Chadd, Rojas, Pleis promoted

The Tigers announced a few moves in their player development and scouting departments today:
  • After six years of running the Tigers’ draft efforts, David Chadd is being promoted to vice president of amateur scouting as well as special assistant to the general manager. He’ll still oversee the Tigers’ draft efforts but also take on some other responsibilities during the year, which he was already doing to some degree. He did some pro scouting for the Tigers this summer.
  • Scott Pleis, who had been a national crosschecker, takes over the role of amateur scouting director. He’ll handle the day-to-day amateur scouting work and draft prep while reporting to Chadd.
  • Mike Rojas will fill the player development director role that had been open for the past couple months since the Tigers and Glenn Ezell parted ways. Rojas had been the minor league field coordinator since the start of the 2008 season, but has been with the organization in some capacity or another since 2004.


First, I’m gonna look and see what tools a guy has, Second, I’m going to find out if he knows how to play baseball. So many of them lack the fundamentals.

Lynn Henning’s salary with the Detroit News must be subsidized by the Detroit Tigres.
He seems to be the offical team apologist.

Henning’s article has some facts in it, and he’s also glossed over things he doesn’t want to address because it might ruin his point. Personally, I don’t yet think DD needs to go. Am I a 100% satisfied customer? Of course not. Could things be worse? Absolutely.
Henning lost me when he said “Leyland isn’t a factor in the team’s current mess.” Lynn, you can’t really believe that. In fact, I consider retaining Leyland to be DD’s biggest error, even above the bad contracts, Renteria, Polanco, etc. Sure there are fans out there who are reacting on a daily basis to lost games, but there are many of us who have taken note of JL’s mismanagement for five years. Countless games that could have been won went into the loss column, while seasons of promise turned into seasons of disappointment on an annual basis.
At this point in time, DD himself has come under fire due to his blind loyalty to Leyland.
My opinion.

Well as a disclaimer I did not read the the article.
However I do have some opinions on DD and JL. I don’t think that DD is all that great. I don’t mind the contract to Magglio he has been great, it is what they needed to get a guy like him to come here. And if anyone thinks that a lot of our problems don’t come from the loss of him in the line up than WELL?????
The contracts to Willis – horrible. The contract to Nate bad (although he pitched well the year it was given to him) The contract for Renteria. Not at least offering Polanco arbitration was bad – we lost higher draft picks because of that. The state of the farm system, granted we have had to did a lot deeper than I am sure anyone thought we would have to. But look at teams like the Red Soxs, half of their team is on the DL, they are still playing better. Look at the Twins with Mauer and Morneau each with time on the DL and guys like Repko and Valencia digging in and making a difference.?? I think the depth of our farm system is bad and that is the fault of DD – and these guys that got promoted today. Ya we have some pitchers that are not ready but where are the position players at that we need desperately???
Like Rich said My opinion.

A couple month ago, I read tha Al Avila was interviewing for a GM job with another franchise. Not much news about that locally, but his name was mentioned in the mix.

I’ve basically read the comments re Leyland all season long, and have taken no stand on the situation. A very interesting analogy arises from our Virginia Cavalier football team. In all honesty, Al Groh(sort of reminds you of Leyland) would still be the head coach in Charlottesville had the stadium remained full. There would have been lots of fan grumbling, but he would have hung on to maybe turn things around. Mr. I has spoken today, but the message would be totally different were it not for the great hometown Tiger fans. Leyland gets one more opportunity to turn it around next year. Can you handle the truth Dan?

HANDLE the truth?. Egads I SPEAK the truth!!!
LOL–I saw Illitch’s comment too. Funny he called DD by name and the JL by title.
I’m just sayin’

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