Valverde likely available today

For the first time in almost a week, it appears that the Tigers will have their closer available if they take a lead into the ninth inning. Jose Valverde said Thursday morning he was feeling better after missing the last couple days with flu-like symptoms. He then threw a bullpen session during pregame batting practice.


I like Scherzer. BUT, he is going to have to alter his approach on holding runners on. He has the most awkward (and inefffective) throw over to 1st I have ever noticed.
Even today on the throw to 3rd to get Pierre. When throwing to a base he stiffens up, leans backward and it results in a virtual lob instead of gunning the ball to the baseman. Pierre was out by a mile until Scherzer began his throw. It seemed he has to change gears first to mechanically adjust to throwing over. The throw was barely there and pierre was only out because he tried to go around the tag and missed the base.
I’ve commented before on how awkward his throws to 1st are but I was shocked to see the same kind of mechanics when throwing to 3rd tho nab Pierre. It’s weird and if Knapp fixes nothing else- at least address this.

Again–hitters not being able to take advantage and hit in the clutch.
Peralta seems to be hitting the ball to the CF quite often.
Bring those fences in 6 or 7 ft. DD and Leyland have built a team that can’t run even if they have a big balpark to hit gappers and they also don’t have enough power to clear the wall regularly..
If your team is going to be slow afoot then make them HR hitters.
If you can’t have HR hitters then make them fast.

The club has gotten so bad that it almost seems pointless getting men on. The more men we get on the more we leave on base. The ratio seems to get worse.
I made some comments a few weeks ago about becoming a laughing stock. Sounds a bit inflammatory or harsh but I’ll bet there are people around the American League that are chuckling more than we would like to admit.

This game has presented us with some good breaks. Scherzer has got away with a few unflattering situations. Good teams take advantage (read Twins) bad teams don’t.
We are at a stage where we are not taking advantage. This seems to be generally prevalent for our recent Tiger teams but lately it has been very pronounced.

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