Damon scratched from lineup

Johnny Damon’s reunion with Fenway fans in a Tigers uniform will have to wait. The former Red Sox star turned Detroit outfielder was scratched from Friday’s series opener with what the team called upper back spasms.

Damon was scheduled to return to left field, the area he manned for years before going to the Yankees, and bat third in the Tigers lineup. However, he was pulled just after batting practice. He’s considered day-to-day.

Damon’s return meant no day off for slumping off Brennan Boesch, whom manager Jim Leyland was hoping to sit for a night against Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester. Instead, not only was Boesch back in the lineup, he hit third. It marks the first time he has hit anywhere but fifth this year in a Tigers uniform.

That switch in itself might take a little pressure off of him. The Rays intentionally walked Cabrera to pitch to Boesch the previous three nights at Tampa Bay. All three situations came with runners at first and second in a one-run game in the seventh inning. Rays relievers retired Boesch all three times.


Screwed over by another ump – big shock there I am just coming to expect it anymore. I can’t say on here what I really think.

If we lose this game, Jim Leland needs to be fired.

Valverde shoud never be brought in, in the 8th inning. Now, he’s overusing his arm. So help me God, I’d like to strangle Leland.

one out, scoring position, and tried to steal third? what a bad move

JL is breaking the second most valuable player in the team. Great

Please tell me is there one competent umpire out there because the one they say was the best probably blew the biggest call of ever and then I have to watch all these idiots who are consistently in the wrong position and don’t know the freaking strike zone. Or are they just picking on us this year.

Leland needs to be removed. He could have ruined a golden arm. It’s like he wants to lose and feel sorry for himself. There are no words to express how I feel about our “manager.” Surely, after seeing that idiotic call at 3rd by LaMont and mismanaging Valverde, the writing is on the wall. He’s sick.

even though this one went our way – Laird was out. Another crap call by an umpire

Pitching VV in the 8th in a 6-1 game was just dumb.


get him out for gods sake what the heck are you thinking. something is wrong GET HIM OUT


Coke was on 16 pitches so easily could have fininished and been available for tomorrows game.
We all know VV struggles in non save situations so countering the pinch hitter move was just plain mach stupidity. No doubt being outwitted 4 days in a row by Maddon contributed to his moves throughout the night.

Valverde NEVER should have come in in the 8th. NEVER. Coke was pitching strong. I hope JL learned a huge lesson there. But I have to say, JL made the right call keeping him in to the bitter end. You cannot bail your closer out. I fear that would have broken him had he failed. Just unbelievable……..
I thought the umpires were very consistent tonight…….consistently AWFUL. What is going on with them? I’ve never seen anything like it.

Calming down a bit, GMan must be wondering when his luck is going to change being one out short of the win. He pitched amazingly considering how bad the knee high calls were.

I would have let GMaan lob the bal to the next batter to see if he could get the well deserved win.
I was stunned when JL brought in Valverde in the 8th with a 5 run lead and Cokd in control. I swear he is trying to look brilliant and every time he does this bonehead stuff he gets burned.
Valverde needed work but a 1 inning 9th inning mop up was all he needed.
He is now gone for tomorrow and quite possibly Sunday.
I said earlier that JL is pretty dense somethimes and this just goes to show that I ( and a whole host of other JL detractors) are right.
Not sure why Valverde would throw fastballs to Ortiz. Stick with the bread and butter.
Pretty neat to see Peralta jump right in.
Nice hit by Boesch.
Rhymes was safe on 3rd. Pretty bad call. My son-in-law ( nat at all a baseball fan) was wondering why he would be called out when he was safe when the replay showed he was clearly out? I said “Son, you and 100 million other folks wonder the same”
Leyland is hapless

That 9th inning knocked some of the “feel good” out of this one, didn’t it? How many pitchers, starters or relievers, throw 60 pitches in 1+ innings?? I seriously questioned removing Coke in the 8th at the time JL pulled him. This isn’t second guessing. Then to leave Valverde out there to throw his arm off in the 9th with Perry warming up………well, I guess we found out how much confidence JL has in Perry. That would be none. I can’t think of another manager in baseball who would have done such a thing. No Valverde tomorrow for sure, and perhaps not Sunday either. Monday is a day off so that means he’ll AGAIN need work by Tuesday. Well, I’ve wanted Leyland gone for five years now so I’m not surprised by any of it. At least he hit Boesch third, but only because Damon was scratched.
Nice coaching there by Lamont. Sending a runner who hasn’t reached thirdbase yet while the outfielder already has the ball in short leftfield. Yep, that’s being aggressive all right. Foolish would be the word. Are these guys too old to handle this stuff? No need to answer that.
I’ve never seen such an incompetent group of umpires as I’ve seen this season. I try to stick up for these guys but this has gone beyond ridiculous. They’re out of position, they miss calls left and right, they end up with both managers on their backs, and generally do a terrible job. What has happened to the umpiring profession? Why on earth would that clown behind the plate squeeze a veteran like Valverde even if he had been wild? Did he want to stay out there all night? Was he trying to reach the four hour mark for this game? Was he “punishing” someone?
Clueless managing, foolish coaching, and reprehensible umpiring, all in one night. Wow.
Amazingly, we WON the game. I don’t think anybody expected Peralta to come aboard in this fashion. Rhymes is playing good ball and I hope he can keep that up because I like his energy. Weinhardt (remember his two innings?) has been pitching very well for us. Raburn made a good catch, and Boesch got a solid single. It’s unfortunate that Galarraga was knocked out because he had settled in nicely after an off kilter start and was pitching a good game.
Boesch third and Peralta fifth tomorrow would make some sense. We’ll see.
Job applications for manager and umpire are being accepted. Apply now!

I hope I am also wrong about Peralta. I did have him on my fantasy team one year. Again, can’t Mr I see the inept coaching? Coke was doing fine. Was it the lefty righty thing? Turned the game on to see Peralta hit his second HR. Turned it off befor the Ortiz HR. I like Rhymes. We need more players like him. I know some of you were not sure. These guys have been waiting their whole life to get this chance. Rich, just sent you my application for manager. Pretty easy to read…..”53 years of watching Tiger baseball”
Sounds like the Yankees want Berkman and Kearns. Go Tigers. –Dave

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