Monday: Tigers vs. Rays

Jim Leyland gets into a stretch now and then where he doesn’t want to answer questions about his lineup, in part because he knows the questions that are going to come up. He was like that last week when Brandon Inge came back from the disabled list and the question of Jhonny Peralta’s role at shortstop came up. He was like that today, when he put Ramon Santiago at designated hitter.

This will be Santiago’s first Major League game at DH, and the Tigers’ 10th different DH this season. Santiago will have as many games at DH this year as Miguel Cabrera.
  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Santiago, DH
  3. Raburn, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, 2B
  6. Peralta, SS
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Frazier, LF
  9. Laird, C
P: Armando Galarraga
  1. John Jaso, C
  2. Ben Zobrist, 2B
  3. Carl Crawford, LF
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. Manny Aybar, DH
  6. Dan Johnson, 1B
  7. Matt Joyce, RF
  8. B.J. Upton, CF
  9. Jason Bartlett, SS
P: David Pirce


An all RHB hitting lineup today.
Not sure how much that matters to Price. (Though I am sure he would drool if Damon and Boesch were in there!)
I wouldn’t trade Miggy. He is on the verge of greatness. He also has the ability to attract other high profile players to the organization.
That being said, I hope he breaks out a bit as he has been struggling. In part to being pitched around or not being pitched to at all, and in part from the general malaise that has hit the team.
This team is instantly better the moment they fire Jim Leyland.

I will be very interested in seeing how Jeff Larish does for the A’s. He tore up the PCL since he was let go.

Well, the SOC stuck to his guns and predictably did not bunt with Inge and tw o gift runners on 1st and 2nd with nobody out.
We’re facing a true Cy Young candidate with a big strikeout arm and not likely to give up many runs. He’s got a .250 hitter up (well a .167 since he’s been back) with no power and he can’t bunt? Broadcasting team said Inge had ZERO sac bunts this year. What? What kind of manger doesn’t expect a light hitter to be able to lay down a bunt?
GMan continues with his gopher ball tendencies. It won’t be the last one tonight I’m sure. He usually goes in to bad in-game stretch when this happens with walks and hits so look out below.
Since I’m complaining, is there any reason Lamont doesn’t send Peralta home on the unexpected double by Laird? It’s not like AJ can hit Price.

And the stubborn old coot wonders why this team has funks that go on and on and on. Such an inspirational force to those unlucky enough to be graced with his presence.
I like Dave’s approach of never referring to the manager again.
I intend to use (Dans, Riches??) stubborn old coot or SOC.

Is it just me or it there a subtext to many of Jason’s recent posts about JL? Or is JL just getting flakier and that is naturally being reflected? In any case, let me repeat–please no JL next year!

The thing with Santiago at DH is there’s not really anyone else besides Damon (who isn’t traditionally a DH), unless you put Guillen or Peralta there, and play Santiago at 2B/SS.
DHing Guillen would probably be the best situation if he absolutely has to have him in the lineup. Damon would play left.
Raburn should never DH, although he has lately. He should be kept to an infield utility role.
This team has no player right now who could ever fully be a DH, except for Cabrera, who I do like playing first base.

GMan has had 3 years now to master the strike zone. He keeps putting himself into fastball counts and with a below average fastball that is pretty much a prescription for failure.
We here have talked loud and long on his nibbling. We have heard JL criticize him more than a few times about “trusting his stuff”. It’s really time to make him “behave” or cut him loose. I like him, I think he has decent potential but you can’t keep making the same mistakes year after year without wearing out your welcome.
Unless your name is Jim Leyland.
Let’s trade Jim for Jim: Leyland for Price!.
Jim Price could manage this ballclub pretty well methinks.
Trammel is my choice though.
I’d even take Brookens at this stage.

Raburn needs to play. When he gets his reps he can be productive and even dangerous.
I like him for 3B more than Inge.
Looking forward to next year already but I would be downright excited if we had a new manager and staff.

Another JL beauty move.
Take Laird out for a LHB–I understand that move, even with the 2 hits he has had today–
Why waste a guy off the bench? Why not a direct replacement of Avila for Laird?
This is insane. He’s done that a number of times this year–a few games ago he did the same thing.
Perry in now and it is just unfortunate that you can’t really count on him. He shows flashes of being really good then he blows up the next time.

Just caught the end of Tigers Live show. Gerald Laird said Jim was upset about something. I missed the game tonight. Not surprised at the end result.

cohesion. Thomas comes in and is surprisingly effective, Boesch brings you within reach then Perry bombs.
It’s simply not a good team in the true sense of the word team. A good team has constituents in it that make the others better. A team that has confidence in the guys behind them allows a looseness that can’t be measured. Looseness leads to confidence.
We’re missing that.
We don’t really have sustained rallies anymore.
I don’t like Thomas very much but the cat pitched really well today.
Miggy (I said this a couple of weks ago) is really worrying me. I hate to see him struggling like this. It’s like he has packed it in almost. And his fielding has been affected too.
If Seattle can turf their guy so can we.

I found it a little strange that the postgame interview with JL centered so much on Galarraga. To me, the problem appears to be scoring runs. While Armando does what he does, which is to say being inconsistent from lack of command (not sure about this “nibbling” business), the offense isn’t scoring enough to win games anyway.
It’s also strange to hear Guillen talking about getting back into the race while at the same time Verlander isn’t pitching in any of the current seven games against Chicago. This decision was made by JL weeks ago and it’s inexplicable.
We are now short only Ordonez, so I would expect us to start winning some games. You can’t use the injury excuse forever. At some point, you have to question the team’s desire under Leyland. I don’t want to hear about not having the talent. We’ve got most of the same guys who tied for the division last year, and Ordonez didn’t contribute much until late. The Twins have played without Morneau and Mauer, sometimes without both at the same time, and they’ve not had top closer Joe Nathan all season.
We are 11th in the AL in homers and 9th in runs scored, yet we’re 8th in sac bunts and 13th in sac flies.
Austin Jackson has struck out about 117 times, and he’s still hitting leadoff. Even before spring training started, I wanted Damon at leadoff and Santiago hitting second, with Jackson 9th. On base pct shows Damon at .367, Santiago at .357, and Jackson at .355. JL rarely has Jackson steal a base. Damon has 50 walks and Jackson 28. Santiago, in much less at bats, has 25 walks. Santiago can bunt exceptionally well.
The bottom line in my eyes is not the personnel, but the misuse of the personnel. And I agree that I would be very excited about next year if it began with a new manager and staff.

Based on this article

JL is back next year. Of course, that is no guarantee.

Didn’t see any of the game until Brennan hit his homerun and thought ok, we are back in it. Guess not. Agreed, the main problem right now is scoring runs and why we don’t manufacture more is a mystery to all of us. Good for Brennan though, maybe he is working his way through.

Little Will is back to the Hens. The one good thing is we are going to the Hens on Thursday night so we’ll get to see him in person. He was a nice surprise in my opinion, I am waiting for Frazier to be a nice surprise, he had a great power bat in Toledo I only wish it was working in the bigs.

Thanks Rich for the analysis. I only saw a little bit of the game and post game interviews. Leyland spoke calm but l sensed he was very angry. Angry, I gues, they didn’t win for him.
MLB Network did a large segment on the manager of the Seattle team and 2 guys from his staff getting the boot. There was much discussion about whether a different manager can make a difference. After all was said and done, one of them said (I won’t quote but it’s very nearly a quote” a manager is not there to play the game. He’s there to manage his players, putting the best lineup on the field every game to win, and bringing out the best performance in his players. They all agreed the Tigers are toast.

Every player in that clubhouse looks depressed and with good reason.

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