Tigers debated sending down Boesch last week

How close did the Tigers come to sending Brennan Boesch back to Toledo? They had meetings about it last week, manager Jim Leyland said, and they decided to let him play through last weekend.

And it wasn’t a unanimous decision. But Leyland sounds very much like a guy in Boesch’s corner.

“I don’t know what the best solution is. I’m going to be honest with everybody in here,” Leyland said after Wednesday’s game. “I don’t really know if it would’ve been best a few days ago. We were kind of going to give him the weekend, kind of look at it. He kind of came out of it a little bit, hit the home run to right field, hit a home run to left field. And it’s not that a performance [judgment] guy. It’s just that it’s a tough decision.

“But I decided, I think it’s best for the organization right now if we stay with him, because I think he’s part of the future. I see his face is a little bit better right now. I think he’s relaxing a little bit more again. I like him that much. I don’t want to tear the kid up. I don’t want to hurt him in any way, shape or form. But I think he can handle it. I’ll just pick some spots and watch him.”

Those meetings apparently came late last week, and they included front-office folks and the coaching staff alike. The success that Max Scherzer had since coming back was an exhibit in favor of moving him. The idea that the experience will make him better was an argument in favor of keeping him.

“We had meetings,” Leyland said. “Not official meetings, but meetings in here with Dave: What’s best for the kid? What should we do? Is it better for him to go down, let him relax for two weeks down there and bring him back? Some people felt it was best to let him grind it out. Some people felt it was best to send him down. We ended up saying we were going to check the weekend out.

“I didn’t want to get him like a deer in headlights, because we’re not sending him down. But we did discuss it. And you know what? It goes to show you that nobody knew the answer, because there were several different opinions from a lot of people I respect.”

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski wasn’t available today, but he said on MLB Network Radio earlier this week that they see Boesch coming out of his slump. So that sounds like a vote of confidence.

So did Leyland’s opinion of his potential.

“I’m going to watch him a little bit,” Leyland said. “I’m going to try to pick spots to let him breathe a little bit. But I want to kind of see him grind it out. I think he’s a real keeper. I like him a lot. I really do. I think he’s going to be a very good Major League productive hitter. I really do. I think right now we’re going to let him kind of grind it out.”


With any divisional hopes pretty much gone, I’d just as soon see him stick up here. Let him play a series in Yankee Stadium, etc. Just don’t put him behind Cabrera. In seven game with the Rays, Maddon walked Miggy with a man on first six times, I think it was. It worked for him everytime, but deep down, I couldn’t escape a little bit of anger at Joe. People pay to see Cabrera hit and all that. I understand that it was good strategy as long as it worked. You don’t want that pressure on one of the younger players.
Speaking of the 5-hole, we don’t have anybody that can fill that spot. Even Peralta’s 9 for 19 off Garza, which is a fairly decent sample, didn’t deter Maddon from this strategy. I don’t know how you’d come up with an Adam Dunn-like hitter through a waiver deal, but it would almost take someone like that. Guillen can work an at bat as well as anyone, but he’s not as dangerous as he used to be. This will remain an issue for the rest of the year unless we get a few timely hits in those situations. From somebody.

I wanted them to send him down weeks ago until he got his mojo back. I felt it was hurting him as well as the team. As usual, it’s too late now.

Mud Hens fans would have loved to have him back for a few weeks, he barely played here. I don’t know the answer, but do feel that the 5 spot is tough for a rookie behind a guy nobody pitches to.

I just read a really nice sports illustrated article about Cabrera from July I think (I get behind). It dealt a lot about his change in personality in the clubhouse and on the team since his night in jail last year.

OK, I’ll play optimist. We finally get a win and we play the Sox next. We need to start winning and get back up over 500. We get back over 500 we are back in the race. We need a lot of luck too, with Minny and Sox falling apart at the same time. Hey, a girl can dream right? I just hate that it is August and I am already losing interest in watching games, I want that spark back.

Going to the Hens game tonight, not sure who is pitching, Fien pitched last night. Poor team is struggling this year, will be interested to see how much of a crowd there is. Again, for any of you Michigan folk that have never made the trip, it is a terrific ballpark.

Is there anybody who can send me a list of players who are in their final year of contract and who would become free agents at the end of the season? I am looking for pitchers who would be available for a waiver deal. Please send to: histeacher@verizon.net. Thanks!

I just read Lynn Hennings’ latest column.
For once, I agree with him. In fact I think he may have “stolen” my wishes off the BLOG here! (Just kidding Lynn).
I often do not agree with Hennings. Especially when it comes to his assessment of management. But this article is pretty much right on though I don’t remember him mentioning Ordonez (who would be my DH next year).
It’s a gorgeous day today here and even better in that this is the 2nd day in a row the Tigers didn’t lose.
As to Guillen , Inge, and Damon I am in full agrement.
MLB has Jeter mentioned as leaving NY next year and lists the Tigers as being interested maybe. We should never have let him go to NY in the 1st place but perhaps it is a gamble to take him on so late in his career.
I wouldn’t mind seeing AJ and Curtis G batting back-to-back. That might be fun. Curtis is having a challenging year though. I wonder how the NY experience has been for him?
We need a big base-stealer—a guy who is a chronic pest on the bases. Crawfor has always appealed to me.

What’s great about getting Guillen and Inge back is that we don’t have to here the subliminal excuses that the Tigers are struggling because of their injuries and the dependance on rookies to fill in.
I am pulling for Max St.Pierre down in Toledo. Here’s a guy who has been a professional baseball player for 13 years. His defense has always been good–this year he is actually hitting somewhat down in Toledo.
In a year where the W-L record will again break the hearts of tiger fans, at least we can hope for minor curiosities to provide us some interest as the season turns.
It would be neat to hear Jim Price announce “the battery for today’s game is Max on the mound and Max behind the plate”.
Besides—-St. Pierre deserves a chance to play up here. It would not surprise me to see the Old Coot block his chance since he never had one.

Oh man—more typos!
Sorry—here should read “hear” above.

Rich, how about for the chorus you throw in “I like him, I like him a lot”.

Leyland has the gig for next year, not confident he will put much effort into winning games for the rest of this season.

Watched some of the Yankees game the other night, was nice to see Thames do so well. When he hits a home run it is a pretty sight.

The announcement that JL will be back next year has taken most of the wind out of my sails of optimism. One positive to come out of it is that I’ve spent more time with my guitar, oiling my rusting skills. So thanks for that, Jim. Maybe I’ll write a song for ya.
So we’ve got Bonderman, Porcello, and Galarraga going in Chicago. Rick and Armando both have trouble with the Sox. I’d love to have given them a double barreled dose of Verlander and Scherzer. It’s called competing. I guess our goal is to survive another season, as usual.
Since the subject of naming managers came up, I found two without traveling more than 100 miles from here. Manny Acta and Jim Riggleman. Both are good with young players and don’t embarrass the ballclub. They can even put a sentence together without repeating themselves multiple times. Maybe that song will be called “Like I Said”.

I watched a little of last night’s Twins/White Sox game. I was a little disappointed they both didn’t lose but at least it was much more relaxing not having to worry about the outcome. Actually it was refreshing to see that Chicago could choke as well as we can with the bases loaded and no outs. Liriano induced a bounce back to the mound and 2 K’s. Looks like the Sox right handed hitters are just as vulnerable to low inside pitches as our Tigers are. Of course Bonderman may not be able to exploit that, pitching from the right side. Liriano just kept jamming them low and inside.
The Sox may be somewhat vulnerable. If ever there was a point the Tigers need an away sweep it would be now. Realistically I don’t think they have much of a chance but they still do have a chance. They need to put together a long winning streak. They’ve been a bit of a streaky team this season. The losing streaks unfortunately have been longer. The winning streak just before the All Star break is a distant memory. I think I reached an all time low with the 8-0 loss to the Rays the other night. That was truly ugly.
Play the game loose tonight Tigers. Oh yeah, too bad they sent Rhymes down. Wil had some energy and was fun to watch.

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