Bonderman to be skipped this weekend

Had a question pop up yesterday asking whether the Tigers would start Max Scherzer or Justin Verlander this weekend in Boston. Turns out, the answer is both.

The Tigers have released their rotation for this weekend’s series against the Red Sox, and Jeremy Bonderman will have his spot skipped. The rotation order would’ve brought up his spot Friday or Saturday, depending on whether Jim Leyland wanted to start him or Armando Galarraga first.

Instead, Galarraga will pitch Friday night at Fenway, then Scherzer, then Verlander. It also means Verlander will not pitch next week against the White Sox.

Manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday afternoon that he wanted to keep Scherzer and Verlander on their regular four days of rest. Verlander talked last month about how he has trouble pitching on extra rest. Scherzer said it doesn’t really make a difference with him.
Leyland added that Bonderman will start on three days’ rest after his next outing. Next Tuesday’s day-night doubleheader against the White Sox left the Tigers with a choice — calling up a spot starter or going with a bullpen start. This gives them Plan C.
“What we wanted to avoid,” Leyland said, “is sending somebody down and bringing somebody up.”
Bonderman is 1-2 with a 5.00 ERA in five career starts at Fenway, but he has only pitched there twice since 2004 — a start each in 2006 and ’08. Of greater concern for the Tigers would be Bonderman’s recent struggles: He’s 2-2 with a 7.29 ERA over his last six starts, allowing 46 hits over 33 1/3 innings and giving up seven home runs.

Bonderman’s road numbers have been bad for most of the year, but all four of his July starts came at home, and he went 1-1 with a 7.77 ERA in those.

It isn’t an easy decision either way. One philosophy would suggest saving one of your front-line starters for the White Sox, especially in a series that starts with a day-night doubleheader. A Verlander start Tuesday sets you up to conserve your bullpen for the nightcap. On the other hand, the way the Tigers have struggled lately and struggled on the road all year, there’s a case to be made to give the team any chance it can to win this weekend.


I’d rather have JV going in a game that directly affects our position in the standings, but maybe the change will allow him to line up more with Chicago/Minnesota the rest of the way? I hope so…

If Verlander pitches Sunday, he won’t line up to pitch in either of the upcoming Chicago series. If I thought we were in the race, I’d question this decision.
Maybe Bonderman is involved in a trade?

same here, Rich. We’ll see.

It would be a good idea. The Tigers have a proensity to keep guys around so long they lose trade value. Bonderman will be one of those if they don’t take advantage of it right now. He’s an injury waiting to happen. He has no effective 3rd pitch. He’s a ghost from the past with a 2003 mentality etched in his lower brain. His body language and facial expressions on the mound tell you when he is going to lose.
Package him up with Laird and throw in a relief pitcher and maybe you might get something for him.
They gave a job to Sizemore this year (that was on of the most absurd things I have ever seen). May as well give one to Avila. He has far more upside than Laird, who will only get worse this year as he fades away with the season.
DD really should go out and get a proven hitter. Preferably one that we can sign for next year–a good one, not a project or an experiment. This much is owed to his team and the loyal fans of Detroit. It is not fair to subject the fans to 4 or 5 .200 hitters in the lineup.
This year is almost certainly lost but some generation of excitement and optimism for next year is the job of this GM.

I think umpiring is on the subject board, even more so, because of a rising sense of frustration and disappointment from all of us in what might have been, if even a remote reality. The starting pitching has picked up a notch, probably more so with the knowledge that runs are indeed more precious than gold. It hurts to see the possibility of a super star achieving a Triple Crown going down the tube. It is truly amazing to see the lineup now. My question is why Santiago is not in every lineup, until his performance necessitates a day off. For goodness sakes, use Rayburn and Kelly exclusively in the infield, and get Strieby or even Frazier up there to try and provide some offense. I’m sorry, but Larrish and Rhymes look like a remake of “Ma and Pa Kettle” to me. With that remark, I have clearly identified my generational influence. Regardless of the outcome of this season, I count it an honor to be A Detroit tiger fan.
By on July 27, 2010 3:15 PM

Verlander had a jewel last year in Fenway Park. But he has never been able to dominate WS- He lost the Cy Young in 2006 thanks to his lousy record against Chicago.

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