Guillen going on rehab to West Michigan

Carlos Guillen will go on a Minor League rehab assignment Friday for Class A West Michigan as the Tigers get close to gaining another regular from their injury-riddled starting lineup.
Guillen, who went on the 15-day disabled list July 25 with a strained right calf, will join the Whitecaps in time for their home game Friday night at Fifth Third Ballpark. It wasn’t immediately known if Guillen will accompany the Whitecaps on their trip from there to Dayton Saturday and Sunday.
Guillen was cleared for game action after he ran the bases without any issues Wednesday. He has taken batting practice for the better part of a week, and taken ground balls during pregame infield work for the past few days.
Guillen felt earlier that he might not need a rehab assignment, since he’s only been out of action for 11 days. However, he and the Tigers decided that some at-bats would help him regain a sense of timing at the plate with his swing before he returns to action next week.
Barring any setbacks, Guillen is expected to come off the DL when he becomes eligible next Monday. He’s expected to take his old spot at second base, where Will Rhymes has garnered the bulk of the playing time since being called up from Triple-A Toledo.


Garcia is humiliating (what passes for) Tiger hitters.
My Tiger team does not have Guillen, Inge, Laird, Raburn,Thomas, or Damon on it in 2011.
And why has AJ, who must be gettting on as he is hitting over .300, only attempted 20 steals all year?
I guess it is Leyland waiting for the home run to score his runs.. I guess he is pretty patient after all.
Boesch is experiencing what a slump is all about. Even When you hit it well it still ends up an out. Actually he also missed a hit on the foul ball call. I think it may have been fair and possibly Kotsay even touched that ball. Then the line out DP which appears in Garcia’s glove. And Pierre playing juggler. Man—tough luck.
BTW, didn’t Freddy Garcia revive his career with the Tigers? Why did DD let him go the Pale Hose? Another “Dumbrowski” move.

Do the coaches not tell the hitters anything? Boesch just swings at everything and never changes his approach. Easy out every time. Contrary to what Rod Allen says those first 2 pitches were not right down the middle and Boesch couldn’t have been later on strike 3. Pathetic and pathetic coaching once again.

I remember reading the comment on this blog “in Cleveland Peralta is known as Jhonny Ground Out Double Play Peralta”.

If you see someone on the news with a FIRE LEYLAND sign outside of Comerica Park, that would be me. : )

Keep batting Boesch 5th JL. How’s that working for you and Miggy and the fans?

It won’t be long and they’ll be lucky to clear 10,000 in attendance if everyone else is as fed up as I am. My biggest problem is why bat Boesch 5th game after game and squander opportunities to win. Newsflash Leyland, the kid is lost and not helping the team. Now they’ll probably “Shelton” him and let him go just to prosper for another team.

Finally a clutch hit. Raburn is not on my list for next year. That is chiefly because it is a waste of his bat potential to sit on the bench. Rich has alluded to his playing 2nd base and think the same. I actually think he could play 3rd too. He’s got the arm and the reactions.
JL now has to use Avila and loses Santiago. Seems weird to me to not PH Avila directly for the replacement value. Granted, Ramon got on and avila probably wouldn’t have.
Can these guys pull it out now or will we see the frustration of the Fenway series?.
Man I feel bad for Boesch.

BTW–we have had trouble with RISP all year. AJ and Damon at the top of the order have been brutal in that regard. Great year for AJ but he sure has a lot to learn yet. Needs to drive his hips and shoulders toward the pitch. Way to upright and hence off the ball. Won’t be able to generate long ball until he can learnd to drive himself into the pitch.

I don’t like the idea of bringing Valverde back in.
I suppose JL will eventually “run into one” himself (like he figures Boesch will do) and things will work out and the world will finaly recognize his GENIUS.
Meanwhile, Valverde, coming back after his ailment, will be done for tomrrow—and perhaps longer, AGAIN.

This is getting ridiculous What is going on with Valverde lately. I usually don’t get too upset with leyland, but i think he is doing one crappy job lately. I was pretty positive about this season, but they have sucked ever since the last game i went to on 7-10. As far as I am concerned this season is over…
-Dave G

Good one Kubiak. Dan, right on as usual. Ok, from what I read on line, 1st and 2nd nobody out. We are down 2-1. Boesch strikes out. Who is the best bunter on the team? Oh no, we let Brennan bat, then Peralta hits into a double play. Mr I, you can not be that busy. Are you watching the games? How can the manager lose game aftter game by mis-managing? Oh yeah, you have to know how to handle pitchers, and hitters and……….gasping in Grand Rapids. –Dave

Well I am not so sure I minded Valverde staying in but it didn’t work out at all. These guys are hard luck losers. They stranded all those runners in the first few innings. Then Boesch gets robbed a couple of times as well as a pretty darn good play to make Peralta hit into a double play. Those two things don’t happen guess what we probably win this game. This is getting pretty tough to take.

I’d like to know what Valverde’s ERA is in his 2nd inning of work.
Has there ever been a mutiny in baseball?
Are a coup d’ etat?
If JL leaves Boesch in that 5 hole he is being deliberately spiteful. He should be tarred and feathered for his handling of this situation.

Raburn 3-run HR will cause JL to think he is correct to play Raburn and also to wait for 3-run HRs. He will then say that Valverde is his best reliever and you can’t win them all. He will then say Boesch got robbed twice and the kid is starting to look good again. And all 3 will be the wrong takeaways from this game.

Poor Raburn. He hits the heroic homer then gets the ignominity of making the last out. Ain’t fair, is it? We were unlucky throughout this series, on top of performing badly for the most part.
I was thinking the same thoughts, Clearwater. JL will point to Boesch almost getting some hits and overlook the way he flailed at three pitches off the plate in the big situation. This is no place to put Brennan, and we definitely need a manager who can handle the youngsters.
There will be two points of view on using Valverde for a second inning. I would have done it myself, since you still have to play this as an important game. Unfortunately, after Kotsay took those two strikes on the outer edge (which was called all day long), Valverde missed on his third try and it went right down the middle. I said “throw it there again………not there!” Well………………..
Dan, my list of players who wouldn’t be on my team is two or three times larger than yours. Maybe we can get into that list sometime here. I’m thinking from the angle of a clean break from the Leyland regime. He’s oozed all over this team.

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