Saturday: Tigers vs. Indians

Don Kelly is 9-for-17 against the Indians this season. Don Kelly plays tonight. He’s at first base, batting ninth. Miguel Cabrera is the DH. Johnny Damon is off.

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Rhymes, 2B
  3. Raburn, LF
  4. Cabrera, DH
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Peralta, SS
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Kelly, 1B
P: Max Scherzer
  1. Trevor Crowe, CF
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Jayson Nix, 3B
  6. Shelley Duncan, LF
  7. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  8. Jason Donald, 2B
  9. Chris Gimenez, C
P: Josh Tomlin


That has to be a new rarity in mediocrity. Giving up a run without a walk, hit or even HBP.

Keep in mind we are playing the Indians.

Nice to see contributions from the whole order over the last couple of days.
BTW,,also nice to see Nick Castellanos is earning his money down with the GCL Tigers. Sounds like he may be worth getting excited about.
I must be getting nostalgic for Brandon Inge already: the guy has done OK (orf the most part) this year and that SacFly to put us ahead 3-2 was very important. How many times have we seen our runnrs at 3rd die on the vine this year?
That being said, we need to get some scary muscle at 3rd next year. If we can get a #3 hitter (Ordonez?) and a power 5-hole hitter we will be much improved offensively.
Scherzer is the “Ace” of the staff at this point in time.

Who wouldn’t agree with getting some better hitter(s)? I am wondering if Brad Hawpe is worth going after. He is only 31 so you would think he has some potential remaining. The only problem I see is that he is another outfielder while the Tigers are in need of infield and catching help.

Just shook my head after watching the presser after the game. Sure enough, there is a full moon tonight!

I didn’t see the presser, Pup. What did I miss?
I’m all for adding more muscle to the lineup, regardless of position. What freaks me out is when I read comments (not here, thankfully) from fans who would prefer Peralta at $7 mil over Inge. Jhonny P is hitting about .180 for us. I’ll take the guy who’s the better defender AND hitter, thank you very much. Nothing against Peralta per se, but the world is full of guys like him. “That’s just the way it is.”
It looked to me like Inge’s hand is really hurting. I can only imagine. Scherzer has been tremendous since returning from Toledo and is far and away our best starter since then.

Well, Rich, that’s exactly what the Skipper talked mostly about: Scherzer going down to Toledo and coming back stronger than ever. He went on and on about having to send a guy down, how it didn’t mean the player wasn’t still a good player, how it makes you stronger, etc., etc. ad nauseum.
You and I disagree re 3rd base. I’d like Inge gone. I would expect his broken hand to be hurting coming back after 2 weeks while Jhonny was tearing it up at 3rd. Peralta is much more comfy at 3rd and SS is not his forte.
He (JL) then went on about Don Kelly and how hard it was to only get to play maybe 2 times a week off the bench and expect to get good at-bats. He then told us Kelly was a .324 or .364 hitter in AAA. It was over .300, I do remember that. Like I said, that’s when I realized there was a full moon tonight.
Johnny Damon, you hang in there, buddy!

That is sad news regarding Magglio. I’m not surprised with the prognosis. Coincidentally, my daughter broke her fibula (calf bone) in her right leg two days before Magglio broke his. I had gone up to New Hampshire to drive her home (obviously she couldn’t drive) on the very day Magglio broke his leg/ankle (7/24) and heard about it that night on the radio as we were driving home. How’s that for a strange coincidence?
Within the week she had surgery on her leg. The break was about 3 inches above the ankle and it was at an acute angle across the bone. She had a plate put in and a kind of metal zip tie used to hold the bone in on the ankle because there was also some ligament damage and the bone would not have been able to return to its correct position left on its own. The hardware will remain in her leg for life. Three weeks after surgery, she had the temporary cast removed, and the staples and sutures removed. A fiberglass cast was put on for 4 more weeks and we go from there. The doctor said these kinds of injuries take 6 months to completely heal and recover from.
I guess I’m curious as to why Magglio’s doctors are just now discussing surgery. Of course I have no idea as to the nature of his injury or even if it’s the same bone as my daughter broke. It’s been one month for her now. Not surprised to hear that Magglio will not likely play any more this season. I really miss watching him. Clearly his loss has been the major factor in the Tiger’s season going south. I’d like to see him in a Tigers uniform next year. Damon too, but he needs to accept a pay cut to make that happen.
Realistically the season is done with regard to the playoffs. But stranger things have been known to happen. Can’t give up til the magic number bottoms out at zero. Too bad they couldn’t have split with the Yanks. Two in a row now.

Well, I guess I’m the crazy one. Donnie Kelly did indeed have a batting average of .331 last year in Toledo. Where he played in ’07 and ’08 is a mystery, but he also hit above .300 in ’06. Not much power, though. Scott Sizemore also hit above .300 along with Iorg, Timo Perez, and a bunch of others. I’m not minimizing Donnie’s ability, but minor league stats are not necessarily indicative of what a guy will do in the major leagues as we all know. All I know is that we are seeing more and more of Raburn and Kelly in LF.
Marty, sorry to hear of your daughter’s injury. Must be horribly painful and uncomfortable.
There’s more to Magglio’s injury, perhaps, than we know. He’s going to see a specialist in California.

My guess is that Maggs didn’t have surgery to try saving his season. With the surgery, he would have been done for sure, postponing it was wishful thinking that he would be back in Sept. That said, as a professional athelete that surgery and recovery time would have him back for spring training.

I am a Magglio fan, I want to see him back. Get well soon.

Don Kelly was in the Pirates system in 07-08. He is a solid utlility player, plays hards, good D, runs the bases well. But not going to be an everyday player.

Peralta has been better than I thought since joining Detroit. I do not think we should pick up his option. But there are not a lot of 3B floating around. I don’t know the FA available, but I would take Inge over Peralta at 3B.

Iorg hasn’t hit above .251 in a minor league season, so I don’t think his .333 in 9 at bats or whatever at Toledo will hold…I’d rather have Kelly than him
Johnny Peralta at the plate strikes me very oddly to be just like the old homer-happy Brandon. You know, bursts of power here and there and an absolute black hole otherwise. Mind you, I would take his production at 3B or SS over what Larish would likely have given you, or what Everett and Sizemore DID give you, and probably over what Worth would give you in a full season at this point in his career. We have to remember that the team has to be upgraded in stages…getting slightly better at 3 or 4 spots can make a 3-5 game difference in the standings over the course of a season, which would put us in relative contention at this point. Similar to the arguments for putting in an average MLB starter instead of Willis and Figaro and Oliver over the past few years.

Thanks Pup. The pain is ok at this point but she’s already going nuts not being able to drive her car and needing crutches to get around. Was it you who had mentioned your 95? year old mother failing in health? If so, how is she doing or should I ask? Hope she is comfortable.
Clearwater, I agree with you on taking the slow steady path to improvement. I know the team looked lost from the Cleveland series, basically through half of August. But we have to be a little patient with the young players all having to learn to play together at this level. Too many rookies pressed into action with Ordonez, Inge, Guillen, Zumaya, and others going down to injuries. They may not be all keepers, but, as an example, I like the way Wil Rhymes plays. Like to see a little more emotion out of him, but he seems focused and confident. That’s probably his mo. Sometimes very good players will come out of relative obscurity and have the right stuff to make it in the majors. When the Tigers were in their dismal stretch I think he quietly held his own.
Beautiful catch by Jackson as I speak. When you see what he has done all year and especially lately you see some very bright hopes for the future.

What Nix just did was inspirational for his team and his pitcher. That was as fine a catch as I’ve seen. Glad he is ok.

Marty, my mom is in the Hospice Center which is the last you go before you really go. She’s very frail, but still eating. Everyone who’s been there since she arrived is no longer there, if you know what I mean. It’s OK, my mom is ready to go, but it could be tonight or 4 months.
I like Peralta because he’s 28 and a decent 3rd baseman.

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