Damon reportedly claimed on waivers

If the Tigers were hoping to push Johnny Damon through waivers for a possible late August trade, they might be disappointed. The veteran outfielder was claimed on waivers by an unknown team, according to FOXSports.com.

The question then would become whether Damon was claimed to set up a possible trade or to block him from being traded to another club. If it’s the former, the Tigers would have 48 hours to try to work out a deal with the team that claimed him. If they can’t finalize a trade, they would have to either pull him back off waivers or let the claiming team take his contract — including what’s left of his $8 million salary due — and receive nothing in return.

There was nothing going on the trade front with Damon as of Sunday, but if Damon was placed on waivers Thursday, as previously reported, teams had until Monday to put in a claim on him. Claims placed on players are processed by league — American League first in this case, then National League — then by record, in order from worst to first.


Hey Jason, does this mean that Damon will be out of the lineup now for tonights game? Or does that not happen until a trade is worked out if one is agreed upon?

Dave G

He’s a Tiger until his contract is assumed by Red Sox, by one means or the other.

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