Castellanos, Ruffin, Smyly agree to terms with Tigers

The Tigers continued their solid record of signing their top draft picks, but they had to go into the wee hours of Monday night to do it. They agreed to terms with their top three Draft picks — first-rounders Nick Castellanos and Chance Ruffin as well as second-rounder Drew Smyly.

Castellanos agreed to terms just a few minutes before the midnight ET deadline. It was close enough that Major League Baseball officials went into Tuesday morning to review the case and make sure he agreed on time. If it was ruled he hadn’t agreed by midnight, the Tigers would’ve lost his rights, and he would’ve had to decide to either go to school or to play independent ball. He had a scholarship offer to play at the University of Miami.

“It was stressful,” Castellanos said by phone early Tuesday morning. “It was exciting. It was exhausting, now that I think about it. … I had an idea it was going to come down to the last minute, but I didn’t know it would come down to the very last minute.”

Castellanos, a high school infielder from Archbishop McCarthy High School in south Florida selected with the 44th overall pick, agreed to a contract that includes a $3.45 million signing bonus. The Tigers are expected to put him into their farm system as a third baseman

Ruffin, a University of Texas reliever taken with the 48th overall pick, agreed to terms with the club on a contract that includes a $1.15 million signing bonus. His signing came down earlier in the evening.

“It was pretty tough, all the good memories and great teams,” Ruffin said. “It was tough to leave all that behind. But it was time for me to move on and pursue a professional career.”

Smyly, the University of Arkansas left-handed

The son of former Major League pitcher Bruce Ruffin, his negotiations took longer than some might’ve expected as he weighed whether to return to a talented Longhorns squad or start advancing towards the big leagues now.

His signing adds another talented relief arm to a Tigers farm system that already has quite a few. Ruffin has been projected by some as a pitcher who could progress quickly through the system, and has garnered comparisons to Major League closer Huston Street. He isn’t the prototypical power arm the Tigers usually go for, but he has a good arm and a solid track record with the Horns.

Smyly will receive a $1.1 million signing bonus, according to Baseball America. The University of Arkansas left-hander, who was eligible as a sophomore this year, helped his Draft stock with a breakout season for the Razorbacks. He could’ve gone back for his junior season and done the same thing in next year’s Draft, but opted to capitalize now.


Scherzer pitched a gem. The old refrain now—-“He deserves better”.
When will a fancy dan play by Guillen cost us? They are fun to watch and all, but I think many of them are unnecassary.
I kinda blame Guillen for the Alphonse and Gaston the pulled on that Tiexiera pop-up.
We should have murdred Vasquez. He was on the ropes and we let him off.
Will somebody please graffitti JL’s locker with a request to bat Boesch 7th?
Really should have thought Raburn should have bunted his 1st 2 times up. I know, I know he parked one but without hindsight and a man on 2 with nobody out–don’t you think you might want to bunt—certainly next time with 1st & 2nd and no out.
JL does not like to bunt. Even Santiago the other day with man on 2nd an nobody out was allowed to swing away on the 1st pitch.And he is without question the most efficient bunter we have.

This is getting ridiculous…. they need to take valverde out now!

Well here comes Perry. We have seen him fail miserably in these situations. A walk, a plunk then the fastballs laid in the middle of the plate.
Hate to be a pessimist but this one doesn’t feel good after the clutch double by Curtis.

Ahhhhh—a sigh of relief (pun intended).
Let’s get some runs here.

NO – Valverde!! PLEASE need to take him out. He is not okay there is something wrong.

Walked in a run. Completely great. You have got to get him out of there. Do you not want to win this game. Do you want to lose. Do you want to ruin Valverde. Obviously it was stupid to bring him in the eigth and it is even dumber to leave him in here any longer. BOSTON all over again.

By the way not a fan of the strike zone. This umpire is a freaking idiot

Well a win is a win. But Valverde is just not right. I mean he got the save but barely.

This was a disturbing game. I am incensed with the the stubborness of JL–and to not have someone else in theat bullpen (anyone else) ready to throw strikes was again stupid and unforgivable.
We were totally luckiy to get away with that game and that DP.
Leyland looked like a kid caught in the cookie jar in the 9th/
Kudos to Guillen for making that game appear in the W column. That took flat out courage to stay in and get that throw off. He was literally mugged by Gardner who used all 4 limbs to take him out.
I haven’t checked the website but I would no be surprised to see that he has been re-injured.
Boesch looks absolutely clueless out there–to keep batting him in the middle of thle lineup is simply outrageous.

I saw the last 3 innings, what a nightmare that last inning was. I think he is making a mistake bringing in Valverde at this point for a 4 out save. He really is struggling this last month and I don’t think his ab strain is the reason. Glad we got the W, gotta inch back over .500 and get more W’s. Look for Verlander to give up a few in the first 2 innings again today before settling down – I hope our offense can back him up.

Max has been a real nice surprise ever since his short stay with the Hens. I would like to know what the hub bub was in the dugout with Avila and GMan the other day. I don’t get Leyland saying he likes that stuff – the only time I like that stuff is if you are in a teammates space for dogging plays like Longoria did a few months ago. Not sure what GMan was so ticked off about, but he sure went about it the wrong way. Don’t mess with a catcher or anyone else probably, Laird gets fired up easy and seems ready and willing to fight just about anyone!

Am hoping Guillen is ok after that slide – way to take one for the team and getting that final out. Not sure what happened on that pop up, it was in the glove of Peralta but am sure Guillen was in his way. Must be his old short stop instinct. but you can’t take away that web gem from the other night, and his bat hasn’t been bad – I think he is still needed by this ball club.

Watched the whole game. Hey Rich, all 4 hours of it. My wife said is the game still on? It was kinda boring until the 9th. Dan, I agree, our manager is sooooo stubborn. Guillen should be batting 3rd. I like him as a hitter, it is just too bad he gets banged up in the field. I changed channels to MLB tonight and Kruk commented on our game. He said you always expect a fastball on a 3-2 count with the sacks full, but this is the Majors. Did our hitting coach tell Boesch that? Anyway, congrats to Max. I like his arm angle and fastball! –Dave

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