Thursday: Tigers at Rays

Manager Jim Leyland was theoretically waiting to see if Jhonny Peralta could get to Tropicana Field in time for Thursday’s matinee. Realistically, though, he would’ve had no time to stretch pregame. Eventually, Leyland wrote out his starting lineup without him and without Sizemore. Thus, with lefty David Price on the mound, Danny Worth starts at third base.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Santiago, SS
  3. Damon, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Raburn, LF
  7. Laird, C
  8. Rhymes, 2B
  9. Worth, 3B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Sean Rodriguez, 2B
  2. Carl Crawford, LF
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Carlos Pena, 1B
  5. Matt Joyce, RF
  6. Willy Aybar, DH
  7. Reid Brigniac, SS
  8. Kelly Shoppach, C
  9. Gabe Kapler, CF

P: David Price


New thread, new game. Let’s go, Tigers!!!!

Saw 1 play last night. Rayburn trying to dive for a ball in CF? Brennan still batting 5th? Leyland is still the manager?
Still playing polite baseball? Where is the fire? Are these guys getting paid? Come on Ricky! Go Tigers! –Dave

Great Hickox behind the plate he can’t even handle calls at first and second let alone calling balls and strikes. And low and behold – he screws up a third strike call and what Pena hits a homerun. Great this is going to be another fun day at the Trop

How many times this year has one of our pitchers not goten a call and then immediately on the next pitch served one up right down the middle that gets crushed for a HR?
Again looked like little leaguers on that foul popup. At least we got the out afterwards. Looking like we aren’t going to do anything with Price. I thought Boesch was supposed to get the day off, but I guess he needs to strike out another 4 times today so that his confidence is not hurt by sitting, right Jim?
As far as Perlata not having enough time to stretch…couldn’t we have put him at DH and batted him 9th and given him about an hour to stretch in the clubhouse so that we can at least get some use out of him today? Will he not be available to pinch hit? Not that I think he’s the savior, but…

Can we please drive somebody home!

How can we struggle so bad to even hit the ball out of the infield with runners on base? Game after game after game after game…if Santiago was a slower runner, we would not have scored after getting a runner on third with no one out.

So they actually sent Sizemore back to Toledo? Our 2B promise for giving up Polanco? With the way things are going, that Pena homerun may be the end of the game already. They won’t score against Price. I’ll write it on a clean sheet of paper here and eat if if they win this game. Oops! The replacement for Sizemore, Rhymes, just tripled. And WOW! They scored him! They didn’t strand him! I’ll get the ketchup ready for eating my words. Now wait a minute. The Rays have 2 men on base already.

Ground ball to Cabrera for the third out. He should have had an error. Now that inflates Porcello’s ERA and probably costs him the loss, also. Rays 3-1. Put the ketchup away.

If someone other than Crawford hits that weak ground ball, he is out. If luck was on the Tigers’ side, Cabrera catches that line drive. But, no. Would have been nice if one of those Boesch line drives to first over the last few days would have done that. We will have a heck of a time not being 10 GB after playing Chicago.

This is one pathetic team. My laughing stock comment of several days ago may very soon apply.
I know we scored that run but AJ strikes out in a key situation and Santiago almost did the same. It’s as if they other team has an ADVANTAGE when we have a guy on 3rd and less than 2 out. I swear. They have the added knowledge that the team chokes a lot under that situation and they can confidently pitch they way they want to.
MCab now lloking brutal (2nd K of the day) I hope this is only David Price and not a sign that he is giving up because of the ineptness surrounding him.
And Porcello, throwing great pitches, can’t throw a good one to Pena–twice. Cab usually grabs those shots but still, porcello can’t throw devastating pitches to Longoria then crap to Pena.

Another chance with runners on base. Can we get a hit? Nope.

If Porcello can hold up, we still have a shot. The Tigers seem to be getting to Price a little bit. Thought for sure Rhymes had a hit there. Too bad.

Rhymes is hitting the ball pretty well. The problem he will hae is the OF defence can play him in and will take away those singles that bigger guys usually get. He’s scrappy. I like that.
Porcello looks good (except when he pitches to Pena). Shame to waste JV, Max and RP in one series.

Couple more comments and then I will shut up.
How is AJ can look like Ty Cobb in one series then Purnal Goldy in the very next one?
Why can’t the Tigers hit fastballs anymore?

Because their David Price fastballs, maybe?

David Price is an excellent pitcher, this is true. When was the last time Cabrera struck out 3 times? Rick Porcello is actually pitching fine, other than to Pena, and most times Cabrera would catch that liner. It would just be nice to think that our team that was in first place just a few weeks ago would have some capability of hitting the ball out of the infield when there are runners on. Against anyone. Ever.

How can Mr I be happy with the managing? 3 and 12 since the break. Great comments Dan, also from Clearwater. Hey GK, I am confused in Caledonia, or gasping in Grand Rapids. –Dave

No Pup–they couldn’t hit Garza’s at all and they weren’t that much better against Niemann or Shields. They are not hitting the fastball. Way too many Ks and not enough put into play. They must have struck out over 35 times this series.
I hope MCab is OK.

Holy crap.
Damon has been so useless with men on in clutch situations.
Now Boesch has the ignominy of wanting to be pitched to with the sacks full again.
If I’m him I’m shakin like a leaf right now.

Way to go Damon. And you know how we could have avoided the same GD situation as the last two nights? NOT BATTING BOESCH FIFTH. OR PINCH HIT SOMEONE – ANYONE. Way to get outmanaged yet again Jimmy.

Thanks a lot Damon—in this fiasco of the last 3 games he has been as instrumental in the failure as Boesch. Moreso because he keeps creating the same situation.
Miggy must be feeling like this is going to be a long season.
If I’m Leyland—I PH for Boesch with Peralta.

Same script every game. Runners on, one out, Damon fails, two out, walk Cabrera, bases loaded, Boesch the third out. What’s that old saying? Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds his nuts. But not Damon, And not Boesch. How many runners has Brennan left on base this series? He has just gone completely dead. Does every team now have the secret way to get him out?

If we are all looking at next year we just have to feel very encouraged by what we have seen Porcello do today and since he has come back from his demotion.
It was said the tigers battled yesterday and they are today–but it is the heart of the lineup and not jsut the rookies, that have let their pitchers down.

When is Leyland going to move Boesch to another spot in the lineup………..the kid clearly needs some pressure relief. Leyland seems to enjoy hanging guys out to dry. We have seen him leave pitchers in too long and now he is messing up this kid. What a poor excuse for a manager he is.

He did the same Big Red. He believes the guy will climb out of it or at least learn from it. He is not exactly Solomon the Wise when it comes to handling players. Even though he has a great reputation for it.
Meanwhile, really a bright move to PH a non-catcher for Laird. You hav now given up a LHB if this game should ever get tied. Which is very doubtful the way the team is struggling to advance runners or hit in clutch.
BTW—no way I have Porcello pitching this inning—no way.

He did the same garbage with JV. over-pitched a guy when he could have come out of the game with a good taste in his mouth for a fine effort. The Tigers D implodes in the 7th and 8th. Why let RP get touched up for anything at this point. There could have been at least a Phyrric victory of sorts.
Leyland is stubborn and another word that begins with “st”

Now they are going to walk Longoria (who has been whiffing) t GET to Pena!!!!
Leyland is to damn full of himself. He thinks he needs to “catch up” to Maddon who has totally out-managed him this series and this year (and last).
The Lovable Ol’ Coot ain’t so lovable anymore.

Looked like Porcello said, “I bleeping got him out all day” after the intentional BB to Longoria. The thing that is frustrating is that we are just losing to Tampa, not getting destroyed. And we are losing because of fundamental baseball errors and poor managing. We could have gotten at least a split with some of either. Or some luck. What a funk.

Leyland is the laughing stock. He’s turned a good outing from Porcello into a forgettable one..

I was officially worried about Boeesch and now I am offically worried about Cab. This performance today reminds me way too much of last year’s finish.
Livid with Leyland. He is hurting his players and the Detroit Tigers.

He’ll probably pinch hit Peralta with 2 out and nobody on.

I live in Tampa. I have resisted becoming a Rays fan because of my loyalty to the Tigers. Watching this series made something clear to me. The Rays, who have existed for only about 15 years, have had as much or more success than the Tigers over the same stretch. They do it without drawing any fans or having any kind of payroll. They have eclipsed Detroit as a franchise and this series has made me ashamed to wear my Tigers gear around town because the Rays fans here will rightly point out that they have a far better team. It is so disgusting and disheartening. Millions of Tigers fans must feel the same.
Squandering talent like Cabrera and Verlander, watching us trade young players for average quality veterans, watching Jim Leyland get outmanaged game after game.
Leyland is so inept he gets suspended because he can’t even keep his sunflower seeds in his mouth during an argument. What in the world has he done to inspire ANY confidence in anyone? And what is wrong with DD or Illitch that they can’t see this? It reminds me of when the Lions kept Matt Millen around year after year when everyone on the planet knew he was killing the franchise. Ugh.

There should have been 3 unearned runs not charged to Porcello’s ERA. Cabrera made 2 errors allowing those 3 runs to score. The Rays scorekeeper must be trying to make the team’s BA look better. Cabrera’s fielding must be affected by this scoring slump with him being walked every time he would have had a chance to put some runs on the board. Boesch has to be totally demoralized by now. I know I am.

Get rid of Leyland, Damon, Laird, Thomas, Bonine, Inge, Guillen, Bonderman, Raburn and now, may as well get rid of Peralta too.
Trade them all for a pitching machine that only throws high fastballs so that AJ can learn to hit them.

I’ve been told I’m wrong, but I would have sent Boesch down at least 2 weeks ago. I also, in a heartbeat, would have pinch hit for him with Peralta. Leland makes me sick.

Someone said earlier and I am not sure who that Tampa had our number last year and well that just isn’t true – Tigers won 5 or 7 last year. Although a lot of good it did. I wasn’t sure but didn’t think that was right. Anyway.
Regarding today, unless they are just trying to get Pena’s BA up why they would call those hits is beyond me, except it has been the way of the week in Tampa with the umpires and now the scoring screw. Whatever. Boesch was really the problem in this whole series not once did he come through this whole series. But if it wasn’t for Cabrera we would of won this game today.

Clearwater-thanks for the humour. I really needed it! (The Sunflower Seeds!).
This is what Tiger baseball has degraded too. Jokes about our manager. he was probably pretty ticked off he had only that 1 game suspension. I’m sure he was enjoying the liberty of a couple packs of Marlboro’s when he was off duty.
I hope the Tigers don’t hang on to him till his son, Patrick takes over.
I would like to know what Jim Price REALLY thinks of the way this team is being managed.
I remember when Phil Wrigley traded his manager (Charlie Grimm) for an announcer (Lou Boudreau). Let’s trade JL for Price!!!

Lost my last post, anyway, as always Dan, great comments, but try not to hold anything back OK? Clearwater, excellent! What’s next Dr. Rich? How can Mr. I be happy with a 3-12 second half start? And Pup, you and me started this thread, why is Brennan batting 5th or even playing? GK, I live in the suburbs so I am now confused in Caledonia or gasping in Grand Rapids. His name is Leyland but I will not mention his name again. I should have stayed with that when I made the same comment last year. –Dave

Another brutal game today and sadly they didn’t play too bad and could have won with a few breaks and even 1 or 2 timely hits. I thought Porcello pitched a good game.

You have to feel bad for Boesch being shown up 3 games in a row all in the 7th inning if I remember correctly. It really might be time to move him down in the lineup and he won’t feel as much pressure to be the man all the time. Who do you bat 5th though? Peralta? Teams will still walk Cabby but maybe being a veteran Peralta can handle it. It would be nice if one of our trade deadline deals works out for once.

The injuries really magnified how many holes the offense has and it really put the spotlight on how big of a slump Boesch is in. Strange how in one week the pennant race is all but over. I’ll still be watching but it won’t be easy.

Just wanted to add in case nobody knew the actual numbers. The Tigers were 4 for 29 with RISP in this series and that’s basically in three games since there wasn’t anyone in scoring position in the no-hitter on Monday. That’s alot of opportunities in 3 games with little results. Somebody has to hit in the clutch or even get a sacrifice RBI at some time if they want to win. They should have won both Tuesday and today.

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