Thursday: Tigers at Yankees

Reminder: Today’s game is on MLB Network.

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Rhymes, 2B
  3. Raburn, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Damon, DH
  6. Peralta, SS
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Kelly, LF
P: Rick Porcello
  1. Gardner, LF
  2. Jeter, SS
  3. Teixeira, 1B
  4. Cano, 2B
  5. Swisher, RF
  6. Posada, C
  7. Granderson, CF
  8. Kearns, DH
  9. Pena, 3B
P: Phil Hughes


Dave G, south of Grand Rapids, Caledonia. Heard that Division was closed but did not see any of the movie. I, too, hope that Porcello can shine and have the sinker working. Also it would be great to score some runs off of Hughes. Here’s wishing the Commish will address the umpiring issue. With all the replays showing the strike zone, I say make the strike zone bigger and make the hitters swing the bat. The plays in the field should be challenged. –Dave

Nice Miggy !! This is really weird anyone else watching the Tiger’s broadcast right now?? You can’t hear any background noise from the stadium??? All you can hear are Rod and Mario!! Weird

Can’t hear a sound. Am going to check on Dan and Jim’s broadcast to see if there’s any life.

Can Rhymes hit 5th???!!
Granderson has punished us in the field and at the plate. Nice to see him play so well but he got a little lucky on the carom off Gardner’s glove right into his. Great play though–both guys were there—(Speed kills don’t it?)
Nice D in this game–pretty to watch.

They are going to seeing eye single us to death here in the 4th inning. Granderson is pissing me off. Porcello should of fielded that hit by Granderson. He caused himself a run there. Kenny Rogers would not have been pleased. ha ha

Granderson is killing us, but i would rather him beat us then a-rod or any other yankee for that matter…

Dave, I am actually in downtown GR. The movie stuff was kind of cool, it was interesting to watch them setup scenes for the movie.

Dave G

Rick is doing nicely – they haven’t hit anything hard or well, they just found a few holes that is it. Now if only Ricky would of fielded his position, we would still be winning this game.

First few inning putting some nice ab’s together – running up the pitch counts and now bom – Yankees putting together AB’s we are getting out of a few pitches and having weak AB’s.

Another week inning of AB’s by the Tigers. Yes Hughes is a good pitcher – the Tigers need to take a lesson from teams who know how to work a pitcher. Pretty sad the last 3 or 4 innings really.

I am ranting on this board because I have nobody else to complain to right now. But I think if I have to listed to Rod rant and rave over Cano for one more minute I am going to throw up in my mouth. All he does is gush over these other teams is it is rather annoying and nausiating.

Game over – Rick lost it. He started getting his pitches up but lets face it – he wasn’t getting the last few innings the same ball/strike calls he was getting in the first 4. Appearently the umpire got sick of listening to the Yankees whine like a bunch of girls and he is now letting the borderlines calls go their way. Just another case of Yankees bias (and yes I do think they get calls they we and other teams do not get).

We know J must go L doesnt want to win but at least he can pull the pitcher in time. Last year Gardenhire and his Twins w
ere in worst situation than the Tigers but he ddi not concede anything

Ok ,that is even worst

Take it back Porcello wasn’t good. Scherzer is the only good pitcher on this team right now. And yes I am not including Verlander in the good pitcher catagory right now. He is just as pathetic as the rest of them. Turning off the game now – this pathetic group of hitter won’t do anything to catch up. They don’t care – and if you don’t care guess what neither do I. And maybe I wont care when it comes time to buy season tickets next year. I probably should of taken Rod Allens subtle advice all game long – and never even turned the game on.

Well, everyone is disgusted. It’s embarassing to say the least. I’m predicting we land in last place. I can’t watch it either.

This is the area that I have real prolblems with JL. It’s not McLendon’s pervue but rather Leylands, to get his players to get a “feel” for the game. They get a starter on the ropes and then their own pitcher gets in trouble, and they counter by retreating into 1st and 2nd pitch swinging giving the opposiing pitcher legs while not giving their own pitcher a blow in the dugout. This happens in the middle innings a lot.
I don’t think we will win this one. The Yanks want it and we are holding on by a thread.

(BTW–this was written before the Tiexiera walk when the game was still tied) I am having problems iwth the website.)
Ugly is right, disgusting is right, embarrasing is right.
Our bullpen ( and I have said this before) is a mickey mouse assemblage of wannabees.
Damon has been a bust. We need a pen, a starter, a major force cleanup quality hitter to help MCab. This is not to mention a whole new infield and a solution behind the plate.
Yes Illitch, by all means, protect JL and DD. They have earned the right to be thoroughly humiliated.

I’m also having many problems with the website. I have to wait and wait until so many items clear and then sometimes it makes me sign in again or else I have to back out and start all over again.

Armando sure is milking his perfect game for all it’s worth. Now, he has a book coming out next year about the game, the compassion and all the interest it created. Let’s see now, he’s been out to LA handing out awards, on TV being interviewed, is now an endorser for Dr. Rahmani (I trust my eyes to Dr. Rahmani. You should, too.) and now the book thing . I think he may be a frustrated actor.

The demolition continues. Just amazing to think we were 3 games up on the Twins at the break and since have gone 10-25 (28.6%) to their 24-8 (75%).
I still can’t believe Mr I. has endorsed these clowns for next year. I have seen so often how irrational people become in their 70’s, my parents included and it seems time for all concerned to pass the baton to some risk taking, younger energetic hands and minds.

It’s not fair to brand all 70 year olds as being irrational. My mother is 95, still alive and still rational. Plenty of old 40 and 50 year olds out there, too.

I’d take 70 year old Joe Torre over Jim Leland in a heartbeat.

I am not calling 70 + mindless or demented with my two garandmothers going either side of 100 able to have meaningful conversations with the centenarian still able to play the piano.
You are correct that it doesn’t have to be 70+ with it starting early with some in their 50’s, particularly those suffering depression.
There is no doubt that as you get past middle age, you are unable to think as quickly or rationally when you were younger. Experience to some degree counters this, although dogmatic tendencies can then prevail.

That may help to explain Johnny Damon’s performance.

It’s the short-term memory that starts to go first. When you’re in school, it’s just the opposite. JL is very arrogant sometimes and dogmatic. Can you think of another manager who would put BB through 7 weeks of hell. Well, maybe that guy that manages the Mets.
Johnny is just falling in step with the rest of them. I guess Miggy is so damn good, he can fight off the bad vibes. Think how great it would be if we had a winning team with him on it.

Think how great it would be if we had a winning team. Oh, I can’t believe this season is over. No playoffs. I just can’t stand it.

I guess this used to be the point at which I’d come in here and spread a little optimism but I have none at this time. This is a pretty weak ballclub we’re putting out there.
I’m going to cut the pitchers some slack. Some of these guys, such as Perry, Weinhardt, Porcello even, shouldn’t really even be in the big leagues yet. I see some talent there despite their current struggles and, teamed with Scherzer and a hopefully improved and matured Verlander, gives us a solid base in that department. There’s probably not a hitter in baseball that wants to face Max right now.
Our personnel problems lie with a lack of solid defense and poor run scoring. No surprise there. This organization needs to decide, and decide in the next two months, which direction it wants to go. We need to either go in the direction of power or or in the direction of speed and fundamental hitting. As it is now, we rarely score without a homer and we hit far too few of them. We would need to acquire some serious long ball threats to go in that direction, as we only have Cabrera now. If we go that way, Leyland can still manage this club. If we opt for a speedy, opportunistic game that fits Comerica Park, we need to concentrate on acquiring those kinds of players and Leyland would have to be replaced. In either case, we have to play sound defense. I don’t think you can name a good team that doesn’t play good D.
All of this requires a vision from upper management, but more than that, we need improved scouting and player assessment.
I’m not saying anything here that we don’t all know already, I’m just trying to spell it out. If we continue along our current path, it’s a recipe for disaster, empty seats, decreased TV and merchandise revenue, and a return to those dreaded days of pre-2006 that some like to threaten us with when we complain. This is the crossroads, right now.
In the meantime, I’m getting pretty good with my guitar once more. Nothing like Keith Richards and an open G tuning. Thanks Tigers.

Rich, an early Christmas gift:

Surprise , Surprsie, Surprise!!!:

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Will Rhymes, 2B
3. Johnny Damon, DH
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Brandon Inge, 3B
8. Don Kelly, LF
9. Gerald Laird, C

Now that’s the JL we all know and #@?!

Dan, just so you know, comparing my guitar skills with Bruce Cockburn’s is like comparing Hank Aguirre’s hitting skills with Miguel Cabrera’s. That dude is a master.
So Boesch got a single yesterday so he’s back in the 5-hole. When Leyland says the only guy that can protect Cabrera is Cabrera, I wonder if he means ANOTHER Cabrera? That would make sense.

Top iof 7. Critical inning for GMan.

Glad to see Kelly getting those 3 hits but am surprise he didn’t show bunt in any of those ABs.
I think this might be a good time to bring Schlereth in for an inning if GMan falters here in the 7th.

Maybe we should only let Galarraga pitch against the Indians…:)

Wow—very impressive performance by Armando. Amazing what 1st pitch strikes and no bases on balls mean to a successful outing.
GMan should take note–he didn’t get too fine tonight, much like his perfect game.
Verlander might want to take note too.

He was very good. Would he have fared as well against the Yankees? That is the question.

Great pitching from Galarraga. 73 strikes out of 100 pitches.
I guess he wan’t nibbling very much. If only he could pitch that way against a few other teams. Nice hitting from Don Kelly. Could he be one of those players who gets better if he plays more often? We may never know because JL will probably bench him Saturday if the Indians start a LH pitcher. Then there is Damon. He went 0 for 5 and stranded 8 runners. They didn’t need the runs this game but oh my. Is he having an off year? Is he about done career-wise? It is said he is great in the dugout but can he show some leadership by hitting a little better? It is going to be a real toss-up whether to keep him next year or not.

Johnny may be having a difficult time adjusting to being a DH. He’s used to playing, not DHing, imo.

I don’t think there are many guys who are good being strictly a DH. In Damon’s case, I think it’s a combination of him being on the downside of his career, coupled with the fact that he played on some really good teams. He was a contributor on clubs loaded with stars, and was never expected to be the big run producer. He’s a little out of his element over here. I wouldn’t bring him back if we could get anyone else, but that’s up in the air.
Our first inning was beautiful with the stolen base and the bunt kicking things off. Why why why don’t we do that more often? Sometimes I just want to grab JL by the shoulders and shake him.
Galarraga pitches just well enough to get more chances. He’s certainly got the stuff. Of course, when Kelly didn’t quite catch that drive at the fence, I couldn’t resist saying “Raburn would have had it.” 🙂 I assume Kelly will get the start tomorrow against the RHer, but I’ve been fooled before on these things. There’s no better time to give him a consecutive start.
Has anyone ever considered whether it might be wise for DD to hire a GM? I don’t think he needs to be fired but he could use some help. Club president has to be a mighty big chore even without also being GM. Any thoughts on that?

Good post, Rich. My only houghts would be to make Avila GM. Of course, they have all come up together but maybe he is a little more savy about players, scouts, etc. It’s really a 24 hour a day job. If they went outside, everyone would go.

Interesting observation and suggestion Rich. And a very natural and logical suggestion in Avila.
I don’t DD’s ego would permit him to relinquish the job though. I think he likes the action.
Wonder how #6 would do in a GM role?

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