Sunday: Tigers at White Sox

Brandon Inge is 2-for-15 against Freddy Garcia over the last two years, so he gets the day off. Jhonny Peralta, 4-for-17 off Freddy for his career, gets the start at third. Carlos Guillen is the DH.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Boesch, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Peralta, 3B
  7. Raburn, 2B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Armando Galarraga


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Paul Konerko, 1B
  4. Carlos Quentin, RF
  5. Mark Teahen, 3B
  6. Ramon Castro, C
  7. Mark Kotsay, DH
  8. Andruw Jones, CF
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Freddy Garcia


This is the starting defense I would love to see next year–but with Magglio at DH instead of Guillen.

It appears that Garcia only pitches Cy-like when he faces the Tigers. I can tell you this his high 4 era doesn’t equate to 10 wins. He must be the guy on their team that has the benefit of all the run support…..
Will Cabrera ever be able to hit again??

Garcia has absolute mastery over us. I excpect much of the same today. Unfortunately (even though we won yesterday, this is a team incapable of scoring men in scoring position—a team that doesn’t produce rallies.
Wonder how the dugout scuffle between GMan and his catchers will affect things? Galarraga was pretty hot and physically wanted a piece of Laird.
Trouble in Tiger Town?

What are you talking about – a scuffle in the dougout?? I missed that I guess. Please tell.

Well already not thrilled with this stinking umps strike zone. A few of the outside pitches that he has given Garcia and there were two pitches to Beckham when he justed blooped that single – that were strikes and instead of his butt sitting on the bench right now Beckham is at first. I hate umpires.
By the way did anyone see that piece on ESPN Outside the lines report?? Where they determined that in a two weeks stretch that only 60% of calls made by umpires were correct ??

Well thanks to the ump and his lack of strike call on Beckham he cost Galarraga not only pitches but a run. Congrats ump – you are really good.
I wonder what they argued about?? Avila and Galarraga that is??

Probably Avila’s pitch calling. GMan seemed pretty intense and was yakkin’ at Alex coming off the field–it carried into the dugout and then laird stepped in. GMan got real hot and tried to go at Laird–Damon stepped in between.
I’m sure we’ll here more later.
MCab should realize his “friends’ in Chicago are taking advantage of him and trying to mess with head. Smart, I guess to walk him twice, as it is just compounding his frustration. His fielding has suffered along with his At Bats.
He looked pretty ridiculous on the tough pop fly (foul).
Santiago had a pretty poor at bat with Avila on 2nd. I blame JL here because the damn guy should have been bunting. Cost us a run as AJ would have had a sac fly. Tough break on that play as Pierre made a pretty outstanding catch to take that one away from AJ.
All in all- the Sox gotta feel pretty good about that inning allowing only the Raburn HR to score.

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