Guillen placed on 15-day disabled list

The good news on Carlos Guillen’s left knee wasn’t good enough to keep him off the disabled list. The Tigers placed their second baseman on the 15-day DL, retroactive to Tuesday, with a deep knee bruise.

To replace Guillen, the Tigers recalled second baseman Will Rhymes from Triple-A Toledo. Rhymes filled in for Guillen at second when he went on the disabled list last month with a strained calf.

Guillen’s injury happened on the game-ending double play that salvaged the Tigers’ 3-1 win over the Yankees Monday night. A hard slide from Brett Gardner sent him directly into Guillen’s knee as he fired to first for the game’s final out. Guillen limped off the field as the Tigers celebrated.

An MRI exam taken Tuesday revealed no structural or ligament damage. Still, the swelling was enough to keep him sidelined for the immediate future.

“I was fine [Monday night]. Everything was normal,” Guillen said Tuesday. “But [in the] morning, when I woke up, I felt a little bit different. I knew there was going to be a little swelling, because he got me pretty good.”

With the Tigers already short a position player to make room for an extra reliever, they couldn’t afford to go long without another.

Guillen played in seven games since coming back from the calf injury. He batted .214 (6-for-28) in that time with a double, a home run and four RBIs while providing a veteran bat behind American League MVP candidate Miguel Cabrera. Without him, the Tigers are again short-handed by two quality bats, including Magglio Ordonez.

The 27-year-old Rhymes filled in admirably for Guillen and made an impression in his first Major League stint, batting .259 (14-for-54) with three doubles, a triple and four RBIs.


I sure hope management gets wise and just releases him next year, i am sick of seeing him get injured, sure, this one wasn’t his fault, but he is injured yet again…

I started to get excited hoping we can start a winning streak and maybe catch up to the twins, but that doesn’t look like it is possible. Oh well, i am still going to the game on Sunday to see the players..

Dave G…

Certainly can’t call this one an injury-prone ballplayer going on the DL. I’ve looked at that play a few times and finally concluded that it was a borderline dirty play. Borderline. A secondbaseman can step back to use the bag as protection but that doesn’t help if the runner throws his entire body, arms included, at his knees. Gardner was already at the bag when he “slid.” If this had been Boston-NY, all hell would have broken loose.
Any Yankees fans who read this will probably say it’s a clean play and that’s understandable. No problem with that.
In the old days, and especially with three games remaining in the series, the other team would take a run at Jeter or Cano then call it a draw and move on. I don’t think they do that stuff anymore.

I think you’re right Rich… I just wonder what would have happened if Polanco was playing second. I wonder if he could/ should have jumped over Gardner. Just a thought…


Polanco was very good at using the bag for protection. I did look to see if jumping over the runner was an option but it didn’t appear to be, as the ball got there too late. I don’t think Peralta was too slow, it’s just that Gardner was too fast then went all Kirk Gibson on us.
It’s just how I saw it. Ten other people may see ten different things. It’s just unfortunate that it was Guillen again. He sure hung in there and took the blow in order to make that play. Have to admire that.
We have a lot of Daves here. I guess we can’t use the old Cheech and Chong “Dave’s not here, man” thing.

Scott Sizemore has gone from being “the man”, our future at second base, major league ready, sight unseen, to being passed over by a David Eckststein wannabe, while Scott alternates between third base and DH in Toledo. I don’t see a single player that started the season on the farm that is remotely qualified to fill any of the many vacancies that will be created by the expiration of some $75 million in bad contracts after this season.

It makes you wonder who is looking at some of these guys to “we think he’s major league ready.” It only took about a week to know he’s not that great with the glove and doesn’t hit major league pitchers very well. What were they thinking with this guy.(sizemore)

Good for Bondo.
I kinda figured he would plunk Gardner. Ridiculous call by ump to warn the benches. Incident over and down with.
Not good for Bondo on the 2 dingers though.
I don’t think they slighted Sizemore as much as wanting Rhymes speed and LHB. Not sure what happens with Rhymes and raburn next year but I figure Sizemore is still their guy at 2nd for 2011.
I will acknowledge B randon Inges’ contrbutions to the people of Detroit and his ball club. However, the writing is on the wall. We can’t afford to have him hitting for us next year—Laird too.. I hope Brandon goes to the Cards and I hope he does very well.

After that comment re Sizemore, my computer shut down. If he’s at 2nd base next year, I won’t watch ’em. Brandon to the Cardinals….music to my ears.

I think (hopin’ & dreamin’) Scotty will be OK, if not even good. I think he will hit. Not sure about his D.
Kinda of an ugly one tonight—I thought Schlereth looked promising even if he did get touched up a bit.

Yikes–Santiago and Raburn both bombed.
We’re done now.
Brings up Ramon. He had a very respectable year and did some things on the field that were unique to him as a Tiger hitter.
As much as I don’t like agreeing with Leyland, one thing I do agree on is that Ramon is not what we need as an everyday shortstop, or elsewhere, for that matter.
One of the reasons he looked so good was that Everett looked so bad—not takin’ anything away from his effort and ability to come in cold and do the job. I’d like to keep him but not everyday.
One thing I’ve noticed lately about AJ—I think he is starting to aly off the high fastbell better than he was.
Trouble is Boesch has picked up the bad habit (along with breaking balls in the dirt)–That’s too big a strike zone (over 6 ft) for a guy to succeed.
Porcello against Hughes tomorrow doesn’t look promising.

Ugly game and you had your opportunity to get back in the game in the seventh and blew it. Not that I am shocked about it, but WHATEVER. Does it really matter anymore???? Although we all know that 3rd strike called on Ramone wasn’t a strike at all, but again does it really matter???
Curtis is sure pissing me off. Funny that every former Tiger that we oppose seems to kick us in the butt during the series. HMMMMM how come the current tigers (ie Damon isn’t really doing anything this series against his old team, come to think of it did he do anything against the Red Soxs?? I don’t remember)

And what happens when you don’t have pitching when the other team does load the bases – wow someone gets a clutch two out hit. Tigers we strike out or ground into double plays. Bunch of little leaguers.

Just to restate my feelings if you haven’t heard me say it 50 times this year. I HATE UMPIRES – They are horrible and are wrong a lot. For starters warnings never should of been issued, but if you do you had better stick to your guns and knock out the pitcher and the coach when Cabrera gets nailed. That was crap. And frankly I wish that Gonzoles would of plunked Jeter instead of just throwing toward him. But Yankees still come out smelling like roses. Guillen is on the DL for a questionalble slide – Bondo and everyone are issued warnings, Cabrera is plunked and hard and probably will be real sore, Leyland gets ejected. We seem to be getting the short end of the stick.


As stated here by GK, Cooper shouldn’t have issued the warning in the 1st inning. He was gutless in the 8th when Cabrera was drilled. He also set up Jeter to get drilled himself, and it’s fortunate that Gonzalez only threw behind Derek’s legs. A dreadfully poor job of umpiring, especially from a crew chief. The umpiring this year is the worst I’ve ever seen. Not only do they miss calls on a regular basis, but they seem incapable of even running a game. It’s a tough job and all, but it would appear there are issues to clean up. I suspect the umpires are having management problems.
Not much to add on tonight’s game. Bonderman stepped up and did what needed to be done, regarding Gardner. You can count on Bondo in those circumstances, as we’ve witnessed before. He’s a favorite of mine and I’m still hoping he can get it back. I wonder if anyone has ever had him try a cutter? He has problems with offspeed stuff, so how about a 3rd pitch with more velocity? I don’t know.
Re Santiago. He has the 5th highest BA on the team (4th if you don’t count Ordonez) and also the 5th (or 4th) highest OBP. His slugging pct, however, comes in at 11th. As far as this particular season goes, I thought shortstop was the least of our problems, yet we went out at the deadline and acquired……….a shortstop. And nothing else. That didn’t make sense to me.
The Sizemore thing, along with the entire organizational strength that we’re witnessing, leads me to believe that we’ve been sold a bill of goods. Plenty of time to discuss that after the season, but I’m not too happy with the direction this team has taken over the past few years. I’m not seeing us in contention for a long time, and that’s very disappointing. Some of us don’t have years and years left to wait. But more on that later, I guess.
Tomorrow will be an interesting test for the team if Porcello pitches well. If he doesn’t….well……Cleveland next.

If you were watching and listening to FSN Detroit you could hear Leland’s rant. I couldn’t catch every word, but did hear plentey of others. Whew, he let tham have it. Magglio is having his cast removed tomorrow. He’s been in Venezuela with his family fyi.

And, yes, some of us don’t have years and years to wait for a division title, let alone make it into the playoffs. I expected every year since ’06 that we would make it to the playoffs. It is so tremendously disappointing.

Sklant – I actually think Gonzo was trying to hit Jeter and just didn’t. He was having a hard time throwing the ball where he wanted anyways, I think he tried and when it did not work he backed off. Can you imagine the melee had he hit him though? The Yankees all kind of jumped up after that pitch – we would have seen empty dugouts, bullpens and who knows what else!

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