Saturday: Tigers vs. White Sox

Friday’s lineup was posted on the door leading from the clubhouse to the dugout steps. Saturday’s lineup was posted on the wall. If the Tigers win tonight, I’m guessing Sunday’s lineup will be posted on the wall as well. Anything to break up the skid. These are the nuances of baseball superstition.

As far as changes to the lineup itself, Jhonny Peralta gets a day off. Ramon Santiago starts at shortstop.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Boesch, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, 2B
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Raburn, LF
  8. Avila, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Omar Vizquel, 3B
  3. Alex Rios, CF
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Mark Teahen, DH
  6. Carlos Quentin, RF
  7. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Edwin Jackson


Same old; sane old.
Shame on the hitters.
Shame on the fielders. (Cab and Guillen). The hot dog play was unnecessary.
Shame on Lloyd McLendon for not figuring out at least some of the problems of our hitters
Another strong performance by our starter.
Boesch is looking awful again. Cab is virtually as bad anyone else on the team right now.
Making things pretty easy on Edwin.
If Boesch doen’t hit next series in NY you gotta send him down..

The hitting on this club is just brutal. It is costing us game after game. It puts pressure on the pitching and the D. Every situation with runners on becomes that much more critical and a team struggling will find a way to make a mistake.
Today it’s Pierre and Vizquel again with professional approaches at the plate. Poor throw by Avila or they would have had Pierre. That’s the pressure not scoring puts on the other elements in the machine.
Boesch up here and he doesn’t even have a prayer against this guy.

Nice and polite.
If Cab is stupid enough to swing at the balls that Thornton threw him at least step off the plate and don’t let it get you on the hands.
He is so frustrated now he has lost his status as an extraordinary player, at least for the time being. It shows he has a lot to learn.
Leyland letting Boesch hit there was another bad move. The only thing you can accomplish after the day Boesch has had is to ruin his confidence and Leyland allowed him the opportunity to do just that. At leas find a freakin’ way to get the runner to 3rd! Bunt, PH. Something.
How many losses and how dreadful does this team have to look in order for someone to do something about Jim Leyland?
Look for another polite inning in the 9th.
They could even throw Jenks against us and we will still wo’nt be able to get anything cooking.

I’ve never been happier to eat crow than I at the moment!

But ya gotta admit—those 3 K’s were a bit polite/

Not sure why Valverde isn’t in here.

Valverde has an abdominal injury of some kind and wasn’t available. I knew something had been wrong with him. He hasn’t looked right.

Alex Avila is a major key to this club next year.
Laird would be a decent backup b ut I prefer someone who can hit the long ball or get on base more.
Porcello deserved this one tonight.
What is it gonna take to get Boesch and Cab going? Boesch is almost dumbstruck. Cab is frustrated.
Inge and Guillen have homered the last couple of nights. Surprised, yes. Inge is getting some wood again.
Wells homered again for Toledo tonight.

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