Galarraga, Avila argue in Tigers dugout

Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga and catcher Alex Avila had to be separated by teammates during a dugout dispute in the second inning of Galarraga’s start Sunday against the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field.

Galarraga had finished off the White Sox in the bottom of the first inning when he jogged into the dugout and went directly to Avila, his catcher, to have words. The dispute quickly escalated to the point that several teammates, including Johnny Damon, intervened. Fellow catcher Gerald Laird got involved, initially to break up the incident, then appeared to start arguing with Galarraga as well before shortstop Ramon Santiago pulled Galarraga away and sat him down.

It was an bizarre altercation to have for a pitching-catching battery that had just finished off a scoreless opening inning. Galarraga retired Chicago’s first two batters and had a two-strike count on Paul Konerko before giving up a single to left. Galarraga threw four straight two-seam fastballs to Konerko, according to’s Gameday application.

In the larger context of Galarraga’s season, though, the dispute might be a sign of the larger issue the Tigers have had with him: Finding his confidence. Manager Jim Leyland has said often over the last couple weeks that Galarraga has to trust his ability more and pitch more aggressively to hitters rather than nibbling on the corners.

Galarraga worked with Laird in his last start and seemingly battled his command as well as confidence. He missed his spots badly on some pitches, usually more away from the strike zone.

Galaraga has plenty of reason for his own frustration. He’s winless in his last seven starts and entered the day with a 1-4 record and 5.10 ERA in 11 starts since his would-be perfect game June 2.


So much for the peaceful dugout . Laird threw a punch , he was not separating anyone , at least in tv

Big inning for GMan here in 5th

Kinda figured something like that would happen. GMan gets rattled when he walks guys and really had nothing left in that 5th inning.

Good thing I recorded his game. Just got home to see these headlines. Oh, my. We had some big drama. Will have to go back and watch this one from the beginning.

Talk about a blown inning – a nice 4 run lead blow in a second. In the first few innings he was hitting his spots then he started picking around the plate, then blowing. Granted other than the double nothing was hit well, just a bunch of bloopers that our outfielders weren’t good enough to get.

What bad reliever will come in and completely blow this one for us?? Not to optomistic I guess. Other than Coke and Valverde – who can you really trust here??

Whoopie Weinhardt – which one are we going to get? Good Robbie or bad Robbie??

I guess I got my answer bad Robbie.

The coments are all out of order again. Walked in the door just as Perry gave up the HR. I can’t believe all that’s happened.

Well a 5-1 lead gone. Our pitchers suck. And a Homerun for Konerko. Tigers are a team of fools. Isn’t there anybody on this team that can pitch ANYONE PLEASE WE WANT A PITCHER NOT A BELLY ITCHER!!!!!


1st time in a while that our starter didn’t deserve better.
GMan gave this one away in the 5th. Back to bad habits and walks killed him.
But Leyland, really Robbie Weinhardt cannot be expected to come through.
I am getting pretty tired of watching our pitchers go ahead in the count 0-2 and then lose the guy. The hit by Ramirez was totally unnecessary. You don’t throw a hittable pitch in that count. And he was ahead of Jones 0-2 and threw him a hittable pitch that was called a ball–the next one was hit rather hard.
Thomas, Bonine, Weinhardt and Gonzalez residing in the bullpen are indicative of a pretty glaring weakness.
This is a sorry team we are seeing playing right now. They just cannot get all departments working at the same time.
Even 3 HRs aren’t gonna be enough today.

This umpire wouldn’t know a strike or in this case not a strike that pitch to Avila here in the 8th that he called him out on was 3 inches off the plate.

Here we go Gas Can Perry blew it on the first pitch

I just have a word for FSN Detroit. If I have to pay to see your coverage of the game, I want you to cover everything that happens in the game, including dugout dust-ups. If I want glossed over happy happy happy coverage of something, I’ll watch politics. You dig?


That was impressive. Finally some good ABs in a row.
I’d be inclined to leave Perry in for the 9th–no point in wearing out Coke.

I tellya—I just don’t get JL’s idea on managing this bullpen.

Nice AB’s and some luck. We were in desperate need of some luck.

I’d send Boesch and Frazier down. Bring up Wells and Sclereth. Gonzlaez could go or Bonine. Not sure what you replace them with.
If they keep Boesch then it maight be a practical idea to have him bat in the bottom 3rd of the order. He is causing some problems, and hurting the club batting before or after Cab. Put him 7th or 8th and at least he provides a threat down there.

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