his contract. That should be getting clearer as the season winds down. Just cut him loose like they did with Shef.
I’ve always liked Bondo and would like to see him back, but I don’t think it would be wise to keep him. I think he’ll eventually grow into the pitcher that he needs to be after the injuries, I just don’t see it happening in Detroit.
Keeping Peralta until Worth is ready, or until they find a longer term solution, might be the way to go at SS. He still has decent range (he’s only 27) and power.
I like Inge for his defense and leadership in the clubhouse. He may not have the power you’d like to see at 3B, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t keep him for another year. Besides, who would you replace him with (besides Raburn)? Not going to be a lot on the maket there this winter.

I’d just as soon start Oliver than Figaro. Andy in his first trial was 2-0 on nearly every single hitter, but he wasn’t missing by much. Strike one would work wonders for him, IMO.
I don’t know what’s to be learned in September. We already know that we have big holes to fill, so many that we can’t fill them all. The FA group isn’t that great, and what trading chips do we have? There will be some guys returning next year that many fans want gone. I don’t need to name names, you know the group. I don’t know what JL is getting so “energized” over. We’ve got money and nowhere to spend it. Kind of like life. By the time you have the money to spend, you’re too old and tired to spend it on the fun things you longed for in youth.
And my truck won’t start.
Anybody need to be cheered up more? 🙂
With the two Twins lefties starting tonight and tomorrow, it’s a good time to see if Wells can continue his hitting. I’m sure JL will run Boesch out there no matter what. JL has been waiting nearly seven weeks for Brennan to hit that 3-run homer. It’s bound to happen. It’s got to. Right?

My therapy sessions have worked wonders and I so far have not got worked up watching the Tigs knowing it is a hopeless cause whilst the SOC remains.
Some more SOC team stats.
First 7 managing seasons: H1 51.9%, H2 52.8%;
Last 12 seasons: H1 51.3%, H2 43.7%.
Last 5 Tig seasons: H1 57.6%, H2 45.4%.
Overall: H1 51.5%, H2 47.3%.
Since turning 47 years of age, SOC teams over 12 seasons have all gone backwards in games with even his 97 WS Marlins finishing 9 GB. His teams have averaged a 9.3 game fall behind during the second half.
JL has never got a team back over 500 in 19 seasons.
Our 2010 37.8% post break record is not far of average pace and remembering we were 2-6 before the Jays injury game on July 24.

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